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1-Click To Put Active Calls On Hold and To Resume It

Place active calls on hold with just one click, filling potential silences with music or personalized messages during information searches. Easily resume interaction by simply pressing the button again whenever you are ready.

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How to Put Your Incoming Calls on Hold in KrispCall?

KrispCall makes international phone calls easy, so you can connect with anyone in the world quickly and easily. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Press a “Hold” button on the call screen during a call.
  2. The caller will hear a message that they are on hold.
  3. Resume by pressing the same button when you are ready to interact.
Put Incoming Calls on Hold in KrispCall
What does a call on hold mean

What does a call on hold mean?

A call on hold means temporarily pausing an ongoing phone conversation. The person who initiated the call typically puts it on hold to gain additional time. During this time, they can multitask, from checking information to handling other calls, without ending the current call. Callers on the other end usually hear background music, recorded messages, or moments of silence.

Putting a call on hold is useful for those people who deal with a high volume of calls in customer service or administrative roles. It helps them handle queries, fix issues, or attend to other callers quickly, making their work more organized.

How is a call put on hold?

A call is usually put on hold on telephony devices (hard phone and soft phone or cloud phone) using dedicated features designed for this function. The process depends on different devices and platforms, but it commonly involves pressing a hold button.

For landlines, a dedicated hold button is pressed to place the call on hold and resume it by pressing the same button again. On mobile phones, a hold button typically present on the call screen, is pressed. A message appears on the screen notifying your call is on hold. You can resume simply by pressing the hold button again. In VoIP systems, the hold button’s location varies by application.

How to put call on hold

Benefits of putting Calls on Hold

The benefits of putting calls on hold are as follows:

Benefits of Putting Calls on Hold
Enable Multitasking
Putting calls on hold allows one to manage multiple tasks, from checking information to addressing any other issues.
Maintain Professionalism
Properly using call hold features improves telephony conversations and reflects professionalism by respecting the caller's time.
Consultation Opportunity
Placing a call on hold offers the opportunity to consult with supervisors or colleagues, ensuring accurate information can be provided to callers.
Enhance Customer Service
Call hold features keep the caller engaged while gathering information and eliminate the need for callbacks, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Putting Business Phone Calls on Hold: The Do’s & Don’ts


Seek Permission: Politely ask for the caller’s permission before placing the call on hold. This shows you respect their time and recognize their presence.
Explain the reason for holding: Briefly state a reason why you need to put them on hold. This will provide clarity to callers.
Share an estimated wait time: Provide them with an estimated wait time so they can prepare themselves and prevent frustration.
Captivating on-hold messages: Use engaging on-hold messages or background music to turn their boring hold times into compelling ones.
Keep providing updates: If the hold lasts longer than the estimated time, continue to provide the caller with status updates.