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What is Area Code 382 location?

New area code 382 is assigned to serve southwestern Ontario and is implemented from June 2023, as a fourth overlay area code for this region. It was introduced to co-exist with other three area codes 226, 519, and 548, serving the same territory region of Ontario. It covers cities and towns like St Mary’s, Mount Forest, Grand Valley, and Owen Sound, etc.

The table on the side illustrates the top locations (cities and communities) covered or served by area code 382 in Ontario, Canada.

City/Town Country TimeZone
St Marys, ON Canada Eastern
St Jacobs, ON Canada Eastern
Mount Forest, ON Canada Eastern
Grand Valley, ON Canada Eastern
Owen Sound, ON Canada Eastern
St Thomas, ON Canada Eastern
Cambridge, ON Canada Eastern
Port Elgin, ON Canada Eastern
St George, ON Canada Eastern
Oil Springs, ON Canada Eastern
Port Franks, ON Canada Eastern
Bright’s Grove, ON Canada Eastern
St Williams, ON Canada Eastern
St Pauls Station, ON Canada Eastern
Tillsonburg, ON Canada Eastern
Springfield, ON Canada Eastern
Denfield, ON Canada Eastern
Scotland, ON Canada Eastern
Sheffield, ON Canada Eastern
Ridgetown, ON Canada Eastern
Port Stanley, ON Canada Eastern
Point Edward, ON Canada Eastern
Plattsville, ON Canada Eastern
Oldcastle, ON Canada Eastern
Orangeville, ON Canada Eastern
Palmerston, ON Canada Eastern
New Hamburg, ON Canada Eastern
Mount Elgin, ON Canada Eastern
Kingsville, ON Canada Eastern
Melbourne, ON Canada Eastern
Kitchener, ON Canada Eastern
Milverton, ON Canada Eastern
Maxwell, ON Canada Eastern
Hillsburgh, ON Canada Eastern
Fordwich, ON Canada Eastern
Eden Mills, ON Canada Eastern
Durham, ON Canada Eastern
Egmondville, ON Canada Eastern
Flesherton, ON Canada Eastern
Emeryville, ON Canada Eastern
Clarksburg, ON Canada Eastern
Glen Morris, ON Canada Eastern
Goderich, ON Canada Eastern
Hawkesville, ON Canada Eastern
Maidstone, ON Canada Eastern
Brownsville, ON Canada Eastern
Mount Brydges, ON Canada Eastern
Elmwood, ON Canada Eastern
Florence, ON Canada Eastern
Harriston, ON Canada Eastern
Mitchell, ON Canada Eastern
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How to buy a 382 area code phone number?

To buy a 382 area code number, sign up with KrispCall; go to settings > My Number > Add New Number > Select Canada > Advanced Filter > Enter 382 and match to the first part of the number > Click Search. Then choose your 382 number, make payment & start making & receiving calls and texts after the number activation.

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382 Area Code History – Where is the 382 Area Code Coming From?

The 382 area code is coming from southwestern Ontario, Canada and was established on June 17, 2023. The area code was created as an overlay of existing area codes 226, 519, and 548 to fulfil the growing phone number demands of southwestern Ontario. The new area code will create millions of new phone numbers.

Area code 382 lies in Ontario and started into service as a distributed overlay covering existing area codes 226, 519, and 548. The 382 area code includes different cities, some covering St Marys, Grand Valley, Port Franks, St Williams, Springfield, Vittoria, Oakland, Fordwich, etc.

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382 area code

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