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Best Auto Dialer Software for Cold Calling 

Get the best Auto dialer software for cold calling from KrsipCall. Our autodialer software offers multiple benefits to boost your cold-calling efforts and increase agent efficiency and productivity.

Filter out unanswered, unavailable, and busy phone calls.
Connect answered calls to an available agent.
Unlimited calling
Contact customization
Auto Dialer software

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How to set up Auto Dialer Software?

KrispCall allows you to set up your auto dialer software in less time. You only need three things to set up auto dialer software: A phone number, a software device, and an internet connection.

1. Install auto dialer software
2. Upload the contact list
3. Synchronize the contact list with the database
4. Set the appropriate filter
5. Start calling
Set up Auto Dialer software

Application & Use Cases of Auto Dialer Software


Auto Dialer Software in Call Center

Auto dialer software helps to automate outbound calling in a call center. It handles large volumes of outbound calls effectively by filtering out received, unreceived, and unreachable calls. Then connect the answered/ received calls to the free call center agents.

Moreover, auto dialer software has features like call recording, call routing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voicemail, and CRM integrations that improve overall business communications.

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Auto Dialer Software in Marketing

Use auto-dialer software to manage cold calling in your marketing company. The auto-dialer will help to automate the dialing process eliminating the need for manual dialing. It can make multiple outbound calls simultaneously and connect the first answered calls to the available agents.

You can also include information about your product in the voice message. By doing so, you will be creating brand awareness and product promotion among large audiences. The auto dialer also consists of call recording and reporting and analytics features that help to track sales performance and campaign tracking.

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Use Auto Dialer Software in Insurance

Employ auto dialer software for your insurance company to connect with policyholders and clients. By automating the dialing process, you can reach out to policyholders and prospects swiftly without dialing their phone numbers manually. This software screen calls and connects interested candidates to available insurance agents.

Moreover, you can update policyholders on updated policies and inform them about new offerings and renewals. Also, if you have important messages to share with your clients, you can broadcast pre-recorded messages to hundreds and thousands of clients.

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Auto Dialer Software in Hotel

Leverage auto dialer software for your hotel to enhance communication and customer service. You can use auto-dialers to handle tasks like confirming reservation calls, sending automated messages about hotel promotions and upcoming bookings, answering guest inquiries, and providing personalized customer service.

Auto-dialer can be integrated with hotel management systems like CRM that provide customer details. Moreover, it manages call routing and ensures smooth communication within the hotel, along with real-time call monitoring features. Hence, you can ensure your guests have quality time throughout their stay by adopting auto dialer software.

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Auto Dialer Software in Customer Support

In customer support, you can proactively reach customers using autodialer software. You can resolve customer inquiries and conduct surveys related to satisfaction. You can also use autodialer software to ensure customers receive a call on time. It helps build customer trust and improve their overall experience.

Why choose KrispCall Auto Dialer Software?

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99.999% uptime

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24/7 customer support

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Flexible pricing

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Integration with business tools

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Legal Compliance

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Flexibility and scalability

Easily Integrate With Your Favorite Business Tools

Share data across platforms and run multi-channel campaigns simply by integrating our dialer software with tools like SalesForce, Slack, Zendesk, etc.

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Auto Dialer Buying For Small Business: A Quick Guide

what is auto dialer

What Is Auto Dialer Software?

Auto Dialer Software is a telephony application that automatically dials a list of phone numbers from the calling lists. It eliminates the need to dial each number manually. Almost any business can use an autodialer, including government agencies, healthcare institutions, education institutions, call centers, telemarketing, and finance firms.

Adapting auto dialer software is a good choice if your company makes many outbound calls daily. You can use this software to reach out to and follow up on hundreds of prospects in a short period of time, saving your employees precious time.

How Does An Automatic Dialer Work?

The main characteristic of the auto-dialer is its ability to dial a list of phone numbers from the list with minimum human support. It means by using an automatic dialer; you can make a call without worrying about logistics aspects.

When you initiate a call through autodialers, the software waits for the recipient to receive the call. Then it plays a pre-recorded message for the receiver. The pre-recorded message includes the menu options or the instructions to press a specific button to reach a particular department or agent.

Additionally, auto-dialers allow you to choose the order in which they call numbers in a given list. According to how you adjust the settings, the software will call numbers in a particular order, one after another. It also handles situations when the line is busy or unavailable, or someone answers the call.

Similarly, the auto-dialer determines whether a real person receives the call or an answering machine (voicemail) with voice detection tools. And once the voice detection tool identifies the call received by the real person, the call is routed to an available agent.

Automatic Dialer
Types Of Sales Dialers

What Are The Types Of Sales Dialers?

Preview Dialers: Preview dialers allow agents to screen prospects’ information before initiating a call. By accessing this information beforehand, agents can review the prospect's details, prepare for the conversation, and personalize customer interactions more effectively. If your company handles complex customer situations and prioritizes quality over quantity, a preview dialer is right for you.
Predictive Dialers: Predictive dialers make multiple calls simultaneously on separate phone lines. It uses pacing algorithms to predict when the agent will be free and initiates a call a few seconds before an agent completes the previous call. Predictive dialers filtered out unanswered and busy calls. When a real speaker answers the call, the software connects the call to an available agent. This software is best for you if you want to connect to many customers.
Progressive Dialers or Power Dialers: Progressive dialers handle only one phone call at a time, unlike predictive dialers. After making a call, when a live speaker answers a call, the progressive dialers connect them to an available live agent. Contrarily, if a live person does not answer the call, the software automatically moves to the following number on the list.

Top 10 best automatic dialer software Providers

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a leading cloud-based telephony system provider providing virtual phone numbers in over 100 countries. The company offers various virtual numbers like mobile, virtual, toll-free, and local numbers.

Besides virtual numbers, KrispCall provides the best dialer for outbound and blended call centers. And the good news is that KrispCall offers autodialer for free after a subscription.


Moreover, it provides a safe, reliable, and affordable communication platform suitable for small businesses, startups, freelancers, mid-size businesses, call centers, and large-scale industries at a reasonable cost.

KrispCall is trusted by many notable companies worldwide, including Yandex, Volopay, Invisa, Uberall, SalesHero, Wipro, Ciwac, and many more.

Call monitoring
Caller ID
Integration with business software
Call recording
Call analytics
Call filtering
GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliance
Essential plan: $15/user/month
Standard plan: $40/user/month
Enterprise (custom) plan: Contact the support team
High-quality calls
No set-up charge
Easy to use
Simple navigation menus
Only Web App available for macOS and Windows
Most features like Agile, Hubspot, and Zoho integration are unavailable. (Still under process)

2. RingCentral

RingCentral was founded in 1999 by Vlad Shmunis and Vlad Vendrow to optimize business communication through digital means. The company has opened its office in 14 countries and has over 400,000 customers worldwide.

RingCentral is the number one global UCaaS and CCaaS provider for businesses of all sizes and types. The company claims that its software has helped businesses to improve their customer satisfaction by 48% and 50% overall cost reduction.


Some companies that leverage RingCentral software include vcpi, Guardant Health, Dispute Nation, Corrigan Moving Systems, San Francisco Symphony, Texas Christian University, Carroll Media, etc. The company provides predictive dialer software.

RingCentral provides three main types of auto dialer software: Preview dialer, Progressive dialer (power dialing), and Predictive dialer.

99.99% uptime
Call screening
Call forwarding
Call monitoring
Call recording
Video meetings for 200 or more participants
Integration with other business tools
Core plan: $30 per month
Advanced plan: $35 per month
Ultra plan: $45 per month
Available in mobile applications
Easy to setup
Compatible with on-premises, remote, and hybrid communication and interaction.
Does not provide the best scalability options
Doesn't support Linux OS
Doesn’t offer customized conference call greeting messages.
Network coverage is limited.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva provides an internet-based communication platform suitable for call centers of any size and type.  Apart from virtual numbers, the company also provides auto dialer software with unique features at affordable price options for a call center.


Nextiva is one of the dialer providers for outbound call centers. Many leading brands, including Amazon, Cisco, Poly, Panasonic, Taco Bell, Vtech, and others, have trusted Nextiva to digitalize their telephony system.

99.999% uptime
SO2, HIPAA, PCI, and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance
Integration with Zoho, SalesForce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Microsoft Outlook, etc.
Call reporting
Call recording
Call forwarding
VoIP caller ID
Automatic call distribution (ACD)
$19.85 for an essential plan
$22.85 for a professional plan
$32.95 for an enterprise plan
Easy setup
Mobile app
24/7 support
Demo available
Reviews claim unnecessary charges and unresolved claims
No cancellation options
Call recording & voice analytics features available only in the enterprise plan.

4. Voxco

Voxco is a global leader in omnichannel cloud with over 25 years of experience. The Voxco omnichannel platform enables call centers to run large-scale surveys and manage feedback using autodialers. The company has 500+ clients in 40+ countries.


Voxco provides four sales dialer softwares: predictive (auto-dialer), power, preview, and hybrid dialer. These auto dialers help you increase sales performance and enhance customer service. Moreover, Voxco offers cloud and on-premise predictive dialer systems.

Auto dialing
Integration with Voxco CATI phone survey software
TCPA compliance
Call monitoring
Call whispering
Call transfer
Voxco Dilaer dashboards
Cloud and on-premise predictive dialer system.
Contact the support team.
Omnichannel support
Customizable pricing
User-friendly design
Integration with CATI & IVR phone survey software
No free trial is available
Unavailable in Linux OS

5. Five 9

Founded in 2001, Five 9 has 22 years of experience in cloud contact center solutions.  It has 2000+ employees worldwide and has served over 2500 small and large-scale industries. Five 9 has helped several businesses move from traditional telephony to cloud phone systems.


The company has offices around the globe, including Canada, North America, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Portugal, and many more. Five 9 sales dialer softwares include predictive, progressive, power, and preview dialers.

Omnichannel communication platform support
Workforce optimization
Reporting and analytics
CRM Integration
Call recording
Call history
TCPA compliance
Digital: $149 monthly
Core: $149 monthly
Premium: $169 monthly
Optimum: $199 monthly
Ultimate: $229 monthly
Fully customizable
Over 150 integrations
Simple interface design
No omnichannel support
Workforce Engagement features are available only in the ultimate plan.

6. NICE CXone

NICE CXone (NICE InContact) has been a customer service and contact center leader for over 30 years. The company has 7500+ employees in over 30 countries. It has gained the trust of many well-known companies like  MoneyGram, Columbia, Toyota, VISA, UnionBank, and many more.


NICE CXone offers several contact center services, including business consulting, training, and customer support. One of the best products of the NICE CXOne is the auto dialer software (Predictive dialer).

Call recording
Screen recording
AI-driven automation
Workforce management
Integration with CRM
Contact the support team
CRM software integration
Free trial available
Ready-made reports
Complete CXi Platform
Need to operate frequently to use the full functionality
Unavailable in Linux OS

7. Talkdesk

Talkdesk was founded in 2011 by Tiago Paiva. Since its establishment, the company has been leveraging its services to businesses with varied needs and objectives, such as financial institutions, the healthcare industry, education, communication companies, etc.

Talkdesk is one of the most trusted auto dialer software providers. According to TrustRadius, the company has gained a rating of 8.7 out of 10.


Talkdesk aims to enhance customer services, grow efficiency, and increase revenue by empowering enterprises with a modern AI-powered contact center platform. It has provided its services in 160+ countries.

Integration with CRM.
30+ legal compliance
Call routing
Omnichannel communication platform
Call recording
Reporting and analytics
Screen recording
Workforce management
CX Cloud Essentials: $75 per month
CX Cloud Elevate: $95 per month
CX Cloud Elite: $125 per month
Compliance with DND and DNC rules.
Over 60 integrations.
Analyze call volume, abandonment rate, and more.
Demo available
High price
Limited customizable option
Absence of transferring and holding calls functionality

8. Dialpad

Dialpad is a popular contact center software provider that aims to enhance business efficiency. It provides services to businesses of all types and sizes like education, health, real estate, technology, legal, retail, recruiting, etc. One of the best products of Dialpad is the autodialer.


Moreover, Dialpad integrates with other popular business software like CRM and SalesForce. Similarly, it supports AI-powered voice intelligence technology that allows for real-time transcription and analysis of calls.

CRM and other tools integration
Call recording
Call monitoring
Reporting and analytics
Virtual receptionist
Call routing
CCPA Compliance
Standard: $23 monthly
Pro: $35 monthly
Enterprise: contact the support team
Integrations with CRM and other tools
Demo available
Compatible with Mac & Windows, Android, iOS (iPad), and Chrome extension
Apps get crash sometimes
No cancellation options are available

9. Call Hub

Call Hub provides one platform for inbound and outbound calling. Its product includes phone banking, call center software, peer-to-peer texting, mass testing, and voice broadcasting. The company served various organizations, including advocacy, education, union, non-profits, and political organizations.


Call Hub offers four types of automated calling software: Auto-Dialer, Power Dialer, Robo Dialer, and FastClick Dialer. Similarly, it also provides voice broadcasting and SMS marketing software.

Automated dialing
Call monitoring
Fast click dialer
TCPA compliance
Caller ID
Schedule callbacks
Integration with business tools
Contact the support team.
Simple user interface.
Complies with DNC rules.
Supports answering machine detection.
Free trial available
Hosting is limited to cloud, SaaS, or web-based.
Doesn’t support integration with many CRMs

10. Convoso

As a cloud-based dialer provider since 2006, Convoso has continuously innovated to offer customers the best possible service. Convoso provides four sales dialing modes: autodialer, progressive, preview, and power.


Convoso offers its solution to various industry types, including marketing, insurance, and financial. It also provides three cloud-based communication means: voice, sms, and email.

Multiple dialing modes
TCPA compliance
Answering machine detection
Workflow automation
Customizable dashboards
Local caller ID
Contact the support team
High security and encrypted conversation.
No interference in communications
All customer history in a single interface
A new product, no data center in Canada
Failures in international calls
Interruptions in conference calls and screen sharing
Low recording quality

What To Look For When Choosing Automatic Dialer Software?

There are several factors to consider when choosing automatic dialer software, which is as follows:

1. Integration With CRM: Check whether the chosen automatic dialer software integrates with your CRM software. If it doesn’t provide this feature, look forother options.
2. Features: Look for the auto dialer software that comprises all the features needed for the smooth operation of your business.
3. Legal Compliance: Always look for a service provider that offers automated dialing software adhering to the country’s laws and maintain the privacy of the customer’s data.
4. Easy to Use: Ensure that the auto-dialer you choose is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Your employees must find it easy to use it without extensive training.
5. Scalability and Affordability: Chose the auto dialer software that’s affordable yet handles your current call volume and be scalable to accommodate future changes.
How to choose

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The cost of an autodialer ranges from $20 to $80 per month, depending on the features and services provided.

As of 2023, some of the best auto dialer softwares include:

  • KrispCall
  • Voxco
  • Five 9
  • Dialpad
  • NICE CXone
  • Nextiva
  • Talkdesk
  • Call Hub
  • RingCentral
  • Convoso

An autodialer is used for automatically dialing a list of phone numbers, filtering out unanswered, unavailable, and busy calls, and connecting answered calls to the available agents.

Businesses commonly use autodialers: to eliminate the need for users to dial each number they need to contact manually, to manage large volumes of outbound and inbound calls, and do market research.

Auto dialer isn’t illegal. But it must be operated per the country’s laws—for example, TCPA compliance in the case of the USA. The TCPA restricts using an automatic dialing telephony system to transmit calls or texts to mobile numbers without the recipient’s consent.

Auto dialer software provides several benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Auto dialer software automates the process of phone dialing process, eliminating the need to dial phone numbers one by one manually.
  • It increases agents’ productivity by facilitating higher phone call volume in a short time, directly connecting answered calls to the available agent, and minimizing idle time.
  • It uses algorithms to predict when the agent will be free and initiates a call a few seconds before an agent completes the previous call.
  • Auto dialer software can be integrated with CRM and other helpful business software like Slack, Zendesk, Microsoft Office, SalesForce, etc.

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