Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy explains how cookies are used to enhance the performance and functionality of our website.

Last updated on March 29, 2024


At KrispCall, we gather marketing data such as user name, IP address, browser details, and email address. However, we do not reveal such information to any third parties. We prioritize protecting your data on our website.

Your Control Over Cookies

When we collect your data on your browser through our cookies, we will provide premium services to all users. We can measure our website traffic effectively with these cookies, as the data is necessary for our business practices and affiliate requisites.

When you first visit our website, you’ll see a cookie banner. It lets you choose settings for performance, functional, and targeting cookies:

  1. Accept all cookies
  2. Custom permissions
    1. Necessary
    2. Statistics
    3. Preferences
    4. Marketing

Necessary technical cookies are always used to run our site properly. You can’t disable these in the banner, but this can be done via your browser settings. To update cookie preferences later, click “Cookie Preferences” at the bottom of our site. The banner will reappear for you to update settings.

Marketing of our products is optional, and you can decline. You have the right to unsubscribe at any time from specific marketing materials/mailing lists. If you are not on the opt-in list, we will not send you any marketing material.

Why are Cookies Collected?

We use cookies and similar tracking technology (collectively, “Cookies”) to collect and use interest-based information of our users and visitors. For example, we may use cookies to keep you logged in to the KrispCall platform. KrispCall also uses cookies to store information that can be used to serve ads relevant to your interests and to help our advertisers measure the effectiveness of a particular advertisement. This helps us adapt ads according to your interests. These cookies not only help us ensure that you do not repeatedly see the same ads, but (if you opt out) they can also help us prevent you from seeing targeted ads at all.

Cookies are useful for statistical reasons and according to global best practices. Cookies are small text files on our website stored on your computer when you visit our website. These cookies help to tailor our services to your preferences and are also useful for advertising purposes.

Our cookies help us monitor the visitors to our website to process the sites you visit, the length of your stay, the pages you are interested in, and more. Our use of logs helps us learn who visited our website and from which part of the world these visitors come. We will also let you know who your ISP is and what you downloaded from KrispCall.

Cookies are also helpful on pages where you enter your personal preferences. So you don’t have to re-enter your choices every time you access the page. The time you allow cookies on your browser, you are saved from trouble with repetitive entries. We do not gather data on your computer or what is saved on your browser.

If you have access to a plugin to block cookies, you can disable any cookies that do not fit your personal preference. When your browser warning mentions this, you are free to refuse to allow any cookies.

You can also erase or deactivate expired cookies via your browser tools. However, not accepting certain cookies can significantly impair access to our website. If you wish to make full use of the functionality on our website, you will have to accept our cookies.

Different widely recognized analytical tools are used in KrispCall to run cookies. The tools include Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and browser insights. All the tools are widely accepted for their best secure practices. The information collected from cookies is only required for our own use cases. The information is not shared with any of our sub-processors except the required analytical software.

If you follow a link from our website to a third-party landing page, we are not responsible for that website. You should follow the rules of third-party websites. You should understand what the website is about to deliver and what it expects of its users.

Protection of Collected Information

We clarify that what is obtained in the above situations is not personal data but interests for search and behavior monitoring. The presence of monitoring devices on cookies, logs, and share buttons enables users to receive the advertisements and promotions that match them.

We assure you that IP addresses are not linked to personal information such as names and location addresses. In this sense, your data is anonymous, and the pages you visit or download are not made public. Our team gathers and accesses user details based on controlled access and not distribute them to others to disclose your identity. All the details are used only for mentioned activities and we are always concerned about the protection of our user’s data. Measures like firewalls, cloud security, and data security have been kept in place to ensure all the acquired data is safe within KrispCall premises.

Ongoing Policy Updates

We regularly update our cookie policy and take necessary steps to keep you informed of changes by adding updates to our website. Our commitment to protecting your data is always guaranteed.

We acknowledge that our customers have the right to obtain a guarantee of their data. You have all the right to order the elimination, alteration, or rectification of data at any time.