Call Center Software

Call Center Software

With data-driven, real-time monitoring, analytics, and reporting, you can improve your call center’s performance, increase revenue, and increase customer happiness. Set up your call center software company from anywhere and with fewer agents.

Simple access with call center software on any device from anywhere
Buy multiple legit & secure phone numbers from 100+ countries
Advanced VoIP services such as IVR, Unified Callbox, & Call Routing
Quick Install - Cancel Any Time - Zero cancellation fee
call center software

Get phone numbers to operate your call center from anywhere

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How to Set Up A Call Center Software?

KrispCall allows you to set up your call center software in a matter of minutes. Simply create an account, purchase virtual numbers, invite agents, assign numbers, and start making & receiving calls immediately.

  1. Signup with a KrispCall Account
  2. Purchase a virtual phone number and submit the necessary documents
  3. Invite members and Assign the virtual numbers to your teams
  4. Finally, start making calls with your agents
How to Set Up A Call Center Software

Why choose KrispCall Call Center Software?

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24/7 human support service

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99.999% uptime guarantee

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Affordable pricing plans

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Available in 100+ countries

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Wide range of features

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Cloud-based Telephony System

Call Center Features that meet your business calling requirements

Easily integrate with your favorite business tools

For a variety of call center software, call center software like KrispCall can quickly and effectively integrate with your preferred tools like CRM, Help Desk, E-commerce, etc., improving communication capabilities and customer service effectiveness.

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What is Call Center Software?

Call center software is software that allows businesses to automate the flow of inbound and outbound calls. It is mostly used in customer support or help desk software companies where ticket features are required to help agents/clients resolve issues promptly.
Call center software's goal is to assist companies in managing customer communication over the phone, live chat, SMS, text, Instant Messaging, and social media. The best qualities of call center software are IVR, ACD, Omnichannel Support, CRM Integrations, Real-Time Analytics, and Recording.
What is Call Center Software
Benifits of call center software

What Are the Benefits of Call Center Software?

KrispCall provides attractive features like call recording, call routing, and a unified call box for healthcare businesses. The benefits of call center software are:

Improve Agent Productivity: It offers features like ACD, Call Routing, Workflow automation, and multi-channel support, which help to enhance the productivity of agents.
Create a good customer experience: It provides various properties and capabilities to help improve customer engagement and service quality, which results in a good customer experience.
Integrated Communications Channels: Most call center software offers integrated communication channels like Phone, Email, Live Chat, Social Media, Text Messaging, and Video Chat enhancing the business communication.
Remote Work Capabilities: It allows employees to access the software from anywhere, which helps to boost employee performance and flexible working hours.

Types of Call Center Software?

There are 6 types of call center software. They are as follows:

20 Best Call Center Software Providers

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A Quick Guide to Choose Inbound Call Software

You can choose from an extensive range of virtual phone numbers at KrispCall. With more than 100+ countries to choose from, you can buy vanity, toll-free, and local numbers, and international numbers. Get the phone numbers that best suit your business best. Also, You can choose from a set of custom numbers in the starting and ending points of the number such as +1XXXXXXXX999, 888XXXXXXX.