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Connect HubSpot and KrispCall to track your team’s and customer’s communication in your CRM. Watch your business growth soar as you optimize your marketing and sales efforts, onboard your new team members faster, and streamline your communication.

Connect HubSpot and KrispCall to track your team’s and customer’s communication in your CRM. More>>

In-app dialer with Click-to-call functionality

Every business can enjoy the convenience of an in-app dialer and click-to-call functionality by integrating KrispCall with HubSpot CRM. Businesses can make phone calls with prospects and contacts and receive calls from them directly from Hubspot with a single click. There is no need to switch between apps and tabs. As a result, businesses can streamline their workflow and calling process. This feature also allows the sales and marketing team to reach their prospects on time.

Hubspot In-app dialer with Click-to-call functionality
Hubspot Seamless two-way contact syncing

Seamless two-way contact syncing

The integration between KrispCall and HubSpot offers seamless two-way contact syncing features. The two-way contact syncing ensures that if you add, remove, or update contact information in one platform (KrispCall/HubSpot), this information is automatically updated in another platform (HubSpot/KrispCall).

Also, you can access the contact details of KrispCall on HubSpot and of HubSpot on Krispcall. This practice eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that contact details are up-to-date.

Automatic Call Logging

With KrispCall and HubSpot integration, keeping track of phone call details on both platforms is easy. It will give you detailed reports on total inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, missed calls, received calls, and transferred calls.

Moreover, you can gain insights into call duration, outgoing call destination, call time, and date. This information helps prepare reports on agent performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Hubspot Automatic Call Logging
Hubspot Always know who’s calling

Always know who’s calling

KrispCall automatically syncs with HubSpot’s phone records. Thus, if the contact information is saved in HubSpot but not in the KrispCall phone records, you can still identify the callers if you receive calls from them through this KrispCall integration with HubSpot.

With this feature, you will always be aware of who the caller is so that you can provide personalized and efficient service to them. It is helpful for businesses that frequently receive calls from unfamiliar or unidentified numbers.

Hubspot Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with HubSpot CRM

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with HubSpot CRM

1. Keep communication efficient: With this integration, you don’t have to switch between tabs or applications to make and receive calls. In addition, you can track your call data in HubSpot and see how it affects sales and marketing.

2. Better account management: Integrating KrispCall with HubSpot CRM helps to track your contacts and their interactions with your business quickly. Also, you can view call history, notes, and other communication data under a single dashboard.

3. Helps in faster onboarding of new team members: New team members can access detailed information regarding call profiles and customer history via this integration, eliminating concerns about missing out on essential training.

4. Better prospect profiling: HubSpot consists of a lead profiling feature that provides detailed information on the prospect’s status, like new, in progress, etc.

Hubspot Sales Team

Sales Team

The integration helps the sales team to make and receive calls directly from HubSpot. Furthermore, they can make calls from this platform with a click, and the calls are automatically recorded, so they don’t have to worry about doing it themselves.

Moreover, they can see their call history, notes, emails, tasks, and other communication activities in one place. They can see who they’ve talked to and what stage those potential customers are at.

Marketing Team

Marketing teams can make cold calls more efficiently and track the effectiveness of their cold-calling campaigns with KrispCall and HubSpot integration. They can gain insights into the number of calls placed, the number of prospects created, and the number of prospects that turned into actual clients.

It also helps the marketing team to identify the best times to call leads. In this way, KrispCall and HubSpot integration allows marketing to learn more about potential customers from its calls and use that information to serve them better.

Marketing Team Hubspot
HUbspot Remote Team

Remote Team

With KrispCall and HubSpot integration, remote teams can stay connected and collaborate more efficiently. A significant benefit of this integration is two-way data synchronization. This two-way syncing allows remote team members to update contact information and communication history from anywhere.

Additionally, remote teams can collaborate effectively by exchanging real-time information and updates via the integrated platform.

How to integrate HubSpot CRM with KrispCall?

Integrating HubSpot CRM with KripsCall takes only a few minutes.  Follow these simple steps to integrate HubSpot CRM with KrispCall.

  1. Log in to your KrispCall account.
  2. Go to the settings menu, find the integration option, and select HubSpot.
  3. Choose the HubSpot account you’d like to integrate with KrispCall.
  4. Click the toggle button to turn on HubSpot.
  5. Click on the three dot ” … ” icon next to HubSpot and click on Edit.
  6. Make appropriate changes in the general workflow, connected numbers, and advanced settings.