Virtual Receptionist Software

An Interactive Virtual Receptionist Software For Better Call Handling

Let KrispCall’s Virtual Receptionist Software be your frontline ambassador. Automate your workspace with virtual receptionist software to handle incoming calls for you and your business. You will surely experience the difference in your call handling system.

Answer phone calls professionally.
No chance of missed calls.
Customizable to your business needs.
Easy installation -Cancel anytime
An Interactive Virtual Receptionist Software

Get Numbers for Your Virtual Receptionist Phone System

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How to set up Virtual Receptionist for your business?

Setting up Virtual Receptionist is easy and simple with KrispCall. It helps businesses streamline their communication and have a professional call-handling system. Here is the step-by-step guide to setting up a virtual receptionist:

  1. Create an account in KrispCall and log in.
  2. Get a business phone number and submit necessary documents.
  3. Invite members to your workspace
  4. Share numbers with your team members
  5. Set up the IVR Menu
  6. Set up a custom greeting messaging
Set up Virtual Receptionist

How It Works

A virtual receptionist software answers your business calls from another location on your behalf. You can trust the virtual receptionist to handle your calls effectively.

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Prospects Call:

When a prospect or customer calls your business, the call is routed to the virtual receptionist software instead of ringing straight to your office or phone.

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Answers Your Calls:

Virtual receptionist software answers the call on your business’s behalf. It answers the phone with a greeting message and instructions to reach the right agent or department.

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Taking Notes and Forwarding:

Virtual receptionist software takes detailed notes from callers who wish to leave messages. It then sends those messages to an agent by email, SMS, or other messaging platform.

Application & Use Cases of Virtual Receptionist Software


Virtual receptionist software for small business

Let’s see how virtual receptionist software benefits small businesses.

KrispCall Virtual receptionist software is a cost-effective solution for a small business. It eliminates the need to hire a full-time receptionist to receive business calls. It greets callers professionally, creating a positive business image. Likewise, virtual receptionist software routes call to the appropriate department, records important messages from prospects, and delivers them via communication platforms.

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Virtual receptionist software for call center

Let’s see how virtual receptionist software benefits call centers.

Virtual receptionist software is advantageous for call centers too. It helps call centers quickly manage a high volume of phone calls, thereby reducing wait times. Similarly, if customers request extra information, it will transfer calls to the appropriate call center agents/ departments, ensuring faster communication between customers and call centers.

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Virtual receptionist software for law firms

Let’s see how virtual receptionist software benefits law firms.

Virtual receptionist software consists of IVR capabilities that enables intelligent call routing based on caller input. Callers can choose from predefined menu options or enter specific number to direct calls to the appropriate attorney or department, reducing call transfers and minimizing wait times. Also, its call reporting and analytics features provide details on call volumes, peak call times, and call outcomes.

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Virtual receptionist software for a real estate company

Let’s see how virtual receptionist software benefits real estate companies.

The main feature of virtual receptionist software lies in its ability to receive calls on your behalf. Callers can receive property information, availability, and schedule tours through a virtual receptionist. The software also assigns calls to appropriate agents or teams depending on the property type or location, ensuring efficient call management.

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Virtual receptionist software for a finance company

Let’s see how virtual receptionist software benefits finance companies.

Virtual receptionist software helps finance companies respond to customer inquiries, provide basic account information, and direct callers to the appropriate financial advisors or departments. It also allows clients to schedule appointments or consultations with financial advisors.

Why Choose KrispCall’s Virtual Receptionist Software

Why Choose KrispCall’s Virtual Receptionist Software?

Get started in seconds: You can set up KrispCall’s Virtual receptionist software within seconds without requiring complex installations or technical expertise.
24/7/365 live call answering services: KrispCall’s virtual receptionist software is available 24 hours daily to answer your business calls.
Customizable greetings and prompts: KrispCall allows you to personalize the greetings messages to align with your brand and specific requirements.
Mobile and web apps: KrispCall virtual receptionist software is available in web-based and mobile application forms.
Flexible pricing: Depending on your call volume and requirements, you can choose a plan that ensures cost-effectiveness and scalability.
Customizable settings: KrispCall allows you to customize various settings, like call routing rules, greeting messages, etc., according to your preferences and business requirements.

Benefits & Advantages of Virtual Receptionist Software

Let’s look at some benefits and advantages an interactive virtual receptionist software provides to a business of any size and type:


No Physical Space Required

It doesn’t require spacious office space. It can run from anywhere worldwide as long as there is a good internet connection.
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It eliminates the need to hire and train separate employees to handle calls and route calls to the right agent hence saving expenses.
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24/7 Availability

It is available 24/7. So, even during after-office hours or during weekends,it will continue answering calls on your behalf.
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Time Management

It does all the call-handling work and facilitates you to focus and manage time on other essential office tasks.

Virtual Receptionist Vs Digital Receptionist: The Differences

Although virtual and digital receptionists are the modern replacement for traditional receptionists, they differ slightly. Check the table below to know the differences between them:-

Virtual Receptionists

  • A virtual receptionist is a real person who handles receptionist duties and tasks for a business remotely.
  • A virtual receptionist is a trained professional.
  • A virtual receptionist uses virtual receptionist software to manage incoming calls on behalf of the business, forward calls to the appropriate department or agent, take and transfer messages, and schedule appointments.
  • Digital Receptionists

  • A digital receptionist is a system that uses technology to handle receptionist tasks and duties for a business without human involvement.
  • A digital receptionist is a computer/ cloud-based system or software.
  • A digital receptionist uses digital technologies like AI, speech recognition, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to route calls, transfer information, schedule appointment, and answer customers’ inquiries.
  • Best Practices for Using Virtual Receptionist Software

    Best Practices for Using Virtual Receptionist Software

    Virtual receptionist softwares are a valuable tool for all businesses type and size. It is essential to consider specific measures to ensure best practices for using virtual receptionist software. Some of the best practices are as follows:

    Respectful Greetings: Ensure the greeting messages are clear and respectful toward the callers. It should also contain your brand or business name.
    Call Routing To Appropriate Departments: Define call routing rules and arrange to transfer calls to the appropriate department or agents. Test to confirm it.
    Make Sure That The Information Is up to date: Keep your virtual receptionist software up-to-date with business details like office hours, services, rules changes, and other promotional offers.
    Integration With Calendars: Integrate the software with calendars and other software to schedule appointments, see latest updates, and synchronize your data.
    Regularly Evaluate and Adjust:Evaluate the effectiveness of the software and make relevant changes if necessary.

    10 Best Virtual Receptionist Software Providers

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    A Quick Guide to Choose Inbound Call Software

    You can choose from an extensive range of virtual phone numbers at KrispCall. With more than 100+ countries to choose from, you can buy vanity, toll-free, and local numbers, and international numbers. Get the phone numbers that best suit your business best. Also, You can choose from a set of custom numbers in the starting and ending points of the number such as +1XXXXXXXX999, 888XXXXXXX.

    1. KrispCall

    KrispCall is a cloud-based telephony platform that enables users to communicate through an internet protocol. The company provides local, toll-free, national, and mobile virtual numbers of over 100 countries allowing the companies to operate worldwide.

    Apart from VoIP services, KrispCall provides the best virtual receptionist software suitable for businesses of any size and budget. Its virtual receptionist software includes all features that help companies to improve communication, such as a unified call box, call recording, call transfers, etc. Also, the pricing option is affordable.

    krispcall virtual call center software

    So, if you are considering employing a virtual receptionist for your business, look no other than KrispCall virtual receptionist software.

    Call recording
    Call history
    Call transfers
    Call monitoring
    Essential: $15/user/month
    Standard: $40/user/month

    2. Ruby

    Ruby is another virtual receptionist software provider. The company was founded in 2003 and has leveraged its services to many small businesses for 20 years. Since its establishment, the company has focused on providing resources for business development and creating the best work culture environment.


    One of the best products of Ruby is virtual receptionist software. Ruby’s virtual receptionist software helps small businesses to handle their phone calls on their behalf. The employees at Ruby are highly talented and skilled. They know how to talk with customers and aim to turn a short customer interaction into a big win.

    Multichannel customer communication
    Virtual receptionist
    Live chat
    Dynamic integrations
    Live call answering
    Custom voicemail
    Robocall filtering
    Bilingual receptionist
    HIPAA compliance
    Reception plan: $230 to $1595 monthly
    Bundled plan: $109 to $392 monthly
    Chat plan: $135 to $490 monthly

    3. is a North America-based virtual receptionist software provider. The company serves various industries like legal firms, software companies, media and entertainment, education, finance, e-commerce, etc.

    smith products include virtual receptionists, outreach campaigns, and web chat and messaging. virtual receptionist software aids in managing business calls and ensures the business never misses incoming calls. Moreover, you can integrate this software with other business tools like Clio, SalesForce, Calendly, headnote, etc.

    24/7 call answering
    24/7 website chat
    Outbound calling
    Call screening
    Appointment booking
    Bilingual answering
    Free spam blocking
    Starter: $255 per month
    Basic: $675 per month
    Pro: $1170 per month

    4. My Receptionist

    MyReceptionist is another provider of virtual receptionist software. My Receptionist’s virtual receptionist software takes care of your customers and calls efficiently. Businesses can use MyReceptionist’s virtual receptionist service to offer a personalized and professional touch to customer service.


    The software handles inbound calls, transfers them to the appropriate departments or individuals, and provides callers with a superb experience. Virtual receptionist services include phone answering, message taking, call transferring, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, CRM integration, and more.

    Online scheduling
    Appointment reminders
    Secure mobile messaging
    Starter: $110 per billing period
    Cruising: $195 per billing period
    Express: $275 per billing period

    5. ReceptionHQ

    ReceptionHQ is a virtual receptionist software that has provided virtual reception and phone answering services in Australia since 2003 and in the USA since 2007. Other than that, it also offers cost-effective virtual reception services across the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The company has leveraged its services to several industries, from small to large-scale enterprises.


    ReceptionHQ’s cloud-based receptionist provides comprehensive solutions for companies wishing to improve their customer service and communication skills. Call answering and forwarding, appointment scheduling, message taking, and customized greetings are just a few of the functions available in their virtual receptionist software.

    24/7 call answering
    Instant emails and texts
    Mobile app and portal