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Boost Your Business with Bulk SMS Marketing

Reach your target audience and drive engagement with KrispCall’s Bulk SMS Marketing. Utilize our advanced SMS solutions to deliver personalized messages, promotions, and updates directly to the mobile devices of your customers.

Build your brand's value by advertising to a wide audience.
Increase revenue with high conversion rates.
Easily start campaigns and schedule messages.
Super flexible and scalable for Bulk SMS Campaigns.
Boost Your Business with Bulk SMS Marketing

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How to Set up Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign? 

With KrispCall, you can easily set up Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign in a few moments. Follow the steps and take advantage of cutting-edge SMS features:

Sign up with KrispCall and log in to your Dashboard
Get a phone from your desired country with SMS capability
Go to Bulk SMS Marketing campaign and compose a message.
Select a group of recipients and send/schedule the message.
Set up Bulk SMS

How It Works

Bulk SMS sending involves using a service provider to send a large number of text messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. Here’s how it actually works.

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Compose a message

Craft the engaging, personalized, and concise message you want to send your recipients.

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Create a list of contacts

Compile a list of recipients who will receive your SMS when the campaign is run.

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Send/schedule the messages.

Easily send and schedule messages at the right time through KrispCall Bulk SMS.

KrispCall’s Bulk SMS Marketing Software Features

Get hold of advanced texting and SMS features with KrispCall as your ultimate texting solution to promote your brand.

Choose Bulk SMS

Why Choose KrispCall’s Bulk SMS Marketing Software?

Easy Setup: You can quickly create targeted messages in minutes without any technical knowledge or expertise required!
Personalization: With processes like schedule sending, drip campaigns, auto follow-ups, etc., you can easily personalize messages to your customers.
Cost Savings: With its competitive pricing plans, Krispcall ensures businesses get maximum ROI from their investments in bulk messaging services.
Reliability & Scalability: It’s designed keeping scalability needs in mind, ensuring smooth operations even when the users increase exponentially.

Benefits & Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

High Open Rate: The open rate of SMS messages is as high as 98% compared to the rate of 20% for emails. Not everyone will reply to your SMS, but there is a high chance of opening the message, giving you more chances to advertise and provide information about your product.
High Conversion Rate: As there is a high chance of opening the message, there is an immediate impact on the audience about your brand. The study says that the conversion rate of SMS is 45% compared to 6% for emails.
Cost-effective: Bulk SMS marketing is very affordable compared to traditional TV, radio ads, print ads, etc. SMS can be done with low investment, resulting in higher ROI than the other marketing strategies.
No barriers during delivery: Emails are hard to deliver as there are spam filters. There is no such case with SMS, as there are no barriers during delivery.
Make every message personal: With customizable options, you can edit customers' first names and last names, product codes, discounts, and more while sending Bulk SMS.
Benifits and advantages

Application of Sending Bulk SMS Messages & Texts

Real State

SMS Marketing For Restaurants

Stay top-of-mind with your customers with bulk SMS marketing to stay on repeat business. You can send out regular reminders about special menu items, daily specials & upcoming events via bulk texting campaigns keeps patrons informed & engaged.

Make your customers happy with new events and offers with SMS so they will visit again. Also, offering online ordering services can easily remind customers when orders need updating/confirming – making it easier than ever for hungry diners everywhere.


SMS Marketing For Real Estate

Realtors can use bulk SMS messages to notify potential buyers when properties become available, or open house events occur. You may also send promotional offers such as discounts on closing costs or reduced fees associated with purchasing a home through them.

With SMS marketing, get the word out quickly to the clients about new listings and ensure maximum property exposure before it’s gone. Attract more customers while increasing loyalty among existing clients.


SMS Marketing For Banks

Banks can use SMS for notifications, announcements, and also for fraud alerts if suspicious activity has been detected in customer accounts. This helps keep account holders safe from any unauthorized transactions that could compromise their finances.

Also, banks can leverage this technology during peak months such as tax season, where there’s usually an influx in calls due to people needing assistance filing taxes. Banks can improve customer service levels by sending automated texts without adding additional staff to answer phone calls.


SMS Marketing For E-commerce

Online stores benefit greatly from mass texting campaigns as it allows them direct access to consumer pockets, which translates into sales.

For example, e-commerce companies often run promotions throughout certain periods like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, where shoppers receive exclusive deals directly sent via sms notifications. It makes marketing easier and more effective as users don’t have to search around website pages looking manually, trying to find coupon codes, etc.

It makes shopping experiences smoother and encourages higher conversion rates amongst those who opt-in receive updates regularly.

Small Business

SMS Marketing For Small Businesses

Small businesses can use bulk SMS marketing to promote their brand and notify offers and events through messages. SMS campaigns help to attract new customers and confidence to repeat business.

You can gain new customers and gain their trust with special personalized offers, event reminders, and offer services. Notification for product launch offers etc. can help generate buzz and drive attendance for small businesses.

Travel Agencies

SMS Marketing For Travel Agencies

Travel agencies can make use of Bulk SMS to send important travel updates to their customers, such as flight delays, gate changes, or weather alerts. It helps all travelers to be informed about all important updates so that they can have a seamless travel experience.

Also, they can use Bulk SMS marketing for travel recommendations, offers, travel tips, news, and notifications and add CTAs to encourage travelers to explore new destinations. Travel agencies can also use it for exclusive travel promotions and discount packages to drive more engagement and encourage travelers to take advantage of attractive deals.

Best practices for Mass SMS Marketing: The Do’s & Dont’s


Call to action: SMS is too short with a maximum of mere 160 characters. So cleverly use the space to deliver the message to your audiences and encourage action from them.
Initiate with an attention grabber: Use attention-grabbing words to keep your audiences interested while delivering the message. It can help in generating leads.
Be brief: Follow the KISS principle of Keep It Short and Simple to grab the attention of prospects and customers.
Send important messages only: To avoid getting blocked, send only important messages such as service information, discounts, special offers, etc.
Choose a good time: Keep your customers' time zones in mind when sending SMS marketing messages. Your brand will be more visible if you ensure updates arrive while users are awake.


Don't send frequent messages: Timing is really important while sending bulk SMS. you should maintain the timing frequency so the audience won't feel irritated when you text them.
Avoid abbreviations and text slang: SMS is too short, and using text slang and abbreviations can cause many problems for the readers. They cannot understand specific words, creating confusion. Make it short, simple, and professional.
Don’t always try to sell: Yes, we know bulk SMS marketing is done for sales and advertising products and services. But don’t always pitch them; talk and approach them personally and humanly. Respect their boundaries and don’t send marketing-saturated SMS.
Don't rely solely on SMS: Bulk SMS is a very beneficial tool to connect with your customers and keep the information up to date. It is a very important tool, but you can not solely depend on it. You can use a diverse set of strategies, such as Email, Social media, etc, to advertise your product.

10 Best SMS Marketing Platforms & Mass Text Messaging Service Providers

1. KrispCall

When it comes to sending SMS in bulk, you can always rely on KrispCall. It has simple and intuitive UI that allows users to set up, navigate, and run campaigns effortlessly. And with the proprietary Unified Callbox, you can easily skim through all the conversations with the customers.

With KrispCall’s advanced technologies, you have a fewer chances of getting blocked by spam filters. Thus, you get better open rates and better engagement from the customers. Moreover, there is feature to schedule your bulk SMS campaigns. So even during the holidays you can continue with your SMS marketing campaign. Furthermore, you can get detailed insights of your campaign, which can help you understand customer behavior and what type of template actually work for your target audiences.

krispcall app dashboard

KrispCall has a wide coverage to over 100 countries. So, it will be easy for companies to run abroad marketing or outsourced business. Also, multinational companies can perform marketing activities worldwide remotely, no matter the base of your business operations.

Message filter
Speech to text
Message PIN
Unified Callbox
Intelligent call routing
Interactive Voice Response
Automatic Call Distribution
Omnichannel Support
CRM Integration
Call Monitoring and Recording
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom

2. TextMagic

TextMagic is the best alternative option you can go for your SMS marketing campaign. Its messaging features allow you to convert prospects to clients and stay connected with the clients.


TextMagic offers many messaging capabilities, such as automated messages, personalization options, scheduled sending times, segmentation capabilities, detailed analytics, and more.

Send Texts Online
Send bulk SMS online
Two-way SMS chat
Zapier SMS integrations
Email to SMS
Virtual mobile numbers
Schedule text messages
Text Marketing Lists
Text messages: $0.049 per text
MMS: $0.08 per MMS
Lookup: $0.04 per lookup

3. Textedly

You can also use Textedly as your SMS marketing substitute, as it has great messaging features.  It provides powerful automation tools that allow you to send personalized messages at scale while tracking real-time performance.


Textedly offers a 14-day free trial to test its performance and features. Before committing to its service, you can test and try and get familiar with its texting features.

Conversation Triggers
Mass Group Texting
Text Keyword
Schedule a Text
Auto Reply Text
Two Way SMS
Built-In Link Shrinking
Use Textedly From Your Mobile Phone
Basic: $26/month (500 text messages/month)
Bronze: $38/month (1,000 text messages/month)
Plus: $69/month (2,000 text messages/month)

4. EZ Texting

EZ Texting helps businesses increase customer engagement by allowing them to create interactive surveys or polls via text message. It also helps to automate messages based on customer response and behavior.


EZ Texting can be another option you can have in mind for SMS marketing strategies. It also has an easy-to-use drag & drop editor that helps create beautiful campaigns.

Contact Management
Text MessagingTools
Template &Design Tools
Customer List Growth Tools
Text Campaigns
Integrations & API
Analytics & Reporting
Textable Number Options
Launch: $25/ Month
Boost: $75/ Month
Scale: $125/ Month
Enterprise: $3000/ Month

5. SlickText

You can depend on SlickText as your other option if you’re looking for platforms for bulk SMS marketing campaigns. It provides effective features such as automatic triggers based on user behavior, such as when someone clicks through links within emails/SMS messages sent out from the system itself.


SlickText is trusted by famous organizations such as FedEx, Hyatt, Lyft, and more. You can expand your business, advertise your brand and stay connected through messaging features of SlickText.

Text to Join
SMS Autoresponders
Automated Workflows
SMS Automation
Mass Text Messaging
SMS Short Codes
MMS Marketing
The Basic: $29/month
The Step Up: $49/month
The Lil Bro: $79/month
The Big Bro: $139/month
The Boss: $189/month
The Albatross: $350/month
The Whale: $750/month
The Monstro: $1,250/month

6. Thryv

Thryv is in a standby position if you have trouble with your current SMS marketing platform. It has a comprehensive suite of tools that includes everything from appointment reminders (with customizable templates) that help to connect with customers.


No matter where your customer is located, you can send messages and start your brand awareness. Service from Thryv can be a bit expensive, but the service will be value for money.

2-Way Messaging
Access Controls/Permissions
Accounting Integration
Activity Tracking
Advertising Management
Appointment Management
Response Management
Plus (2 USERS): $199/month
Professional (5 USERS): $349/month
Unlimited (10 USERS): $499/month

7. Attentive

Attentive is great for businesses that want an all-inclusive solution when it comes to bulk texting needs. It offers A/B testing capabilities along with dynamic content delivery depending on what type of list the subscriber might fall into.


Attentive also has its own mobile SDK making integration much simpler, which makes your communication seamless through mobile devices. You can generate great revenue for your business from SMS marketing with Attentive.

Analytics and Reporting
Compliance and Consent Management
Campaign Performance Tracking

8. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is mainly known as an email marketing platform but also offers SMS marketing.   Klaviyo specializes in helping brands build better customer relationships with data collected from web & app experiences across various touchpoints.


Klaviyo is a fantastic alternative option if you’re looking to invest in an SMS marketing platform. You can target personalized messages and ads for different customers worldwide with Klaviyo.

2-Way Messaging
AB Testing
Automated Responses
CAN SPAM Compliance
Channel Management
Click Tracking
Customer Segmentation
Customizable Fields
Dynamic Content
Email and SMS: Starting at $60/month (price increases as you add up messages credits)

9. Birdeye

You can use Birdeye’s messaging platform to increase customer engagement and improve customer relationships. It provides businesses with the tools to engage customers through personalized text messaging and drive customer satisfaction.


Using Birdeye, customers can share their experiences by sending automated SMS requests. Using Birdeye SMS marketing, businesses can enhance their online reputation, build trust with potential customers, and improve their products and services.

Unified Inbox
BirdEye Integrations
Standard: $299 per month
Professional: $399 per month
Premium: Custom (Contact Sales)

10. Listrak

Listrak is an omnichannel marketing automation platform that empowers businesses to engage their customers through various channels, including SMS marketing. Businesses can reach their audiences more effectively with Listrak’s SMS marketing features.


Businesses can segment customers based on demographics, purchase history, and engagement level and deliver tailored SMS messages. Using Listrak’s automation tools, businesses can set up triggers and workflows to ensure SMS messages are sent at the right time.

Data Import & Export Tools
User, Role, and Access Management
Performance and Reliability
Building and Personalizing Emails
Automated Email Responses
Web Analytics
Revenue Analytics
Contact Sales Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find the Answer you were looking for? Visit our Help Center or Contact Support

Mass SMS marketing is the process of sending large volumes of SMS to large amounts of audiences at the same time through sms marketing software. It is a business strategy to reach a mass audience and advertise brands, make promotional offers announcements and increase sales through SMS texts.

You can get the phone numbers of clients for bulk SMS marketing by following the steps:

  1. Use opt-in forms on your websites, landing pages, social media, and mobile apps where customers drop their numbers.
  2. Get numbers from Physical Sign-Ups, E-commerce checkout processes, etc.
  3. Collaborate with businesses and influencers to cross-promote your SMS marketing, use CTA guest post blogs, and join events.

You can follow the given steps to send 10000 SMS at once from your computer:

  1. Choose a Bulk SMS Service like KrispCall
  2. Prepare your SMS content as per your goals
  3. Upload and update your recipient list as 10000
  4. Schedule and send messages
  5. Monitor delivery status and view results

Yes, you can send mass SMS texts from your computer. Various software programs are available that allow you to do this. These programs typically provide an easy-to-use interface for composing and sending messages in large quantities and tracking delivery and response rates.

To perform bulk SMS marketing, you can follow the given steps:

  1. Define the goals and purpose of your bulk SMS campaigns, such as promoting, selling, and notices to your customers.
  2. Build Your Subscriber List
  3. Choose a mass SMS Marketing Service Provider like KrispCall
  4. Segment Your Audience
  5. Craft Compelling Messages
  6. Test and Optimize
  7. Schedule and send the messages using the scheduling feature provided by your bulk SMS service provider to send messages at the most appropriate times
  8. Monitor and Analyze the performance of your bulk SMS campaigns using the analytics and reporting tools offered by your service provider.
  9. Maintain Compliance with SMS sending regulations such as obtaining proper consent, providing opt-out options, and respecting privacy laws.
  10. Continuously improve after analyzing the reports and weaknesses.

Short codes are preferable for bulk SMS marketing due to their high throughput and better deliverability, making them more efficient for reaching a large audience. Long codes, on the other hand, are better suited for personalized or one-to-one communication.

To register your mobile number for SMS marketing, you must obtain an A2P 10DLC. This certification allows businesses to send text messages directly to customers’ phones without being blocked by carriers.

  1. Contact your service provider.
  2. Prepare documents such as business registration details, proof of identity, and any other relevant information for your service provider.
  3. Submit application
  4. Await approval
  5. Make Payments
  6. Collect numbers and start SMS marketing