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Give your business a professional touch with our dedicated virtual office phone system and establish credibility to succeed in the competitive business landscape. Simplify communication and make a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

Virtual Phone numbers provided from 100+ countries
Easily accessible from anywhere on any device
Quick installation and easy to use
Advanced features like a unified callbox, call routing, IVR, and many more
Virtual Office Telephony

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How to Set up an Office Phone System? 

Setting up a virtual phone number with KrispCall is quite simple. Sign up to KrispCall, choose your number, make payment & start making calls. It’s that easy. For step-by-step directions, go through the following points.

  1. Sign up to KrispCall account
  2. Select the country name
  3. Choose your desired number
  4. Make a payment and submit documents (if necessary)
  5. Add members to the workspace and share numbers with them.
  6. You can now start making & receiving your calls.
How to Set up a virtual Phone System 

How It Works

Seamlessly route calls to appropriate agents based on specified parameters. Make and receive calls effortlessly from anywhere with KrispCall’s office phone system.

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Get your phone number

Select your desired number (local, toll-free, or vanity number) from our wide collection.

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Invite team members

Invite team members and share your phone number with the team.

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Make and receive calls

Make and receive calls from any of your KrispCall phone lines with ease.

Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Office Phone System

Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Office Phone System

1. Quick and easy setup: Installation of a cloud-hosted office phone system is very easy and takes only a few minutes saving time and resources. Additionally, it does not require any dedicated hardware.
2. Flexibility: Provides users the flexibility to make & receive calls, and SMS from anywhere with a stable internet connection. It's highly beneficial for small businesses and remote teams.
3. Scalability: Highly scalable and adaptable to altering business needs. It allows users to add and remove members, adjust to changing requirements, and shift to different locations.
4. Cost-effective: Low monthly charges and maintenance costs make it ideal for small businesses and startups. Also, it does not require any additional equipment, ultimately saving money.
5. Feature Rich: Virtual office phone systems provide call recording, auto attendant, call monitoring, call analytics, and many more features that enhance business communication.

KrispCall Virtual Office Phone System Features

Unlock awesome features in your custom local phone number to upgrade your business communication.

Where can you use KrispCall’s virtual office phone system?

Application & Use Cases of Small BusinessSoftware

Budget is often a significant concern for small businesses. Krispcall is one of the most affordable cloud-based phone systems. It offers affordability without compromising quality. Setup is easy and we offer free installation, without any additional or hidden charges.

Krsipcall offers the flexibility to work anytime from anywhere with a mobile phone or laptop. You can customize our virtual office phone system to fit your business requirements. Our toll-free number encourages your customers to interact with your business at no cost thus improving your customer experiences and business growth.

Promote your brand with our keyword-started vanity number easy for customers to recall. Krispcall adjusts to the growing need of businesses without any disturbance. Whether you are adding new team members, opening new locations, or expanding your customer network, our system can easily adjust your growing needs.

Application & Use Cases of Law Firms Software

A reliable and effective law office phone system is crucial for a law firm so that clients can reach them without any difficulty. Be reachable to your clients anytime, anywhere with KrispCall. Our shared number feature empowers you to share your number easily with team members and eliminates the chances of missed calls and losing a new lead.

With the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features of KrispCall, you can easily transfer your customer’s call to the appropriate departments. If your customers are looking for a criminal lawyer, you can easily connect them with criminal lawyers. The same can be done
for corporate lawyers, tax lawyers, and many more.

In addition, KrispCall provides call recording, call analytics, voicemail, and mobile accessibility. These tools enable you to manage and analyze call activity, record important conversations, and remotely access your phone system from mobile devices enhancing smooth communication and customer satisfaction.

Application & Use Cases of dental office Software

An effective call management is essential in dental offices to provide exceptional services to patients. A better call handling ensures that no patient inquiry goes unnoticed. Dental offices can use KrispCall’s features like call forwarding, auto attendants, voicemail, and custom greetings to manage calls easily during busy hours.

An IVR aids in transferring the patient’s call to the right individual reducing wait times and improving the customer experience. One of the standout features of Krispcall is call notes which serve as an ideal solution for the dental office phone system that allows receptionists or staff to take important notes of appointment preferences, treatment plans, and many more.

With the contact tagging feature, you can easily categorize patients based on different criteria like appointment types, treatment plans, and many more. It helps to record patient information that can be used for scheduling patients’ appointments and follow-ups and delivering excellent services to them.

Application & Use Cases of real estate office Software

A seamless communication platform is a must for the growth of the real estate business. KrispCall is a unified communication platform offering top-notch communication solutions. Its unique feature unified callbox helps to easily handle and monitor customers’ interactions in a single window.

A real estate agent has to handle a large number of inbound calls and for better call handling, Krispcall allows you to share your number with team members which eliminates the chances of any missed calls and losing a new lead. You can categorize different departments like land, house, and apartment, and with IVR, you can easily transfer the client’s call to the appropriate departments and save the customer time.

Call notes enable you to take important call notes during conversations with clients about property preferences, budgets, desired locations, and many more. A contact tagging facilitates categorizing the clients based on property type, preferred locations, buying or selling process, etc. which helps real estate to store the information of clients, review previous communication and provide them services accordingly.

Application & Use Cases of Home Office Software

It would not be wrong to name a virtual phone system a game changer for home office or remote teams. For all those home offices and remote teams struggling to find an affordable and flexible remote office phone system, KrispCall might be the solution. It offers the most exceptional features at the most competitive price. Our toll-free number lets your customer interact with your office at no cost.

With KrispCall, you can establish your communication anytime from anywhere with your laptop or mobile phone. There is no need for any additional equipment. It also provides scalability to accommodate the growing needs of your businesses. You can add extensions and features as your home office expands.

KrispCall offers robust features allowing you to share your number with team members and never miss a communication, tracking the call activity and performance of remote teams. IVR contributes to better customer experiences by transferring their call directly to the right individual.

Application & Use Cases of Medical Office Software

Medical offices tend to manage a large number of calls every day. KrispCall can be an ideal medical office phone system for medical staff to manage calls effectively and provide exceptional patient care. With its shared number, you can easily share numbers with team members and never miss out the communication with patients.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows the easy transferring of a client’s call to the correct department. Like if your clients are seeking eye treatment, you can directly connect them to Optometry departments saving their time and effort. The same can be done with other departments too. You can make important notes with call notes features during the calls with clients about their appointment and treatment plans.

A contact tagging empowers you to classify patients based on appointment types, treatment plans, departments, and many more. This enables you to keep the information of patients, track previous conversations, schedule follow-ups, and help in better future communication.

Integrate with Office Phone System With Popular Business Tools

With KrispCall, you can easily integrate your office phone system with CRM software & other business tools, enhancing communication capabilities and customer service efficiency.

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Types of Office Phone Systems for Business

Key Serving Units (KSUs) are multi-line phone systems used by small businesses with no more than 50 employers to easily handle calls. It is simple and budget-friendly but has limited features like call transfer and call holding. It has handsets with buttons that connect to specific phone lines. Users simply pick up the handset and push the correct button to make or answer a call on a certain line. The button lights up to indicate that the line is active.

On-Premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a business telephone system located within the premises of a company. It is physically installed and maintained on-site. It is expensive as it requires dedicated hardware, licensing software, and high maintenance cost. It is highly scalable and adjusts to the increasing needs of businesses. Auto attendants, IVR, voicemail to email transcription, conference callings, etc are the features offered by On-Premise PBX.

Cloud-Hosted Virtual Phones, also known as virtual phone systems hosted in the cloud, enable businesses to make and receive a call over the Internet. It is easy to set up, is user-friendly, affordable, and suitable for all business sizes and remote teams. Also, it does not require any dedicated hardware. It is highly scalable and flexible to connect from anywhere. Moreover, it offers multiple advanced features like unified communication, international calling, Artificial Intelligence, visual voicemail, etc.

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Traditional VS VoIP-based Office Phone System: Key differences 


  • VoIP needs an internet connection to make and receive a call.
  • Quick and easy setup
  • It is cost-effective
  • Audio quality depends upon internet stability
  • It is accessible on the web and phone, so does not require additional equipment.
  • It is flexible and can make a call from anywhere
  • Has many features like call recording, auto attendant, call monitoring, unified messaging, etc
  • Traditional

  • Traditional phone system uses copper wires, so it doesn't need an internet connection.
  • Setup is lengthy and complicated
  • It is expensive and the maintenance charge is also high
  • Audio quality is better than VoIP
  • It requires dedicated hardware.
  • It is tied to a specific location
  • Only limited features are available
  • 10 Best Office Phone Systems for Small Businesses in 2023

    1. KrispCall

    When it comes to virtual office phone solutions, KrispCall is one of the most reliable ones out there. It offers great value for money and provides a diverse range of number options, including mobile, local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. KrispCall offers phone numbers from more than 100 countries and that too at an affordable price. This is what makes KrispCall an ideal choice for businesses, whether it’s small or large. 


    KrispCall prides itself on its unified callbox, a unique feature that facilitates communication by integrating all calls and messages onto a single platform without the need of switching tabs. It offers over 40 revolutionary features, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call tracking, and shared numbers.

    Call Analytics
    Custom Greeting
    Forward to Cell Phone & Landlines
    Call to Ideal Team
    Google Chrome Extension
    DND mode for Agents
    Sales Dialer
    Essential: $15 /user/month
    Standard: $40 /user/month
    Enterprise: Custom Quote
    A user-friendly dashboard
    Wide distribution in over 100+ countries
    Provide exceptional call quality
    Number sharing facilitates better call handling
    Offers Reasonably Priced Subscription Plans
    App Unavailable for Mac & Windows OS
    Call Barging Feature Currently Unavailable (Coming Soon)

    2. RingCentral MVP

    RingCentral is a one-stop communication solution with robust features. It is a widely recognized virtual office phone system ideal for small businesses seeking a new phone. It allows you to connect your current number to a business or toll-free number for managing calls and messages and allows you to work from anywhere.


    RingCentral offers unlimited calling and texting in the U.S. and Canada, team messaging, file sharing, and many more. Available on both Android and IOS, it aids high-quality video conferences and meetings and retains a professional image. It integrates with multiple third-party systems. 

    Auto - Dialer
    Callback Scheduling
    SIP Trunking
    Collaboration Tools
    Automated Routing
    Core - $240/year/user
    Advance - $300/year/user
    Ultra - $420/year/user
    Reliable and easy to use
    Delivers excellent customer service
    Provides customized auto-attendant service
    Difficulty in the initial setup
    Price gets expensive with times
    Technical issues can be seen sometimes

    3. Nextiva

    Nextiva is a modern phone system focused on improving customer experiences and increasing team productivity and business growth. It is a reliable and secure virtual office phone system with 99.999% uptime. It offers voicemail integration with email, removing the need to access voicemail from a different platform by sending voicemail directly via email.


    With ample features, excellent customer support, and multiple integrations, Nextiva has been the top pick for small businesses and remote workers. It is easy to use, flexible to work from anywhere, and available on both Android and IOS. 

    Canned Responses
    Unified Communications
    Unlimited calls
    Fax Management
    Virtual Extensions
    Essential: US$227.4/year/user (billed annually)
    Professional: US$275/year/user (billed annually)
    Enterprise: US$395.4/year/user (billed annually)
    Gives high-quality service
    User-friendly user interface
    Offer personalized auto-attendant service
    Cannot filter spam calls
    Call dropping is common
    Mobile app is buggy sometimes

    4. Vonage

    Vonage is the popular virtual phone system chosen by 100000 businesses worldwide. It is affordable with over 50 business communication features making it an ideal choice for small businesses. It is reliable and has been able to provide long-lasting services. 


    Busy lamp field, one of the standout features of Vonage, allows you to monitor the phone status and the availability of other extensions. Besides this, the admin portal, paperless fax, and three-way calling make it an excellent virtual phone system.

    Auto Attendant
    App Center
    Block Caller ID
    Virtual AI assistant
    Business SMS and MMS
    Basic: $239.88 /year/user (billed annually)
    Most Popular: $359.88/year/user (billed annually)
    All The Bells & Whistles: $479.88/year/user(billed annually)
    Available on both the web and phone
    Pricing plans are affordable
    Voice to text feature is available
    Call quality is not so great
    Compatibility issues with some browsers
    Customer services need improvement

    5. Dialpad

    Dialpad is a cloud-based communication platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance business communication and provide excellent customer experience. It is a unified platform, where users can communicate through calls, messages, and conferences within a single platform. It provides local phone numbers in over 70 countries.


    With rich features and affordable prices, it has benefited many small businesses. Its call-forwarding feature helps eliminate missed calls, even if the teams are away from the desk. It offers integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk and extends its functionality. 

    Peer-to-peer HD video
    Voicemail Transcription
    Automated Call Distribution
    Mobile Apps
    Standard: $180/year/user ( billed annually)
    Pro: $300/year/user ( billed annually)
    Enterprise: Custom Quote
    Easy to set up and implement
    Great after-sales service
    Reliable and easily accessible
    Calling issues can be seen occasionally
    Some Android features are unavailable in IOS and vice versa
    Real-Time Analytics and Reporting Have Limitations

    6. Ooma

    Ooma is a budget-friendly virtual phone system with 50+ essential features appropriate for small businesses and remote teams. It is designed to improve team collaboration and productivity. With its mobile apps, users can access and handle their business calls from anywhere with their smartphones. It offers unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.


    Ooma is a convenient office phone system for those who don’t want to commit to a phone system as there are no contracts. Its core features Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) blocks anonymous calls which do not reveal caller id and call park that holds multiple calls at the same time. 

    Multi Ring
    Ring Groups
    Extension Dialing
    Virtual Receptionist
    Music on Hold
    Essentials - $239.4 (yearly)
    Pro - $299.4 (yearly)
    Pro Plus - $359.4 (yearly)
    Quick and easy installation
    Multiple extensions are available
    User-friendly dashboard
    Less texting options
    Occasionally Call Drops
    Better spam filtering needed

    7. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is a versatile phone number provider with a wide range of features designed exclusively to meet the needs of small businesses. It provides local, toll-free, vanity numbers and number porting. Its instant response tools automatically text customers when you miss their calls. It is budget-friendly and has both desktop and mobile apps. 


    Grasshopper lets you record customized greetings to welcome the caller providing better customer experiences. Dial-by-name features allow users to enter the name of the person they are trying to reach without the need for a receptionist thus maintaining the professionalism of their business. 

    Business Texting
    VoIP/Wi-Fi Calling
    Virtual Fax
    Incoming Call Control
    Solo - $312 per year (Price billed per year)
    Partner - $528 per year (Price billed per year)
    Small Business - $960 per year (Price billed per year)
    Easy-to-use interface
    Provide great customer service
    Competitive pricing plan