Internet Telephony

Internet Telephony Software for Business

Welcome the future of communication with Internet Telephony Software. Say goodbye to traditional phone lines and embrace a cost-effective solution that enables crystal-clear voice and video calls over the internet with unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and scalability.

Easily customizable as per your business needs
Wide reach with services in 100+ countries
Unified callbox for streamlined communication
Easy integrations with popular business tools
Internet Telephony Software for Business 

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How to set up an Internet Telephony?

To set up an Internet Telephony, create a KrispCall Account, and select the country and phone number type. Make the payment, configure the settings and features, and you are set to use the internet telephony to make calls.

Create a KrispCall Account.
Select the country and choose your phone number type.
Select the phone number you need
Make payment and Submit your documents for verification (if necessary).
Start making and receiving calls through Krispcall.
How to set up an Internet Telephony 

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KrispCall Internet Telephony Features

Unlock awesome features in your custom local phone number to upgrade your business communication.

Internet Telephony with Your Favorite Tools Integration

Easily integrate internet telephony with your favorite tools with Krispcall. Streamline your communication process with internet phone numbers integrated with popular applications.

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A Quick Guide About Internet Telephony

What is Internet Telephony 

What is Internet Telephony?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), usually called Internet telephony, is a technology that facilitates voice communication through the Internet. This communication system transforms analog audio streams into digital data packets sent across IP networks.
Internet telephony service providers, like Krispcall, eliminate the need for conventional phone lines or traditional phone systems by enabling users to make voice conversations, have video conferences, and send multimedia messages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages
of Internet Telephony?


Flexibility and Mobility: Users of Internet Telephony can place calls with an Internet connection from any location with any internet-connected devices. Employees may stay connected and productive when working remotely thanks to this flexibility.
Scalability: Internet Telephony systems are highly scalable and easily adapt to changing business needs. There is no need to make costly infrastructure adjustments to add or remove phone lines or extensions.
Cost Saving: They have cheaper tariffs and communication fees, particularly for long-distance and international calls. By utilizing the Internet, businesses can benefit from low-cost calling rates and avoid the hefty costs associated with traditional phone lines.
Advanced Features: They regularly add advanced features that improve collaboration and communication. These features include call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, video conferencing, and virtual phone lines.
Integration: They can be integrated with other programs and equipment frequently used in corporate settings. Workflows are streamlined, and efficiency is increased through integration with other business tools and CRM apps.


Dependency on Internet: High-speed internet connectivity is necessary for internet telephony. Voice communication may be completely lost if the internet service is interrupted or has outages.
Power Dependency: Traditional landlines can continue operating even during electric power failure. However, IP phones and routers used in Internet Telephony systems typically need power so they will be dysfunctional when there is no electricity.
Call Quality and Reliability: Network congestion, bandwidth restrictions, and Internet connectivity issues, can all impact the quality of Internet telephony calls. So they are less reliable in terms of call quality compared to traditional phones.
Security and Privacy: Security issues like hacking, spying, and unauthorized access are possible with Internet telephony calls. So these systems are quite vulnerable as compared to POTS.
Emergency Calls:Most of the internet telephony services does not support emergency calling (911 or other emergency numbers). So in case of emergency, you would have to rely on traditional phones.

How does Internet Telephony Work?

Here is a step-by-step process on how Internet Telephony works.

1. Voice Conversion: First, the voice is recorded by an audio recorder and converted from analog to digital format when placing an Internet telephony call.
2. Packetization: Secondly, the destination address, speech data, and other relevant information are packed into compact packets from the digital voice data.
3. IP Network Transmission: After that, the IP network, a LAN within an organization or the general internet, transmits the data packets.
4. Routing: Next, the data packets transit the network, frequently using switches and routers to reach their destination. The routers decide the best way for the packets to travel to their destination.
5. Reassembly: Based on the packet headers data, the packets are reassembled correctly once they reach their destination.
6. Voice Conversion: Finally, the recipient can hear the voice because the received digital packets are transformed into analog audio signals at the receiving end.
How does Internet Telephony Work
How To Choose The Best Internet Telephony Software

How To Choose The Best Internet Telephony Software?

1. Features:Examine the features that various Internet telephony programs offer. Shortlist only the ones that have all the features you need and might need in the future.
2. Scalability:Examine the software's capacity for expansion. Check if it allows seamless upscaling and downscaling whenever you have to expand or contract your business.
3. Integration Capabilities: Make sure the platform supports integration with CRM apps and other business tools. Integration streamlines processes, increases productivity, and improves overall user experience.
4. Call Quality and Reliability: Verify the software's reputation for dependability and call quality. Always look for suppliers with a solid network and infrastructure to guarantee clear connections. Read evaluations and look for advice from reliable sources.

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