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Untie yourself from the limitations of physical phone lines, the hefty long-distance charges, and the risk of sharing your personal number for business purposes by switching to a Canada virtual phone number.

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Considering acquiring a second phone line for your business in Canada to keep your personal phone number private? Or looking into the possibility of starting your business in Canada, without a physical presence there?

For both cases, buying a Canadian virtual number with KrispCall is the easiest and most affordable solution. You can get a Canadian business phone number in a matter of moments from anywhere worldwide.

Don’t miss it, sign up for a KrispCall account now, and easily get your Canada virtual number in minimal steps.

What is Canada Virtual Phone Number?

Canada virtual phone number is an alternative to traditional phone numbers of Canada that looks like any other mobile or landline number but isn’t tied to a specific location or physical telephone line. It is hosted on the cloud allowing users to make and receive calls and texts over the internet and operated through any internet-connected device like mobile phones, computers, and laptops without sim cards.

Like a typical Canadian local number, a Canada virtual phone number format consists of 11 digits starting with +1 (country code), followed by three digit area code and seven digit subscriber number.

For example: +1 (XXX) XXX-XXXX

How Does Canada virtual phone number work?

Canada virtual phone numbers work without the need for any physical hardware, utilizing an internet connection to deliver their services. It routes calls through the internet rather than using traditional copper wires like landlines.

When you call a Canadian phone number, your voice is transformed into digital data packets and transmitted over the IP network instantly.

These data packets travel through the internet to recipients and convert back to audio signals using a digital-to-analog conversion process, enabling the recipient to hear your voice in real-time as in normal phone calls.

Why use Canada Virtual Phone Number from KrispCall?

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Provides Flexibility

A Canadian virtual number offers the flexibility of making and receiving calls on any device with the internet, making it an ideal choice for remote workers, and travelers, and enhancing business communication without a physical office.
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No long-distance charges

A virtual Canadian phone number allows you to call and text Canadian customers without incurring any long-distance charges, regardless of your location.
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Extensive features

A Canadian Virtual telephone number comes with enhanced features including call recording, call transfers, call analytics, voicemail transcription, and auto attendant that improve the efficiency of communication
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Create Local Presence

With Canada business phone numbers, you can build a local presence of your business in Canada, even if you are not physically located there. It helps your business create a professional image in front of local customers.
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Easy setup and cost-effective

Canada business phone number simply enables you to make and answer calls on your current internet-connected devices, without the need for any physical hardware. This makes the setup process easy and affordable compared to traditional phone systems.
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Provides Number Porting

You can migrate your existing Canada VoIP number from one telecommunication provider to another easily, without losing touch with your old and loyal customers. It helps you maintain your brand identity and save the cost of updating contact information.

Types of Canadian Virtual Phone Numbers

Local Numbers

Canada Virtual Local Numbers

Use a phone number featuring a local area code and create a local presence for your business. Interact with local customers from anywhere using Canada Local Phone Number without incurring long-distance charges.

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Mobile Phone Numbers

Canada Virtual Mobile Numbers

Facilitate calls and SMS exchanges between teams and clients from anywhere on your cell phone with a Canada virtual mobile number. Safeguard your personal number and use a virtual Canada mobile number for secure OTP and SMS verification.

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Toll-free Numbers

Canada Virtual Toll-Free Numbers

Empower your customers by offering free calls to your business with a Canadian virtual toll-free number. Establish a national presence for your business, expand your market reach significantly, and enhance your sales and customer engagement.

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Vanity Numbers

Canada Virtual Vanity Numbers

Utilize memorable keyword-rich Canada vanity numbers that resonate with your brand. Include these numbers in your advertising campaigns, TV, billboards, and other marketing materials to boost your brand recognition and customer interaction.

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Expand Your Office Worldwide
with Virtual Office Phone Numbers

Easily handle incoming calls from customers and businesses to provide greater customer support at their preferred country number. 

How to get Canada Virtual Phone Number?

To get a Canadian virtual phone number, first Sign Up to KrispCall > Choose your Canada phone number > Make payment > and Start making calls.

  1. Create a KrispCall account.
  2. Select Canada from the pool of country options.
  3. Enter the city or state of your phone number and select the desired phone number type.
  4. You have a Canadian phone number now. Start making calls!

Why KrispCall For Canada Virtual Phone Number?

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Global Coverage, Diverse Virtual Phone Numbers

KrispCall provides Canadian virtual phone numbers for your business from more than 100 countries. It offers an extensive range of virtual Canada phone numbers including local numbers, mobile numbers, toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and international numbers.
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No Additional Hardware & Setup Fees

Setting up a Canada Virtual Mobile Number with KrispCall is easy and free without the need for any additional hardware. Plus there are no hidden charges. All you need to pay is your monthly phone charge.
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Get Unlimited numbers

With KrispCall, you can buy unlimited virtual phone numbers as per your business requirements. The cost of multiple phone numbers depends on how many numbers you purchase.
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Easy Number Porting

Migrate your existing phone number to KrispCall’s cloud telephony service with an easy number porting service that works well with all supported carriers.
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Advanced Features

KrispCall offers enhanced features beneficial for the sales team and support team to assist business operations and customer support operations.
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24/7 Human Support

KrispCall sets itself apart with its 24/7 human support, making sure customers always have the help they need, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

What features do you get with a business phone number from KrispCall?

How much does a virtual Canada number cost in KrispCall?

KrispCall offers three business phone system plans at a super affordable cost with no hidden charge.





Starts at $15/user/month Starts at $40/user/month Custom Pricing based on business needs

Users Limit

5 Unlimited Unlimited

Virtual number

✅ Includes 1 local virtual phone number per user ✅ Includes 1 local virtual phone number per user ✅ Includes 1 local virtual phone number per user

Additional numbers

✅ Local or international virtual numbers ✅ Local or international virtual numbers ✅ Local or international virtual numbers

Bundle Calling and SMS rate

Pay per Minute Calling Pay per Minute Calling Pay per Minute Calling

Messaging (US)

Pay per Segment Pay