Automatic Call Distribution Software

Automatic Call Distribution Software

Handle high volume of phone calls with our seamless call routing solution. Automatically route incoming calls to the right agents and provide exceptional customer support from the get-go. Leave no call unanswered and no customer unsatisfied.

Available in 100+ Countries
Customizable call routing rules and IVR support.
24/7 Human Support Available
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Automatic call distribution

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How to Set Up a ACD for Your Call Center?

Go through the following steps to set up Automatic call Distribution software. Once the setup is complete, you can automatically route the calls to the right agents.

  1. Choose the right ACD solution.
  2. Add and configure team members.
  3. Define call routing strategies.
  4. Assign right agents to route the calls determining the condition.
Set up Automatic call distribution

Essential Features  of Automatic Call Distribution Software

Unlock awesome features in your custom local phone number to upgrade your business communication.

Why Choose KrispCall’s Automatic Call Distribution Software

Why Choose KrispCall’s ACD Software?

Efficient Call Routing: Connect customers to the right agents for effective issue resolution, reducing wait times and boosting satisfaction.
Skill-Based Matching: Route calls to agents with matching skills and expertise. Improve first-call resolution rates and minimize escalations.
Flexible Call Queuing: Handle high call volumes efficiently, prioritize calls based on urgency, and optimize agent availability.
Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting: Gain insights into call center performance, empowering data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.
Scalability and Customization: Adapt to changing needs, handle high call volumes, and customize the system to fit your workflows.

Integration With Your Favorite Business Tools

No more juggling multiple tools! Seamlessly integrate your favorite business tool and access all the features you love in one place.

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What is Automatic Call Distribution?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is an intelligent call routing system designed to distribute incoming calls effortlessly and ensure they are routed to the right agents with lightning speed.

It is the ultimate game-changer for call centers to handle large volumes of calls and eliminate lengthy hold times. With ACD, calls are distributed based on predefined rules, ensuring seamless customer experiences.

What is Automatic Call Distribution

Differences Between IVR & ACD

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Function Call distribution feature that interacts with callers through voice or keypad responses to route calls or provides a self-service menu. Call distribution system that manages and distributes incoming calls to the most appropriate agents based on predefined rules and agent availability.
Purpose Provide self-service options, gather caller information, and route calls based on predefined menus or options. Efficiently distribute incoming calls to available agents, ensuring prompt and personalized customer service.
Agent Interaction IVR systems handle calls without agent involvement but may transfer calls to agents if required or requested by the caller. ACD systems work in conjunction with agents, providing them with relevant caller information and routing calls based on agent availability and skills.
Personalization Limited personalization as IVR menus is typically pre-recorded and follows predefined scripts. Offers personalized call routing based on caller information or preferences and connects customers with the most appropriate agents for their needs.
How Does ACD Work

How Does ACD Work?

When a call arrives at the call center, the ACD system receives the call and begins the routing process. The process includes 3 major steps:

1. Caller identification: ACD identifies the caller based on predetermined parameters like language, location, or self-service options(IVR menu).
2. Caller queuing: ACD sorts the callers into a queue based on the query, agent availability status, and waiting time.
2. Call routing: Once a suitable agent becomes available, ACD routes call to that specific agent based on predefined rules.

Types of Automatic Call Distribution

A classic method of routing incoming calls in a round-robin fashion to available agents. When a call arrives, it is assigned to the first available agent. Subsequent calls are then distributed to agents listed in sequential order. The sequence repeats once all agents have received a call.

Routes incoming calls to available agents based on a predefined list. Each call is directed to the agent at the top of the list, and if the agent is unavailable, it moves to the next one. This method allows for intentional agent prioritization or hierarchy within the call center.

Incoming calls are routed simultaneously to multiple agents or extensions at the same time. When a call arrives, the phones of all available agents ring at once. The call is typically answered by the first available agent while the other agents’ phones stop ringing.

A typical method that allocates incoming calls to agents based on their available talk time. The ACD system tracks the average call duration or the accumulated talk time of each agent. When a new call arrives, it is routed to the agent with the least talk time.

Directs incoming calls to the most suitable agents based on their specific skills, knowledge, or expertise. When a call arrives, it is routed to the agent who possesses the relevant skills to handle the specific call type or customer inquiry.

Distributes incoming calls based on predetermined time parameters or scheduling criteria. The system considers factors such as business hours, peak call times, and agent availability. Calls received during designated time frames are routed differently to adapt to varying call volumes.

Distributes incoming calls to agents during periods of their inactivity or idle time. The ACD system identifies agents who are not currently engaged in an active call or task and routes incoming calls to them.

Dynamically routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agents based on caller information, IVR selections, agent skills, availability, call volumes, waiting time, and other relevant data. Evaluates available agents and real-time conditions to determine the best path for each call.

Types of call distribution
Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution Software

Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution in Call Centers

Enhanced Call Routing: Experience intelligent call routing capabilities. Route incoming calls to the most appropriate agents based on skills, availability, or other criteria.
Improved Customer Experience: With precise call routing, customers are connected to the right agents quickly, resulting in shorter wait times, reduced transfers, and overall enhanced customer satisfaction.
Increased Agent Productivity: Supercharge your agent’s performance by handling multiple calls simultaneously. Distribute call volume equally to all agents and maximize productivity for unmatched customer service.
Scalable and Customizable Solution: KrispCall’s ACD software is designed to grow with your call center. Customize call routing rules based on your business needs and scale team members in a few clicks.

Top 10 ACD Software Providers

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A Quick Guide to Choose Inbound Call Software

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1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a modern and advanced cloud telephony system that offers automatic call distribution (ACD) software. It is built with an automatic calling mechanism that allows call centers to handle large volumes of calls from a single app.


Krispcall’s ACD software has IVR capabilities allowing call centers to incorporate virtual receptionists into their system. This function automatically receives inbound phone calls to reduce missed call rates, and routes calls to the preferred agent based on the caller’s request.

It provides virtual phone numbers for over 100 countries which is a bonus for call centers targeting customers from multiple countries. These numbers are a great addition to ACD to recognize the country and the language of incoming calls and route them to the most appropriate agent.

Sales dialer
Unified Callbox
Click-to-call widget
Call analytics
IVR tree
Third-party integrations
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
All-in-one unified callbox to manage calls, texts, voicemails, and others.
99.99% server uptime with Noise-free calling.
The API widget is not currently available (coming soon).

2. Ameyo

Ameyo is a comprehensive customer engagement and contact center software solution. It offers an Automatic Call Distributor system as part of its call center service. Trusted by over 60+ countries, its ACD utilizes advanced algorithms to route inbound calls and increase First call resolution (FCR).


Ameyo explores personalized customer experience with the help of past interactions, caller preferences, and IVR selections to provide quick responses to callers. It uses defined campaign-level routing rules to route phone calls from one call center campaign to another effortlessly.

Auto Dialer
Number Masking
Unified Agent Desktop
Get a Quote
24/7 customer support for complaints and queries.
Queue management.
Cross-platform integration is challenging.
Not possible to change agent availability in bulk.

3. TalkDesk

Talkdesk is a cloud-based phone service platform that offers an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system as a key component of its contact center software. Its ACD software offers real-time monitoring, queue management, and customizable routing strategies.


Talkdesk’s ACD is designed to eliminate unnecessary call transfers, prevent extended customer hold times, and increase first-call resolution rates. It uses AI tools for finding behavioral patterns and offering customers intelligent recommendations to better customer experience.

Built-in integrations
Talkesk AI
Real-time dashboards
Virtual Agent
CX cloud essentials: $75
CX cloud elevate: $95
CX cloud elite: $125
Experienced cloud: Get a quote
Good customer support.
User-friendly user interface.
Lack of support and features.
Frequent loss of connection during calls.

4. Genesys

Genesys is a cloud-based customer experience platform that offers Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) capabilities as part of its contact center solutions. With an intelligent ACD, businesses can lower their average handling time by a large margin. It also reduces the overall operational costs of the process.

genesys dash

Genesys enables Automatic call distribution contact centers to improve their resolution rate, reduce waiting time, and avoid multiple call transfers. Virtual agents can dynamically link multiple cohorts according to their location and expertise.

Built-in IVR
Reporting and analytics
Easy integrations
Call routing
Call forwarding
Genesys Cloud CX 1 (Voice): $75
Genesys Cloud CX 2 (Digital): $95
Genesys Cloud CX 2 (Digital + Voice): $115
Genesys Cloud CX 3 (Digital + WEM): $135
Genesys Cloud CX 3 (Digital + WEM + Voice): $155
Advanced security system.
Call flow design and architect.
Admin for call routing is not as intuitive as some other platforms.
Support tools are hard to find.

5. Vonage

Vonage is a cloud-based Automatic Call distribution (ACD) solution for call centers. It delivers positive customer experiences by connecting calls to the best available agent through Skills-based routing.

vonage dash

Vonage’s ACD helps optimize call handling, reduce wait times, and enhance overall customer interaction. It prioritizes the quickest route and shortens the waiting time to streamline business operations in call centers. It conducts real-time training and monitoring for better call-handling processes.

CRM integration
AI virtual assistant
Coaching capabilities
Dynamic routing
Get a quote
Seamless mobile to desktop transitions.
Easy interface - both on the user and admin side.
Customer support is not reliable.
Compatibility issues depend on the browser.

6. RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud communications and collaboration solutions provider. It offers an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system for contact centers. Integrating ACD with other RingCentral features can significantly enhance workforce management and customer satisfaction within contact centers.


RingCentral’s platform includes team messaging and collaboration tools, allowing call center agents to communicate, share files, and collaborate in real-time. This can be handy when an inbound call is transferred from one agent to another. It also delivers high-definition video conferencing for better customer service.

Shared lines
Multi-level IVR
Live reports


Core: $30
Advanced: $35
Ultra: $45


Core: $20/month
Advanced: $25/month
Ultra: $35/month
Customer Support and Installation Services.
Reliable phone extension service.
Limited reporting.
Voice delays during a phone call.

7. 8×8

8×8 is one of the top-tier cloud communications and contact center providers. It provides a skilled-based Automatic Call Distribution solution for small-to-large businesses. 8×8 ACD handles advanced routing capabilities for different communication channels.

8x8 ACD

8×8’s ACD system is equipped with a user-friendly administration interface, enabling businesses to respond to any customer inquiry effectively. The administration interface also provides real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Contact center managers can easily track call volumes, wait times, and agent performance through intuitive dashboards and reporting tools.

CX Analytics
Quality Management
Speech Analytics
Digital Channels
CRM integrations


X2 (All-in-one voice, video and chat for larger teams): $28
X4 (Advanced call handling and analytics): $57
X6 (Voice contact center): $85
X7 (One interface for voice and digital interactions): $110
X8 (Advanced contact center with QM and interaction analytics): $140


X2 (All-in-one voice, video and chat for larger teams): $24/month
X4 (Advanced call handling and analytics): $44/month
X6 (Voice contact center): $85/month
X7 (One interface for voice and digital interactions): $110/month
X8 (Advanced contact center with QM and interaction analytics): $140/month
Seamless Integration.
Consistent call quality.
Expensive compared to other VoIP service providers.
Random call disconnection.

8. Bitrix24

Bitrix is one of the popular free automatic call distribution software in the market for SMBs and call centers. Its ACD follows two main distribution mechanics: even distribution and simultaneous distribution. Currently, it doesn’t provide skill-based distribution.

bitrix24 dash

With intelligent call routing, Bitrix automatically identifies old or new callers and then routes calls accordingly. It significantly reduces the call waiting time and allows agents to greet the calls by their real names.

Live chat
Call tracking
Automatic dialer
Callback widget


Free: Pay-as-you-go
Basic: $61
Standard: $124
Professional: $249


Free: Pay-as-you-go
Basic: $49/month
Standard: $99/month
Professional: $199/month
24/7 customer support.
Good Call quality.
Expensive phone system.
The user interface is hard to navigate.

9. Avoxi

Avoxi is an all-in-one cloud communication tool with Automatic call distribution (ACD) functions for call centers. It allows businesses to personalize auto-call routing rules and multiple IVR menus as per their needs. Also, call centers can add call queueing, advanced analytics, automatic callback, and other features for free.


With a wide range of 160+ countries, businesses can get any virtual phone number from any country for their ACD system. Avoxi integrates with various CRM and business tools, allowing businesses to streamline workflows and access customer information during inbound calls.

Advanced Analytics
ACD Software Integrations
Number porting
SIP trunks
Queue Callbacks
Launch: $0/month
Contact: $19.99/month
Engaged Enterprise: $39.99/month
Easy to use and set up the system.
Good customer service.
Hidden charges.

10. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that provides a top-of-the-line ACD system for contact centers. It incorporates the IVR with ACD to efficiently handle large call volumes at a minimum operational cost.


Freshdesk supports Most Idle Agent routing, Business Hours Routing, and Holiday Routing to route calls. With Smart Escalations, call centers will have fallback options that make sure no calls get unanswered. The call queue back option enables call center agents to give a callback to callers instead of letting them sit in the queue during peak hours.

Call Monitoring
Queue Callback
Smart Escalations
Free: $0/month
Growth: $15/month
Pro: $39/month
Enterprise: $69/month
Sophisticated design and UI.
Integration with business tools.
Network drops, which disrupts calls (Sometimes).

How to Choose the Best ACD Software for Your Call Center?

Follow the steps to choose the best ACD software for your call center in a quick time.

1. Evaluate your call volume, agent capacity, desired features, scalability requirements, and budget constraints.
2. Choose a reputable ACD software provider like KrispCall on the basis of industry reputation, customer reviews, and pricing.
3. Request demos or trial periods to evaluate the software's usability, interface, and compatibility with your existing tools.
How to Choose the Best ACD Software for Your Call Center

Embrace ACD Software & Automate Call Management!

Use ACD to automatically direct calls based on agent availability and skills, maximizing first-call resolutions.

Get Automatic Call Distribution for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

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ACD stands for Automatic Call Distribution. It is a telephony system that automatically routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agents or departments based on predefined criteria. It effectively uses skills-based routing, queue management, call monitoring, and reporting to manage calls within the call center environment.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software efficiently manages incoming calls by routing them based on predefined rules and queuing them during busy periods. It distributes calls to available agents, considering factors like skills and priorities.

The bandwidth usage of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems can vary depending on several factors, including the number of concurrent calls, the audio quality settings, and the type of codecs used.

Virtual Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software offers benefits like flexibility for remote work, managing workload, increased employee productivity, scalability for fluctuating call volumes, cost savings on infrastructure, improved customer experience, and real-time insights for data-driven decision-making.

An Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system improves a caller’s experience by efficiently routing calls to the right agents, reducing wait times, and providing personalized service. Skill-based routing ensures callers are connected to agents with the relevant expertise, while self-service options offer convenience. Call monitoring and quality assurance contribute to consistent service quality. Overall, ACD systems streamline operations, minimize frustration, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a telephony system or software used in call centers to efficiently manage and distribute incoming calls to the appropriate agents or departments. ACD systems automate the process of call routing and distribution, ensuring that callers are connected to the most suitable resources based on predefined criteria.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software plays a vital role in call centers. It efficiently routes incoming calls to the appropriate agents or departments, manages call queues during busy periods, and ensures calls are distributed to available agents. ACD software enables real-time monitoring and reporting, empowering supervisors to track agent performance and make data-driven decisions.

To use an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system effectively: define your call routing strategy, set up the ACD system, integrate with your telephony system, configure IVR, customize agent availability and skills, monitor and manage queues, analyze reports, train agents, and continuously improve based on insights gained.

An ACD phone system, also known as an Automatic Call Distribution phone system, is a telephony system that handles incoming calls in a contact center or call center environment. It is designed to efficiently route and distribute incoming calls to the most appropriate agents or departments based on predefined rules.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) are two distinct components of a call center system. ACD focuses on efficiently routing incoming calls to the appropriate agents based on predefined rules. In contrast, IVR allows callers to interact with automated voice prompts and menus to gather information, select options, or perform certain actions without speaking to an agent.