Auto Attendant Phone System

Auto Attendant Software for Small Businesses

Get the KrispCall Auto Attendant phone system to never miss calls from potential customers. Have effortless call routing and 24/7 call handling at your service with our Auto attendant phone system.

Greet callers professionally
Customize your greetings and messages
Set up your recordings
Route calls to appropriate departments
Auto Attendant Software for Small Businesses 

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How to Set Up an auto attendant?

Setting up an auto attendant is easy with KrispCall. Here is the step-by-step guide to setting up an auto-attendant phone system.

Select the number you want to activate auto attendant.
Go to the IVR menu.
Enter the greetings messages.
Add the extension number of each department or agent.
Set call routing rules
How to Set up auto attendant

KrispCall Virtual Auto Attendant Phone System Features 

Here is the list of KrispCall auto attendant phone system features that make it a top choice for any business:

How KrispCall Auto Attendant Phone System Works?

Calls can be routed to appropriate departments within the company based on the predefined conditions. This is how KrispCall Auto Attendant Phone System

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The auto attendant system plays pre-recorded greeting messages when a call comes in.

Frame 1000004019 (1)

Menu options

After the greeting, the Auto Attendant presents the caller with menu options. For example, “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Customer Support”, etc.

Frame 1000004019 (2)

Dial extension

Select the desired extension number to route calls to appropriate departments.

Application & Use Cases of Auto Attendant Software


Auto Attendant Software for Call Center

Let’s see how auto attendant software benefits call centers.

Call centers receive huge phone calls from customers daily. Some customers call to know about the business hours, some to discuss their issues, and some about its services. There is where the Auto attendant phone system comes in handy. It enhances customer satisfaction and improves call center efficiency by offering self-service options for common inquiries, routing calls based on caller preferences, and updating business offers.

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Auto Attendant Software for Small Business

Let’s see how auto attendant software benefits small businesses.

Auto attendant software helps small businesses efficiently manage incoming calls by directing calls to suitable agents or departments. Similarly, the pre-scripted voice messages contain basic business information like office hours, location, holidays, service offers, etc. As a result, the office staff doesn’t have to waste their precious time describing to a caller about these details. It also helps small businesses create a professional company image among prospects.

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Auto Attendant Software for Medical Office

Let’s see how auto attendant software benefits medical offices.

The auto attendant system helps medical offices to handle huge phone calls from patients and route patients’ phone calls to the appropriate departments enabling patients to receive the desired service on time. Patients can also request prescription refills, schedule appointments, and know about business hours and assistance with this software which helps improves the overall patient experience and reduces the time staff spends on handling calls.

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Auto Attendant Software for Hotels

Let’s see how auto attendant software benefits hotels.

Hotels can include most asked questions by customers on an automated attendant voice message like their room availability, room types, and location so that customers calling hotels will give that information on first hand without requiring to talk to a live human receptionist. Customers can also easily access the hotel’s front desk, room service, or other services through menu options.

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Auto Attendant Software for Law Firms

Let’s see how auto attendant software benefits law firms.

Auto attendant software allows law firms to manage incoming calls, forward them to specific attorneys or departments, and provide important information such as office hours. The software improves client satisfaction and ensures efficient call handling.

Why Choose KrispCall Auto Attendant Phone System

Why Choose KrispCall Auto Attendant Phone System?

Better Call Management: Manage your business's incoming calls by routing calls to relevant departments or individuals while offering multi-device accessibility to prevent unhandled calls.
Affordable Pricing Options: KrispCall offers affordable pricing plans, allowing companies of all sizes to choose a plan that fits their company's needs and budget.
Highly Customizable: Allows you to personalize your greeting message, menu options, and call route rules as per your choice.
Ease of use: It is user-friendly and easy to use. Also, its menu option is straightforward and lets you jump from one menu to another quickly.
Better Customer Service: It routes calls to the right department/agent, minimizing call wait time and missing calls and handling customers’ queries faster, which automatically leads to better customer service.

What are the differences between Auto Attendant and IVR?

Auto Attendant

  • Auto attendant is a phone system that routes a caller's call to a company's appropriate department or individual.
  • Auto attendant transfers calls to relevant departments based on selected inputs: press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer support, etc.
  • It provides limited interaction options than IVR.
  • It lacks voice recognition technology.
  • Auto attendants have no access to the database.
  • An auto attendant is a good choice if you want a phone system that only routes calls to appropriate departments and greets callers.
  • IVR

  • IVR is an advanced form of auto attendant that provides more advanced functionality and does more than just routing calls.
  • IVR transfer calls to relevant departments based on selected inputs and previous customer interactions.
  • It gives more interaction options than IVR through voice and keypad inputs.
  • It has voice recognition technology.
  • IVR can access databases and can also edit details in the database.
  • IVR is a good choice if you want a phone system that can interact with a caller and provides a self-service facility to customers.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Automated Attendant Phone System


    Increased call handling efficiency: It efficiently handles high volume of cals and transfers calls to the right departments, improving overall call efficiency.
    24/7 available: It is always available. So, even if customers call your business after office hours, they will likely get the information they seek.
    Enhance customer service: It immediately transfers calls to the right agent. It saves customers’ time and delivers service faster resulting in improved customer experience.
    Cost savings: With auto attendant, businesses may not need a dedicated receptionist to handle the calls thus saving money.


    Lack of human interaction: The auto attendant phone system lacks the personal touch of a human receptionist. Hence, a caller who prefers talking with a human may find navigating through the robotic menu option frustrating to get what they are searching for.
    Navigation complexity: Some callers may find navigating multiple menu options problematic. They may need help with menu options leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.
    Technical issues and maintenance: Setting up auto attendant require proper configuration. Any technical glitches results disrupt call flow. Also, it is necessary to update the phone system occasionally to ensure smooth operation.

    10 Best Auto Attendant Phone Systems in 2024

    1. KrispCall

    KrispCall provides the best Phone system with auto attendant functionality. With its auto attendant, companies can enjoy unique features like call routing, personalized greetings, music on transfer, DND, receiving from any device, set maximum wait time, voicemail to email features, etc.


    KrispCall aims to replace the traditional phone system with the internet-based one, enabling companies to run from anywhere, irrespective of their physical location. The company provides virtual numbers in 100+ countries.

    Unified callbox
    Call transfer
    Call history
    Call filter
    Call recording
    Caller ID
    Essential: $15/user/month
    Standard: $40/user/month
    Enterprise: contact the support team

    2. RingCentral

    RingCentral is a famous VoIP communication platform provider.  Its products include cloud-based messages, video, contact center omnichannel CX, Outbound CX, etc. RingCentral aims to help companies create strong connections with their clients through virtual communications.


    RingCentral offers several innovative features and functionality like CRM integration, call analytics, video conferencing, call handling, recording, etc. With RingCentral’s innovative solutions, teams can work seamlessly across locations and devices, fostering collaboration and increasing business productivity. One of its best products is a multi-level auto attendant phone system.

    Call handling
    Call recording
    Multi-level auto attendants
    Dial-by-name directory
    Core: $30 per month/ $20 per year per user
    Advanced: $35 per month/ $25 per year per user
    Ultra: $45 per month/ $35 per year per user