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Share Business Phone Numbers With Your Team

Use the shared numbers to empower your team to make calls and send texts collectively, amplifying your impact on customer telephony communications. Effortlessly distribute tasks, synchronize responsibilities, and ensure everyone’s on the same track. Enhance teamwork and maximize results.

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How to share a business phone number with your team?

Sharing a business phone number is quite easy. In a few minutes, you can share your phone number with your team members. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Create a KrispCall account and Login to the Dashboard.
  2. Select the country and number type
  3. Choose a phone number from the list and purchase it.
  4. Add members to your workspace and share numbers with them.
  5. Now your team members will access to the number and they can view old call logs, make/receive new phone calls, and send/receive SMS.
What Is a Shared Phone Number

What Is a Shared Phone Number?

A shared telephone number is a single telephone number that can be accessed and used by multiple members within a team or organization. Using this feature, team members are able to manage calls and texts collectively, facilitating efficient telephony communication with clients or stakeholders.

Shared phone numbers are typically used in customer service, sales, or other situations where more than one individual needs to answer incoming calls.

For instance, a business may share a phone number (777) 777-7777. Customers can call this number, and they will be connected to a team member who is available to assist them. Multiple phones will ring at the same time.

Shared team phone numbers can be configured to ring multiple phones simultaneously, such as a team member’s cell phone, office phone, or even computer. Having multiple members answer the call increases the chances of quickly connecting the caller to the appropriate individual.