Call Logs / Call History

Never miss the details of old conversations with call logs

Keep detailed track of all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations, identify trends in call volume and duration, monitor customer satisfaction, and improve your overall customer service with KrispCall call logs.

Never miss the details of old conversations with call logs

How can I get call history details in KrispCall?

To get call history details in KrispCall, first, you need to Log in to your KrispCall account and tap on the desired number. A detailed overview of your calls, including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, will be displayed on your screen.

  1. Log into your KrispCall account.
  2. In the Unified Callbox, you can view the entire call history
  3. To view the telephony log with one specific phone number, tap on the desired number located at the left of the screen.
  4. Your call history will be displayed, including incoming, outgoing, missed calls, and more.
How can I get call history details in KrispCall
What is a call log history

What is a call log history?

A call log history is the record of incoming and outgoing calls with a detailed timeline. It is a collection of information regarding all the phone calls, and the duration of individual calls made from your phone. For your business, checking the call log helps you see where your calls are going. This is handy for finding potential customers and steering clear of spam calls.

How to easily manage your call logs?

KrispCall helps you manage all your phone calls by using advanced filters. KrispCall makes it easy to handle your phone calls with smart filters. You can see details of your chosen call, such as date, time, duration, and caller ID. Plus, you can filter inbound and outbound calls, and recordings, and organize calls as open or closed.

How to easily manage your call logs

Manual vs Automatic Logging: The Differences

Manual logging and automatic logging are two methods of recording information. Given both of them serve the same purpose, they have their strengths and weaknesses.

Manual LoggingAutomatic Logging
Users have more control over data collection and updates.Users may have limited control over data collection, and updates may occur without their knowledge or consent.
Very flexible, allowing for a wider variety of data collection methods and content.Less flexible, with data collection and content typically limited to predefined parameters.
It is generally cheaper, as it primarily requires human effort and minimal infrastructure.Higher cost, as it may require specialized software, hardware, and expertise.
More prone to errors due to human input, data entry mistakes, and potential biases.Less prone to errors due to automated data filtering, validation, and error correction mechanisms.
Consumes more time as data collection, organization, and updates are manually performed.Time-efficient as data collection, organization, and updates are automated, reducing manual effort.
Harder and less productive to scale as data volume and complexity increase.Scales well, handling large volumes of data efficiently and productively as requirements grow.

Why Do You Need Call Logs In Your Business Phone System?

Call logs can be very important as they will help you find potential customers and avoid spam or scam calls. Here are some of the notable benefits:

Why Do You Need Call Logs In Your Business Phone System
Understanding your customers
Businesses can analyze the call volume, and call duration and manage themselves accordingly during peak hours, and improve customer satisfaction.
Enhancing Productivity
Call logs help to ensure the calls are directed to the right departments or agents.
Making Data-Driven Decisions
Businesses can identify sales leads by identifying potential call interactions and increase marketing campaign effectiveness by monitoring the call volume generated by a specific location.
Quality Assurance
By reviewing the call recordings available in the call log, businesses can ensure that the employees are following the scripts, sticking to the company policies, and providing quality service to their customers.

How is data saved in KrispCall’s Call Log?

Call history: Call history is saved differently for each one of your numbers. You just need to tap on your desired number and have a column for inbound, outbound, and missed calls.
SMS history: Similar to call history, SMS history is saved differently for each one of your numbers. You ju