Contact Center Software

Establish multiple touchpoints with your clients using KrispCall - a premium alternative to traditional contact centers

Extend your outreach to clients and exceed customer expectations with our latest communication technology and rich set of features.

What is Contact Center Software?

It is a system that allows businesses to manage multiple communication channels such as phone, email, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, and social media. Our contact center solution can be used as part of customer support software for efficiently responding to customer queries.

Contact Center Software of KrispCall


How Does KrispCall Contact Center Software Work?

The sales dialers integrate with your preferred CRM to provide valuable customer insights and give a head start to your sales reps. Also, it automatically limits the number of abandoned calls and is designed to comply with local regulations regarding cold-calling.

Benefits of KrispCall’s Contact Center Solution

KrispCall’s multi-channel software helps you gain valuable insights by establishing multiple touchpoints with your clients and scaling your communication channels easily.

Our solution goes a long way in improving customer experiences and generating revenues.

1) Cost-effectiveness
KrispCall eliminates your additional costs for hardware or dedicated resources with its cloud-based system, significantly lowering your ownership and maintenance costs.
2) Versatility of Features
Our rich set of features for phones, messaging, SMS texts such as voicemail dropping, sequential calling, call recording, short numbers allows you to strategize your client approach.
3) High scalability and mobility
KrispCall allows you to scale your communication channels elastically without the need for hardware planning. Explore new ways to connect with your customers using SMS text, voicemails, etc., through our multi-channel software.
4) Global Outreach
By purchasing from our range of international numbers and additional options for toll-free calling, SMS, and MMS based on location, you can expand your reach to newer markets without hassles.
5) Superior Customer Engagement
With our multi-channel software, give your customers the option to engage with you using their preferred communication channel, improving customer engagement.
6) Enhanced Customer Experience
KrispCall’s intelligent calling features (automated call distribution, call redirection, interactive voice responses) increase your customer response times leading to positive customer experiences.
7) Advanced Customer Analytics
Using our all-in-one dashboard for all customer interaction gives you access to the entire customer behavior history. Gain insights into your customer needs with our unified dashboard analytics.
Benefits of KrispCall’s Contact Center Solution