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Live Call Monitoring

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How to Set up Live Call Monitoring for your call center?

Quickly join ongoing phone calls and listen to the conversations without disturbing agents and clients with live call monitoring. Here is the step-by-step guide to setting up live call monitoring for your call center:

Sign up for KrispCall
Purchase phone numbers & submit documents (if necessary)
Invite team members & assign phone numbers to them
When an agent is on a call, click on the “Listen” option to hear the conversation in real-time
Listen to recorded calls if you missed the live calls
Set up Live Call Monitoring

Application & Use Cases of Live Call Monitoring Software

Call Center

Live Call Monitoring Software for Call Center

Live call monitoring software is extensively used in call centers to monitor and manage customer interactions. Supervisors can listen to live calls, provide real-time coaching, and ensure adherence to quality standards.

They can also track call metrics, agent performance and identify areas for improvement to optimize call center operations.

Small Business

Live Call Monitoring Software for Small Business

Small businesses that handle customer inquiries or provide customer support can benefit from live call monitoring software. It allows business owners or managers to oversee customer interactions, ensure consistent service quality, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Small businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and build a strong reputation by monitoring calls.


Live Call Monitoring Software for Advertising

Advertising agencies often handle client campaigns and need to track the performance of their ad campaigns. Live call monitoring software enables them to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by monitoring incoming calls generated by specific campaigns.

They can evaluate customer responses, identify areas of success or improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize future campaigns.


Live Call Monitoring Software for Hotel

In the hospitality industry, live call monitoring software helps provide exceptional customer service. Hotel staff can monitor incoming calls, identify guest needs or concerns, and provide real-time assistance.

It helps deliver personalized experiences, address guest inquiries, and resolve issues promptly, ultimately enhancing guest satisfaction.


Live Call Monitoring Software for Retailers

Retail businesses can use live call monitoring software to monitor customer interactions in customer support or sales departments.

By listening to calls, managers can identify common customer inquiries or complaints, assess agent performance, and provide training or coaching to improve sales techniques and customer service skills. It helps retailers enhance customer experience and increase sales.

Customer Support

Live Call Monitoring Software for Customer Support

Live call monitoring software is crucial for customer support teams across various industries. It allows supervisors to monitor customer calls, provide real-time assistance to agents, and ensure consistent and high-quality support.

By promptly identifying and addressing customer issues, customer support teams can improve customer satisfaction, reduce call resolution time, and enhance overall support effectiveness.

Why Choose KrispCall’s Live Call Monitoring System

Why Choose KrispCall’s Live Call Monitoring System?

Easy to use: KrispCall's call monitoring features are easy to use. You can log in to your KrispCall account and start monitoring calls.
Call recording: KrispCall lets you record all your calls, so you can listen to them later and see how your team is doing and where agents can improve their performance.
Call report: KrispCall provides call reports so you can review them anytime. Call reports help you gain information on how long your calls are, how many calls you're getting, and what your customers say.
Unlimited call records: With KrispCall, you can record every phone call with your clients without worrying about the limitation of call record numbers.
Real-time feedback: KrispCall's Live Call Monitoring System allows you to listen in on calls in real time, so you can provide feedback to agents while interacting with customers.
Secure: KrispCall's call monitoring features are secure. All calls are encrypted and stored in the cloud.
What To Look For In A Live Call Monitoring Tool

Benefits & Advantages of Live Call Monitoring Software

Improve customer experience: With live call monitoring software, supervisors can listen to real-time interactions between agents and customers and assess the interactions' quality to provide high-quality customer service.
Increase first contact resolution: With live call monitoring, supervisors can intervene during customer calls to guide and support agents. They can quickly address customer concerns or complex issues, resulting in a higher first-contact resolution rate.
Improve call center performance:Live call monitoring software provides valuable insights into agent performance, call metrics, and customer interactions. Supervisors can analyze this data to identify trends and areas for additional training or process improvements.
Increase sales and service performance: Live call monitoring software can particularly benefit sales-focused call centers. Supervisors can use it to monitor sales calls, identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, and provide real-time coaching to agents to improve their sales techniques.

Real-time Live Call Monitoring Vs Traditional Call Monitoring

Parameter Live Call Monitoring Traditional Call Monitoring
Timing Supervisors or quality assurance teams can listen to live calls as they occur, allowing them to monitor conversations in real-time. Call monitoring traditionally involves reviewing recordings after they have occurred, usually randomly or based on criteria.
Technology Live call monitoring relies on advanced call center software or communication platforms that provide real-time audio streaming and monitoring capabilities. Traditional call monitoring uses call recording systems or software to capture and store audio files of phone conversations.
Feedback Agents can receive feedback and coaching from their supervisors while on the phone, which allows them to make real-time improvements while addressing customer concerns. Agents can receive feedback and coaching from their supervisors after the phone has ended.
Customer Satisfaction Prompt intervention during live calls can help resolve customer issues swiftly, leading to higher satisfaction rates and improved customer relationships. Customer satisfaction is lower than live call monitoring software.

10 Best Live Call Monitoring Software Providers

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is an advanced cloud telephony system offering live call monitoring software. KrispCall live call monitoring software allows supervisors or quality assurance teams to record phone calls and monitor and assess call center agents’ performance and adherence to guidelines. 


It also gives call center supervisors real-time insight into call quality and progress. This practice helps maintain quality standards, provide coaching and feedback, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Similarly, KrispCall provides virtual phone numbers for over 100 countries, a bonus for call centers targeting customers from multiple countries.

Call recording
Call history
Global Calling
Call analytics
Caller ID
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Contact the support team
Easy setup
Have a unified callbox to manage calls.
Only WebApp & Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) currently available

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is another popular call-monitoring software provider. The software consists of several top-notch features that help businesses of all sizes expand their teams and provide enhanced customer service. For instance, it helps team leaders and supervisors monitor and evaluate agent interactions with clients and provide real-time reports that automatically help find areas for improvement.


It also offers a unified dashboard for admins and supervisors. Moreover, it facilitates cross-channel reporting that compares voice performance with chat, email, and messaging. It is also easy to set up this software and doesn’t require technical expertise.

Reporting and analytics
Real-time dashboard
Call recording
Omnichannel support
Suite Team: $49 per user monthly
Suite Growth: $79 per user monthly
Suite Professional: $99 per user monthly
Suite Enterprise: Consult with the support team.
Easy to set up.
Offers 14 days free trial
Supports omnichannel platform
Advanced features are available only in the premium package.

3. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a customer support and help desk software provider. It provides various products, including call center call monitoring software. With LiveAgent, you can integrate your phone system and monitor calls in real time. This feature allows supervisors or managers to listen in on customer calls, providing an opportunity to assess the quality of customer service, offer guidance to agents, and identify areas for improvement.


However, it’s important to note that LiveAgent primarily focuses on live chat and ticketing solutions, and their live call monitoring capabilities are less extensive than specialized call center software providers.

Call recording
Call history
Customized call button
Unlimited call recordings
Video calls
Call scheduling
Analytics and Reporting
Small business: $15 monthly
Medium business: $35 monthly
Large business: $59 monthly
Enterprise business: $85 monthly
Available on mobile and ios platforms.
Less expensive.
Offers 14 days free trial.
Focus mainly on a ticketing system.

4. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a cloud-based telecommunication platform. It provides comprehensive features and products and helps businesses to provide exceptional customer service. One of its renowned solutions is live call monitoring software.


Talkdesk provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring your agents’ calls, enabling you to gain valuable insight into your customer’s needs and make informed business decisions. The cloud-based infrastructure makes call monitoring accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Call Whisper
Call Bargain
Call Takeover
Call Recording
Live dashboards
CX Cloud Essentials: $75 per month per user
CX Cloud Elevate: $95 per month per user
CX Cloud Elite: $125 per month per user
Stats are updated in real-time.
Available in the web version and mobile apps.
Need to request a demo.

5. Insightful

Insightful provides call center agent monitoring software, which helps them keep track of their employee performance and monitor their activities. This software lets you quickly track crucial variables like call efficiency, duration, and quotas using a user-friendly dashboard with real-time information.


The software also assists you in understanding the elements that affect your employee productivity. Thus, you can establish an environment where your agents can work at their peak efficiency. Moreover, a timer ensures every minute of every call is utilized efficiently.

Time tracking
Call recording
Employee monitoring
Automatic Time Mapping
Activity monitoring
Contact the support team
Offers seven days free trial.
Dual data encryption.
Suitable for inbound and outbound teams.
No mobile apps.
Inaccurate reports.

6. RingCentral

Another popular live call monitoring software provider is RingCentral. RingCentral call monitoring has various beneficial features, including call whispering, call bargaining, automatic call recording, and many more that help call center agents know about their customer service.


Moreover, with the call whispering features, agents can jump into the live calls and provide instructions to employees during live calls with the clients. The best thing about RingCentral is that it isn’t that pricey. It offers affordable pricing plans; as a result, a business with a minimum budget can afford its call-monitoring software.

Call logs
Automatic call recording
Audit trail
Call whispering
Call barging
Core: $20 per user annually
Advanced: $25 per user annually
Ultra: $35 per user annually
Supports 100 call monitoring groups per account
One user can monitor many users’ calls.
Unavailable in mobile apps.
Available only in advanced pricing plans.

7. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud phone system provider that provides call monitoring as one of its features. Setting up Freshdesk call monitoring software is easy, and after installation, you can track the performance of call center agents from day one.


The software also includes a dashboard that team leaders and managers can use to monitor and join calls from anywhere and anytime.

Live call monitoring
Call barging
Call recording
Abandoned call metrics
Reporting and analytics
Free: $0 monthly
Growth: $15 per agent per month
Pro: $47 per agent per month
Enterprise: $83 per agent per month
Offers 21 days free trial.
Easy to set up.
Offers up to 5,000 incoming minutes in a free trial.
Lack of screen-sharing features.
Don’t support Mac OS.

8. Dialpad

Dialpad is a cloud-based call center agent call monitoring software. Its primary objective is to empower support teams by enhancing their operational efficiency. By utilizing Dialpad, support teams gain instant access to valuable real-time customer insights to make effective agent training strategies and overall customer service improvement.


Dialpad’s dashboard is easy to use and simple; hence anyone can use the software easily. Additionally, its cloud-based nature eliminates the need to install costly on-premises traditional infrastructure. It helps minimize set-up costs and provides flexibility and scalability to suit the changing needs of enterprises.

Call history
Call recording
Reporting and metrics
Live sentiment analysis
Call barging
Call whispering
Standard: $15 per user annually.
Pro: $25 per user annually.
Enterprise: Contact the support team.
Available in Mac, Windows, Android, ios, and Chrome extensions.
Easy setup and implementation.
AI-based call transcription
A free trial isn’t available.
Frequent call drop.
Bad customer service.

9. Callyzer

Callyzer is the sim-based call monitoring software that keeps records of incoming and outgoing calls. Callyzer’s call monitoring has several features, such as an all-in-one dashboard, reporting, call history, call recording, stats, etc., that provides valuable information on the number of incoming, outgoing calls, rejected, and missed calls, average call duration, team performance, and so on.

Call history
Call recording
Leads management
Daily stats update
Basic: $7 monthly
Basic + lead: $12 monthly
Offers 15 days free trial.
Third-party API Integration.
Available in mobile apps.
Lacks call whispering and barging features.
It doesn’t track spam logs.

10. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center software provider that provides live call monitoring as one of its features. With CloudTalk live monitoring, monitor your team’s performance, records every call, and join live phone calls.


Besides call monitoring, CloudTalk offers virtual numbers in over 160 countries with features like toll-free numbers, number porting, verified caller ID, call routing, integration, and many more.

Skill-based routing
Call back
Call recording
Verified caller ID
Reporting and statistics
Real-time dashboard
Starter: $25 per user per month
Essential: $30 per user per month
Expert: $50 per user per month
Custom: Contact the support team
Available in Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, and Mobile apps.
Easy to use and navigate.
No free trial plans.
Frequent call drop.
What To Look For In A Live Call Monitoring Tool

What To Look For In A Live Call Monitoring Tool?

Call History: Look for call history feature to analyze how each phone conversation went, the conversational tone used, and if the approach was effective.
User-friendly interface: Look for the tool with intuitive interface makes it easy for agents to find and obtain the necessary data in less time.
Call recording feature: Look for the software with call recording feature. It lets team managers and supervisors record phone calls for future training or reference.
Call Whispering and Barging Functions: These features allows the supervisor how the agent is handling the client and can give suggestions to them in real time.
Customization option: Choose a live call monitoring software with a high customization option with rooms to add features and upscale the operations.

Live Call Monitoring in A Call
Center: Best Practices

Define clear objectives: Establish specific goals and objectives for call monitoring. These can include assessing agent performance, ensuring adherence to rules and regulations, evaluating customer satisfaction, and identifying areas for improvement.
Train supervisors and quality assurance (QA) staff: Ensure that supervisors and QA staff responsible for call monitoring are well-trained and thoroughly understand call center operations, performance metrics, and quality standards. They should also be proficient in using call monitoring tools and software.
Use appropriate technology: Implement call monitoring software or tools that allow supervisors to listen to calls, record interactions, and provide real-time feedback. These tools should provide features like call tagging and analytics for comprehensive evaluation.
Provide real-time feedback: Supervisors should provide immediate feedback to agents during or after the monitored call. It helps agents understand their strengths and areas for improvement while the call is still fresh in their minds.

Need a Call Monitoring software for Your Call Center?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Live call monitoring is a process where phone calls are listened to and analyzed in real time. It allows supervisors or quality assurance teams to monitor and assess call center agents’ performance and adherence to guidelines. This practice helps maintain quality standards, provide coaching and feedback, and ensure customer satisfaction.

The features to look for in call monitoring software include call history, recording, whispering, barging, and live call listening.

You should look for essential features like call history, recording, barging, and whispering, along with a user-friendly interface in the call monitoring software.

Call monitoring refers to actively observing and recording live calls in real time, typically for quality control and training purposes.

Call listening, on the other hand, generally refers to the practice of reviewing recorded calls at a later time to assess performance, gather feedback, or extract valuable insights.

While call monitoring involves real-time supervision, call listening involves analyzing pre-recorded calls later.

Call monitoring allows supervisors or managers to listen in on live calls between agents and customers without the knowledge of either party.

Call whispering enables supervisors or managers to provide real-time coaching or guidance to agents during live calls without the customer hearing.

Call barging allows supervisors or managers to join live calls between agents and customers, allowing them to speak and interact with both parties.  

Call monitoring is necessary because:

  • It helps to oversee customer interactions, agent performance, and call metrics.
  • It ensures consistent service quality.
  • To identify opportunities for improvement.

Call center monitoring software is a technology used to track, record, and record conversations between call center agents and clients. It gives call center supervisors real-time insight into agent performance, call quality, and customer satisfaction.

There are four different ways available to monitor a live call. They are:

  • Live call listening
  • Call whispering
  • Call barging
  • Call recording

Using call monitoring per month per user costs around $50 to $150.