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Maximize your sales potential with our advanced sales call recording software. Gain valuable insights, improve agent performance, and enhance customer satisfaction. Empower your sales team to close more deals and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities.

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Easily Record All Sales Calls Automatically

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KrispCall Sales Call Recording Software Features

Unleash the Power of Our Sales Call Recording Software

Detailed call recordings: Capture every conversation with crystal-clear audio quality.
Automatic call transcription: Transcribe your calls in real-time for easy reference and analysis.
Call analytics: Gain actionable insights from call data, identify trends, call patterns, and call volume, and optimize performance.
Call tagging and categorization: Organize and search your call recordings effortlessly.
CRM integration: Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.
Call monitoring and coaching: Monitor live calls and provide real-time coaching to improve agent performance.
Ease Customization: Set option for recording certain call types or excluding specific phone numbers
Scalability: Handle a large number of simultaneous recordings without compromising call quality and performance
Fast forward download: Download the recorded call in a few moments and listen to the conversations offline.
Listen from any device: Listen to the conversation of your agents and customers/prospects from devices such as Mobile, laptops, PC, Tablets

How KrispCall Sales Call Recording Works?

Our sales call recording software revolutionizes the way you capture, manage, and analyze your sales calls in minutes.

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Audio Capture

During live calls, KrispCalls Call Recording software effortlessly records calls removing background noises for audio clarity.

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Recorded calls are stored in the cloud.

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Audio Playback

You can listen to the recorded calls at normal, 1.5x, or 2x speed.

Why Choose KrispCall Call Recording Software?

Enhanced Performance Tracking and Training

Monitor and evaluate your sales team’s performance by recording their sales calls. Empower your team with valuable insights to help them exceed their targets.

Compliance and Legal Protection

Protect your business and ensure compliance with industry regulations by securely recording all your sales calls. Stay ahead of legal requirements and maintain trust with your clients.

Increase Sales Effectiveness

Leverage call recording and analytics to identify winning techniques, refine scripts, and train your team for success.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer interactions by analyzing calls for better understanding, empathy, and personalized engagement.

Drive Revenue Growth

Optimize your sales process, identify bottlenecks, and close more deals to maximize your revenue potential.

Ensure Compliance

Stay compliant with industry regulations by securely recording and storing all your sales calls.

Top 10 Sales Call Recording Software in 2023

education 1
A Quick Guide to Choose Inbound Call Software

You can choose from an extensive range of virtual phone numbers at KrispCall. With more than 100+ countries to choose from, you can buy vanity, toll-free, and local numbers, and international numbers. Get the phone numbers that best suit your business best. Also, You can choose from a set of custom numbers in the starting and ending points of the number such as +1XXXXXXXX999, 888XXXXXXX.

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is the best cloud telephony system with the finest call-recording feature for call quality monitoring. With KrispCall’s call recording feature, you can track agents’ performance and productivity. And also, you can listen to the recorded calls at 1.5x-2x speed, saving time and increasing efficiency.  


KrispCall’s call recording helps record live calls, which companies can use to analyze data and insights and monitor customer satisfaction rates. Listening to recorded calls helps to know the identified issues, resolve them and improve and prevent future problems during the call. It helps to store valuable conversations with your agents and customers for future use.

KrispCall has a wide coverage for small to large-sized businesses in over 100 countries. And using this call recording, you can convert prospects into clients for your business by analyzing the recorded calls to get an idea of the high conversion rates.

Unified Callbox
Global Calling
Call Filters
Calls on Hold
Call Analytics
DND mode for Agents
Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Call Transfer
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom
Excellent audio clarity
24/7 customer service
Advanced Call monitoring and Analytics
App unavailable for macOS and Windows(Coming soon)
Call Barging unavailable(Coming soon)

2. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is another option you can choose for managing customer relationships and recording calls for call monitoring. With the help of this software, you can connect with your customers using different platforms and connect with customers seamlessly.


LiveAgent supports integration on different communication channels, records calls and analyzes customer satisfaction. It also comes with enhanced ticketing features for seamless customer care and support.

Ticket Creation
Workflow Automated Response
SLA Management
Ticket Collaboration
Customer Portal
Email to Case
Live Chat Support
Social Media Integration
Medium business: $35 per agent/month
Large business: $59 per agent/month
Enterprise: $85 per agent/month
Organized multiple communication channels
Responsive Customer Success
Bad user experience

3. 3CLogic

You can go for 3CLogic as an alternative option for your customer relationship management software. With 3CLogics call recording features, you can record conversations and use them for call analytics.


After analyzing the recorded call, you can listen to the conversations, track agents’ performances, and analyze strengths and weaknesses. You can do strategic planning for your sales and impress your clients and prospects using the call recording features of 3CLogic.

Voice-Enabled Self-Service
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
IVR Analytics
Speech Analytics
Reporting & Analytics
Speech Analytics
Text-to-Speech & Speech Recognition
The pricing for 3CLogic is $115.00 per year
Great customer support
Best for integration with platforms like Salesforce and Sugar
Less uptime
Frequent technical issues

4. Salestrail

Salestrail is a call-recording software for cellular and VoIP calls to perform call analytics for businesses. You can track and compare your agent’s performance on a centralized dashboard provided by the Salestrial.


Salestrail allows you to customize your team groups and monitor their calls in an organized way. It allows transparency and collaboration with your sales team by allowing you to assign tasks, set remainder, and ensure everyone is on the same page. It can make your business effective with its analytical features.

Contact Management
Email Management
Call recording on single and both sides
WhatsApp call logging
Interaction Tracking
Lead Management
Mobile Access
Notes Management
Standard tracking SIM / GSM: $3.5 user/month
Add CRM Integration: + $2.8 user per month on the above price
Add Call recording: + $1.4 per user/month
Good lead management
Has a convenience business card scanner
Notification issues
App bugs that affect the overall experience

5. Mindtickle

Another alternative we have on our list is Mindtickle to manage your team and CRM solution. A sales readiness platform helps your sales team engage with customers effectively to handle them and close deals.


Businesses can upskill agents, bring new sales hires, and effectively upgrade sales and revenues using this platform. It allows team collaboration and knowledge sharing among the team members and professionals.

Knowledge Base
Video Record
Coaching Card
Real-Time Updates
Contact sales team
Great tracking features
Gaming features to enhance engagement
Takes time to learn to use the software
Integration difficulties

6. CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics is a software you can use to uncover the actions of your agents and customers to improve your business. It provides robust marketing tools to drive strong connections for your business and customers.


You can use CallTrackingMetrics to quickly review segments of conversations and review call efficiency. It also provides transcripts to read the conversations and have detailed insights into the interactions.

Dynamic Number Insertion
Call Recording and Transcriptions
Text Messaging
Web-based Softphone
Intelligent Routing Options
Surface Insights with AI
Form Tracking
Automated triggers
Performance: $36 per month billed annually
Growth: $99 per month billed annually
Connect: $274 per month billed annually
Enterprise: Custom(Contact sales)
Great CTM(Call Tracking Metrics)
Easy setup and ease of use
Low audio clarity
Many customers call hang up for robocalls

7. tl;dv

tl;dv is a call recording software powered by GPT to video record, transcribe, share, and highlight your online meetings. It can be your alternative for the customer’s superbrain to remember detailed conversations with customers.


tl;dv has AI-powered meeting capabilities that automatically analyze the meeting notes and identify the next steps and key actions. You can share meeting insights faster, improve transparency and collaborate with other team members across different timezones worldwide.

Record Online Meetings.
Have AI-Powered Meetings.
Create A User Interview Repository.
Scale Onboarding & Training.
Amplify the Voice of the Customer.
Cross-Functional Collaboration.
Record Zoom Meetings.
Transcribe Zoom recordings.
Pro:$20 per recording user per month/billed annually
Enterprise: Contact the support team
AI makes it simple to use
Records call and take notes in real-time
Fuzzy Chrome extension
Buggy UI and supports a few languages

8. Vanillsoft

Vanillsoft can be your choice for an alternative to sales management system software. It allows business to manage their daily operations using Call Recording, CRM, lead management, and telemarketing.


You can improve sales, marketing, and quality control for your business by listening to the recorded calls and picking the major weakness, call outcomes, common problems, and more. With Vanillsoft, you can review all the call recordings, determine customer satisfaction, experience, and agent productivity, and find a successful sound voice.

Lead & Sales Tracking
Auto Dialing
Call Recording
Appointment Setting
Lead Routing
Email & SMS Marketing
Sales Intelligence
Contact sales team
User-friendly and best for call centers
Intuitive and easy flow of CRM
Call lags occasionally
No specific caller ID


GONG is another call recording software that made our list. It is a conversation analytics and sales management platform you can use to analyze sales calls and meetings.


Its call recording feature allows users to record and transcribe conversations and analyze them for insights such as talk-to-listen ratios, keywords, and sentiment analysis. This can help sales teams improve their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Outbound Dialer
Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Call Tracking
Chat Transcript
Code-free Development
Contact sales team
Break down calls to make analytics easier
Great data-retaining abilities
Bad search functionality
Confusing mobile app experience

10. SalesLoft

Last but not least, what we have on our list is SalesLoft. It is a sales management platform that helps businesses streamline their sales process, manage their leads and prospects and close more deals. It has a variety of reports and dashboards that allow sales managers to track team and individual performance metrics such as activity levels, pipeline health, and deal outcomes.


Sales representatives can record their sales calls and meetings to use for coaching, training, compliance, and legal purposes. Also, it has integration features with popular platforms like Linkedin sales Navigator, Zoominfo, Outreach, and more.

Archiving & Retention.
Business Process Automation.
Calendar Management.
Call List Management.
Call Recording.
Communication Management
Contact Management
Conversation Intelligence
Customer Database
Contact sales team
Mass outreach capabilities
Easy to use and smart layout designs
Hard to integrate videos in the mail
Flaws on integrations and low text format

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find the Answer you were looking for? Visit our Help Center or Contact Support

Sales call tracking software is a tool that helps businesses to track and manage customer interactions. It enables users to record phone conversations, store important contact information, assign tasks related to sales calls, set follow-up reminders, and generate reports for analysis. This type of software can be used by both small business owners and large enterprises as it effectively manages customer relationships in real time.

Data security is the most important priority of KrispCall call tracking software. We employ strong encryption protocols to protect data transmission, and all captured call data is securely stored in compliant data centers with stringent physical security measures. Our team undergoes regular security training to strictly control data access.

Our data protection laws and regulations comply, and we conduct regular audits to ensure your information is secure and confidential. You can trust KrispCall to keep your data safe and secure.

es, you can integrate call-tracking software with other popular platforms such as CRMs, Zendesk, Zoho, Helpdesk, HubSpot, and more.

Call tracking software works by capturing and analyzing data from the conversation between the agent and the customer. It records the calls and gives insights into the data to the organization by capturing data. 

What are the benefits of call-tracking software?

Call-tracking software offers a range of benefits to businesses, some of which include. 

  • Customer calls can be tracked and analyzed, allowing for more effective marketing.
  • Businesses can also measure the success of their campaigns with call-tracking software by tracking call sources and duration.
  • Optimizes resources and targets specific audiences more effectively to maximize ROI.
  • It can be used as a marketing analytics tool to inform future product development or business plans.

To list recorded calls in a call recording software, you can typically follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your call recording software like KrispCall.
  2. From the multiple numbers you own, choose one.
  3. To view recorded calls, click the conversation/contact you wish to view
  4. Tap on the top right corner to filter conversations and check on Recordings
  5. Click on a recorded call to listen to it or view its details.