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Porting International numbers as ‘Standard Service’ available for 25+ countries.
Uninterrupted communications even during the porting process.
Port - Activate - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime.
Exceptional 24/7 customer support with 99.99% uptime.
Super Flexibility & High Scalability with Virtual Phone Numbers.
Port Your Phone Number Online to Cloud

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How to Port a Phone Number?

Porting your existing phone number to KrispCall cloud telephony is easy.  All you need is to send us your porting request email at [email protected] with the subject “Number Port In Request”  or simply click the ‘Request Porting’ button or chat with the support team and follow the instructions.

KrispCall approves your porting request after validating the submitted documents.
KrispCall reaches your current carrier, confirms your ownership & proceeds with your porting request.
OK response from the current carrier.
KrispCall emails you a porting date & you configure it.
Your phone number is ported to KrispCall.
how to port a phone number

KrispCall Phone Number Portability

Check which country phone numbers you can transfer to Krispcall cloud phone. Click on the document 📝icon for more details.

Info Circle Geographic numbers are telephone numbers that are specific to a town or city location. Read more below the table...
Info Circle National numbers are telephone numbers designed for an entire country, unlike geographic numbers. Read more below the table...
Info Circle Mobile numbers are telephone numbers devised for a particular range within the country's telephone numbering plan.
Info Circle Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers with certain prefixes and don't charge the callers. Read more below the table...
Component 9 2 AustraliaYes blue fileNoYes blue fileYes blue file
Component 9 1 1 AustriaYes blue fileYes blue fileNoYes blue file
Belgium flag BelgiumYes blue fileNoYes blue fileYes blue file
Brazil flag BrazilYes blue fileYes blue fileNoYes blue file
Canada Flag CanadaYes blue fileNoYes blue fileYes blue file
Czech Republic flag Czech RepublicYes blue fileYes blue fileNoYes blue file
Denmark flag DenmarkYes blue fileNoNoYes blue file
Finland flag FinlandYes blue fileNoYes blue fileYes blue file
France flag FranceYes blue fileYes blue fileNoNo
Germany flag GermanyYes blue fileNoNoYes blue file
Ireland flag IrelandYes blue fileYes blue fileNoYes blue file
italy flag ItalyYes blue fileNoNoNo
Luxembourg flag LuxembourgYes blue fileNoNoYes blue file
Mexico flag MexicoYes blue fileNoNoYes blue file
Netherland flag NetherlandsYes blue fileYes blue fileNoNo
New Zealand flag New ZealandYes blue fileNoNoYes blue file
norway flag NorwayYes blue fileNoNoNo
Portugal flag PortugalNoNoNoYes blue file
puerto rico flag 1 Puerto RicoYes blue fileNoNoNo
Romania flag RomaniaNoYes blue fileNoNo
Slovenia flag SloveniaYes blue fileNoNoNo
spain flag Spain Yes blue fileYes blue fileNoYes blue file
Switzerland flag SwitzerlandYes blue fileNoNoNo
United Kingdom flag United KingdomYes blue fileYes blue fileYes Yes blue file
America flag USAYes blue fileYes blue fileYes Yes blue file
Vector    Disclaimer:
* All rates in the above table are in USD per one phone number. Your request may contain an unlimited number of phone numbers; however, all numbers included in the request must be from a single carrier.
* Price of the port-in may vary based on the origin country and type of phone number (i.e., special numbers, geographic, national, mobile, toll-free numbers).

Phone number porting with KrispCall: Why Choose Us?

Here is why you should choose KrispCall as your new service provider and port your phone numbers.

Phone number porting with KrispCall Why Choose Us

Port-in phone numbers from standard countries

KrispCall offers you number porting from 25+ standard countries for affordable prices, the USA being a free-of-cost porting. It also allows you to port your phone numbers from other non-standard countries.

Advanced VoIP Features

KrispCall enables you to take your business communications to the next level by incorporating cutting-edge communication features. Automate and streamline your business communications for greater employee productivity and customer experience.

Cheap Calling & Texting

Enjoy cheap calling and texting with KrispCall’s SMS and Calling features. Get the best value for your money with KrispCall. Call filters, monitoring, analytics, bulk SMS, Conversation PIN, message filter, and more for extremely affordable prices.

Make your Communication boundary-less.

Port and acquire international phone numbers from all over the globe and expand your brand like never before. Regardless of your business operation, establish your brand as a local entity in any corner of the world.

24/7 dedicated human support

Get help from KrispCall’s 24/7 dedicated customer support to address and fix your problems quickly.

Get rid of the burden of buying and storing

Reduce your hardware use and costs by eliminating legacy phone systems. Communicate more effectively with KrispCall cloud phone system.

Access powerful VoIP features in newly ported number

Get all your old phone system feature plus advanced calling and texting features to automate your communication.

How to port your existing phone number to KrispCall’s cloud telephony?

Porting your existing phone number to KrispCall’s cloud telephony involves 6-7 steps, which take up to 1-4 weeks, depending on the origin country of your phone number and the type. The porting process requires an interconnection between your current service provider and KrispCall.

The number transfer process involves interaction, submission, analysis, review, and decisions between two involved carriers.

Step 1: Submit your port request.

‎You must submit a porting request to KrispCall at [email protected] with the following details to initiate the porting process.

Porting Request Requirements

Email us the following information and supporting documentation to initiate your porting process:

Your desired number(s) for porting in the international format [ex. +43 662 80440].
Name of your current service provider.
Name of the current range holder. (Ask your current service provider)
Name of person or business who officially owns the number(s).
Full address of the official owner.
A Letter of Authorization (LOA) signed by the authorized user.
A copy of the bill recently paid for the number(s).

Note: For more details about documents see the above table.

‎Important notice: Do not close your account (cancel your old plan) with your current service providers until your number is ported successfully.

Step 2: Number gets approved by KrispCall.

Our support team reviews all your documents and gets back to you to inform you if you are able to port & proceed to the next stage or make improvements to your request. It usually takes a business day to complete this stage, depending on the type of number your wish to port.

Step 3: KrispCall reaches out to your current service provider.

Upon the approval of your porting request, KrispCall submits the porting request of your number to your current carrier or service provider. There is a series of communication back-and-forth between KrispCall and the current carrier.

It might take a week (7 days) to reach a final decision.

Step 4: Response from your current service provider.

It is time you find out if your current service provider has either accepted or rejected the porting request. Let us understand the scenarios.

If your current carrier approves the request, KrispCall will reach you with a porting date.
Rejection of your porting request occurs due to various reasons. Every record you provide should exactly match your records in their database. Porting requests from an unauthorized account is one of the main causes.

The best way to resolve this problem & make it eligible to port is to personally reach out to your current carrier to find the solution. They will help you to fix this problem.

Step 5. KrispCall reaches out to you with your porting date.

Once everything gets approved, KrispCall sends your an email mentioning the date of porting your phone number to KrispCall’s cloud telephony. Upon reaching the date, the number porting initiates.

It might take 3-4 weeks at most to complete the porting of your phone number to KrispCall. To compensate for the time, KrispCall provides you with a temporary number that acts as your old number for uninterrupted communication.

KrispCall takes care of your business phone communications, even during the porting process. Once the porting completes, you can continue your communications through KrispCall App.

Getting a new number Vs posting an existing number: The differences

Getting a new phone number is good for a fresh start, whether a personal or a business. A new number isn’t an ideal option for already established businesses.

In both cases, you get to incorporate and relish the features in your communications. However, porting facilitates you to keep your existing customers intact without putting in the extra effort.

Group 1000005502

Getting a new number

Best for fresh starts
Easy purchase & instant activation
Established businesses need extra effort to inform customers about their new number.
Port an existing number

Port an existing number

Best for business communication upgrades
Takes time for porting, but worthwhile
Keeps your existing customers intact

Frequently Asked Questions

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Visit our Help Center or Contact Support

You can switch from one phone carrier to another and keep your existing phone number by porting your phone number. Porting allows you to switch carriers without having to buy new phone numbers. 

Porting a phone number involves a few steps as follows:

  1. Submit your port request to a receiving carrier.
  2. The number gets approved by the receiver carrier.
  3. Receiving Carrier reaches out to Losing Carrier.
  4. Response from the losing carrier – Approved or Rejected.
  5. Receiving carrier reaches out to you with your porting date if approved.
  6. You confirm, and the porting process starts.

The time required for porting to complete differs from one service provider to another. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks with KrispCall. However, you will be provided a temporary number with your original number masking so that all your inbound and outbound calls remain intact during the porting process. 

The cost of porting your existing phone number varies from one country to another and the phone number type you are trying to transfer. You can reach out to our support team at [email protected] for in-depth information on porting prices. 

Different countries have different phone carriers, and KrispCall supports most of them. Some of the popular carriers from which you can switch to KrispCall are:

  • Telstra
  • Pivotel 
  • Lebara 
  • Vodafone Service Providers
  • Lyca Mobile 
  • Telstra Wholesale Service Providers 
  • BT
  • TPG-Vodafone 
  • CloudItalia
  • Fastweb
  • Colt
  • Sky
  • Tiscali
  • Tim
  • TWT
  • Verizon
  • Uno
  • Vodafone
  • Wind
  • Voxbone

Yes. You can port your landline phones (numbers) from one service provider (phone company) to another if the porting criteria meet. 

The number activation is an instant & simple process; porting is the one that consumes much time. Depending on carriers and countries, the porting process takes up to 1-4 weeks.

The most effective way to check the portability status of your phone number is by reaching out to the receiving carrier’s support team and inquiring about your number. They will get back to you with a definite answer.

Unfortunately, yes, porting can be rejected. Some numbers cannot be ported, and some phone carriers do not include porting in their policies, resulting in the rejection of porting a number. 

Porting away your number from any carrier cancels all your existing services in the losing carrier. However, you can always subscribe to the required services with the gaining carrier after porting process is complete. 

Yes. Whenever your number port is complete you get a new sim from your new carrier. In the case of porting to virtual phone providers, you get to access your number via a service provider application, indicating the elimination of hardware. 

Porting a number is done online since it requires various back-and-forth between the two involved carriers. Online communication and processes make it easier and more efficient – not to mention the porting process. 

You can port your phone number from Google Voice by following the steps:

  1. Open Google Voice. 
  2. Go to Settings. 
  3. Open the “Account” section. 
  4. Click ‘Unlock’ under the Google Voice number you wish to port out. 
  5. Make payment with your Google Account. 
  6. Ask your new carrier to port your number.
  7. You see “Number unlocked” at the bottom left if successful.