Unified Callbox

Unified Callbox To Never Miss A Conversation

Experience seamless telephony with KrispCall’s Unified Callbox—a centralized interface that brings all telephony conversations together. Stay up-to-date on each conversation, be it via a call, SMS, or voicemail, so you never miss an opportunity.

Unified Callbox To Never Miss A Conversation

How to access Unified Call Box From KrispCall?

Unified Callbox from KrispCall keeps your business on track by making sure you never miss minute details of all the interactions. You can set up KrispCall’s unified callbox by creating an account, logging in, conducting conversations, accessing the ‘my number’ option, and viewing all interaction data via the callbox.

  1. Register a KrispCall Account and log in to access your account's dashboard.
  2. Carry out conversations and interactions as per your will.
  3. To access the unified callbox, look for the ‘my number’ option.
  4. Click on any number you’ve engaged with in the account dashboard.
  5. Easily browse all the conversation logs in a single window.
How To Access Unified Call Box From KrispCall
What Unified Callbox

What Is Unified Callbox?

Unified Callbox is a centralized interface that combines all your telephony conversations in a single, easy-to-use window. By using it, you can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, send private messgaes to team members, view specific notes from previous calls, listen recordings of past calls, tag calls and contacts, and listen and transcribe voicemails, all from a single window.

A unified callbox can help individuals and businesses alike as its sole purpose is to assist the users in saving time and being more productive by eliminating the need to switch between different applications or different windows of the same app.

How to Use KrispCall’s Unified Callbox To Never Miss A Conversation?

The Unified Callbox tool is one of the key elements that differentiate KrispCall from others. It is a feature that provides a one-stop view of all the telephony conversations, making it easier for the user to connect with their team members and customers without switching between apps.

It serves as a one-stop portal for accessing KrispCall features such as call logs, categorizing conversations as open and closed, tagging calls and contacts, writing call notes, blocking/unblocking contacts, turning on DND mode for a contact or for all the conversations to a phone number, among others. Moreover, it offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface that shows all phone calls, SMS, voicemails, contact information, and call logs in one place, so no detail is missed.

How to Use KrispCall’s Unified Callbox To Never Miss A Conversation

What Are the Benefits of Unified Callbox?

The perks of a Unified Callbox are limitless. The following are a few of its notable benefits:

What Are The Benefits Of Unified Callbox
Boosts Productivity and Efficiency
It effectively simplifies team and customer connections, bringing together all the vital pieces of information in one spot.
Reduces Operational Costs
By bringing all the telephony conversations and conversation details in a single window, it reduces expenses, offering a universal solution that trims costs, simplifies technology, and cuts phone bills.
Enhances Customer Satisfaction
It provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, empowering support teams to respond effectively, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.
Provides Superior Mobility
Using it as an anchor point, remote team members can collaborate and communicate without worrying about communication gaps.

Special Features About KrispCall’s Unified Callbox Functionality

A single Multi-Channel View: The callbox’s interface brings together Calls, SMS, MMS, and Voicemails in one window, thus making it easy to track information and access it.
Organized Notes and Tags: KrispCall's unified callbox also includes sections for call notes and contact tags, which helps in data management and preventing information loss.
Smart Search and Filters: With it, users easily search and filter logs, SMS, and voicemails by numbers or names, ensuring immediate access to specific information tailored to their needs.
Intuitive Contact Information Display: With the unified callbox, you have access to a comprehensive display of contact information, ensuring easy access to details like name, phone number, email, and more.

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