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Improve your business efficiency with world-class call center software from KrispCall in Malaysia. Make the most of our supreme communication technologies to improve customer services and boost productivity.

Make/receive calls to/from Malaysia with virtual numbers conveniently
Advanced call management features to manage a high volume of calls
Suited for both on-premise and remote working environments
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BPO Call Center Software Solution in Malaysia

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How to Set Up a BPO Call Center Company in Malaysia?

Easily set up your BPO call center company in Malaysia with KrispCall. Follow the straightforward steps below to have your call center set up and running in a few minutes.

  1. Sign up with a KrispCall Account
  2. Purchase the virtual phone number and submit the required documents
  3. Add and Invite agents
  4. Assign the virtual number to your agents
  5. Start making calls with your agents.
How to Set up Call Center Software for Small Business
BPO Call Center Industry in Malaysia – An Overview

BPO Call Center Industry in Malaysia – An Overview

Starting in the early 1990s, Malaysia’s call center industry had a relatively short history. However, the industry has grown rapidly since then, it is now one of the leading call center destinations in the world. In recent years, a growing demand for outsourcing services and globalization of jobs has driven Malaysian call centers’ growth, and its success is attributed to a young, booming, and skilled workforce that fills the global demand for quality and dedicated workers.

In addition, the influx of international companies such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, DHL, Shell, IBM, HP, EDS, and CSC, attracted by its world-class infrastructure and supportive government bodies, has contributed to the growth of the Malaysian call center industry. It is stated that there are over 600 call center companies in Malaysia employing over 25000 personnel, and the call center industry growth rate in Malaysia is just over 17% compared to only 15% for the ASEAN countries – Asia Pacific Research Group (APRG).

Benefits of Hiring a BPO Call Center Company in Malaysia

Cost Savings: Malaysia has competitive and lower labor costs when compared to developed countries like the USA and the UK.
Access to Skilled Labor: Malaysia has a massive and growing pool of skilled English-speaking workers.
Advanced Infrastructure: Call centers in Malaysia have a well-toned infrastructure and a higher penetration rate, which is essential for seamless call center operations.
Supportive Business Environment: Malaysia offers supportive services to help businesses with operational setup and reduce outsourcing risk and costs.
Government support: The government of Malaysia has provided many tax breaks and financial incentive policies to attract and retain BPO call centers.
Benefits of Hiring a BPO Call Center Company in Malaysia

Top 15 Call Center Companies in Malaysia Best for Business Process Outsourcing

TDCX logo


TDCX is an award-winning solution provider that has been providing 360° customer experience solutions and offers Multilingual CX support for seamless business operation. Its headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur and was established in 1995. Their FY2021 report shows the total revenue was $410.7 million, with a 27% year-on-year growth.

Daythree logo


Daythree is a well-renowned call center service provider in Malaysia. They use the latest technology and offer services like CX management, Back office and transactional processing, robotic process automation, and customer retention management. Founded in the year 2016, it recently posted a revenue of about 162.3 million USD.

Canaan logo

Canaan Communication & Technologies Sdn Bhd

Canaan is another BPO call center provider in Malaysia, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. It offers business process variable options for businesses to outsource their contact center in Malaysia. With a team of nearly 1,000 employees, Canaan focuses on providing quality and customer satisfaction. It reported revenue of USD 23 million in 2022.

vpo logo

VPO Services Sdn Bhd

VPO Services Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2015. As a private limited company, its primary business activity is providing IT-enabled services, BPO for call centers, document and data processing, and data transcription. There are over 200 employees at the company's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. In 2021, the company posted a revenue of about $ 2.3 million.

Customer Connect logo

Customer Connect Malaysia

Customer Connect Malaysia is a reliable BPO call center company in Malaysia. This company has a proven track record and is well-established. It was founded in 2013 and provides customer service, technical support, and other services to Asian businesses. There are over 200 employees at the company, and it has been growing steadily over the years.

Upstream logo

Upstream BPO

Upstream BPO specializes in Omnichannel center services and complete Sales Pipeline management. With over 1000 employees, it was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Cyberjaya. Providing call center services in Malaysia has made it a top choice for businesses seeking call center services in diverse verticals.

Envo logo

Envo BPO Service

Envo BPO service was founded in 2009. It has its headquarters in Selangor and has over 1000 employees. It has been providing business process outsourcing services like contact center services, telemarketing, and lead generation for more than a decade. It has a strong focus on quality and service excellence and has won several awards for its work.

SRG Logo

SRG Asia Pacific

SRG Asia Pacific provides a variety of BPO services from Malaysia, including up-to-date contact center services. The company was founded in 1996 and is located in Kuala Lumpur. The company employs over 1000 skilled employees to provide customer service, technical support, sales, and marketing.

Brandt logo

Brandt International

Brandt International is a leading Malaysia-based BPO company that uses AI and cloud solutions to outsource customer service, contact center solutions, and telemarketing services. Founded in 2004, the company employs more than 100 people and recently generated revenues of 72.8 million US dollars.


Startek Malaysia

Startek is a BPO company that specializes in customer engagement. They provide superior customer service insights to establish meaningful relationships with their clients, The company was founded in 1998, headquartered in Johor, Malaysia, and has over 10,000 employees. It is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective services to its clients.

scicom logo

Scicom Berhad

Founded in 1997, Scicom Berhad is a Malaysian IT company that specializes in call center operations. The company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and has over 3,900 employees and a team of BPO professionals with 20 years of experience. It has reported strong financial growth in recent years. In 2022, the company's revenue was reported to be RM 265.1 million.

Redberry logo

Redberry Contact Center Sdn Bhd

Redberry offers a full spectrum of BPO services to various industries, tailoring to both B2B and B2C demands. The company employs 21-50 people and generates $5M-$10M in revenue. The total operating revenue of Redberry Contact Center Sdn Bhd is 42.9%, according to EMIS.

Wingo logo

Wingo Starr Group

Wingo Starr, a Malaysian call center service provider, was officially launched in 2015. Currently, they have a versatile group of 1200+ employees that provide consistent and seamless omnichannel support. With over 10 years of experience, the company has a proven track record and has worked in over 50 outsourcing projects. Its revenue is reported to be about 6.5 million USD.

VADS logo

VADS Berhad

VADS Berhad has been offering contact service outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, and other business process services since its establishment in 1991. With over 1,000 employees in 2021, it reported a net sales revenue of about 250,000 USD and focuses on providing efficient and dynamic processes and technology.


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blue globe View Website


Teleperformance Malaysia

It is a 30-year-old company with over 20,000 employees in Malaysia. It provides a wide range of BPO services in more than 18 languages. The services include customer service, technical support, sales and marketing, and back-office operations. In Q1 2021, the company recorded a revenue growth of 35.9%.


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View Website

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Working with a BPO Call Center Company in Malaysia: Best Practices

The best practices that you should follow when working with a call center in Malaysia include:

Clearly define objectives and expectations: You should clearly state your goals and expectations to the BPO Call Center Company. Be specific about the service level you're looking for, ticket turnaround times, and service delivery efficiency.
Establish Key Performance Indicators(KPIs): Set specific KPIs like First contact resolution (FCR), Average speed of answer (ASA), Average handle time (AHT), Customer satisfaction (CSAT), and Net promoter score (NPS) based on your business needs and check their alignment with your goals.
Monitor performance: Maintain regular monitoring and evaluation of the call center's performance. By doing so, you can ensure that the company is delivering what you expect.
Communicate regularly: It is crucial to communicate with your BPO call center company on a frequent basis to ensure that you are getting the services you seek. As part of this process, you will be able to gain insight into the performance of your agents, report any problems, and modify your requirements as needed.
Be flexible: Being flexible and willing to adapt to changes is essential in the BPO call center industry. Regulations, customer expectations, and technological changes are all included in this category.
Provide your own Feedback and Recognition: Give constructive feedback to agents and provide reviews on their performance. Encourage agents to strive for excellence and recognize exceptional achievements.
Why Choose KrispCall for BPO Call Center Software in Malaysia

Why Choose KrispCall for BPO Call Center Software in Malaysia?

Low-cost Plans: KripCall has economic plans loaded with several features, suitable for all sizes of business, ensuring cost savings.
Highly Flexible and Scalable: It’s cloud-based and easily accessible from anywhere just with an internet connection and easily adapts to evolving needs.
Easy integration: Easily integrate KrispCall’s call center software with your existing communication system and streamline business operations.
Improved customer experience: Deliver timely response and convenient service to customers, demonstrating your commitment to them.
Pioneering features: Leverage the power of cutting-edge features like unified callbox, call monitoring, and global calling to streamline your call center’s operations.
Instant Reporting and Analytics: KrispCall provides instantaneous reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to make data-driven, informed decisions.

Best Call Center Software Providers in Malaysia

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is the top business process outsourcing call center provider in Malaysia. It is the most reliable and sophisticated provider offering contact center software in more than 100 countries. The easy installation, user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing make it an ideal BPO Call Center Software for businesses of all sizes.


With its highly developed call center features like unified callbox, global calling, and call monitoring, agents can access customer insights in real-time to improve business efficiency and resolve queries immediately. Its interactive voice response (IVR) eliminates the necessity for a physical receptionist and routes calls to appropriate agents.

2. Ameyo Engage

Ameyo Engage is one of the finest call center software providers in Malaysia. In addition to unrivaled customer service management services, the company offers omnichannel support that facilitates seamless communication between all sizes and types of businesses.

ameyo best call center software in malaysia

Ameyo Engage delivers improved agent efficiency, robust business insights, and superior customer service with features such as automated dialing, automated routing, and multichannel support.

3. Avoxi

Avoxi provides contact center services in Malaysia through a cloud-based platform. This unified platform integrates voice, messaging, and contact center services into one centralized platform. It is well known for its top-tier customer experience, and features like call management, call routing and call queueing.

avoxi malaysia's leading cloud contact center

Through seamless integration, Avoxi’s call center software ensures data consistency and simplifies workflow. As a result, it can help businesses improve customer service, productivity, and overall performance.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is a virtual customer service platform recognized as a complete call center software solution. In addition to improving customer service, this solution bridges communication gaps between businesses. Through its customizable user interface, easy integration with other applications, and online customer portals, businesses can meet customer needs efficiently.

zendesk customer service solution

Zendesk allows you to manage customer needs, chats, and social media messages all in one place. By integrating computer telephony with its web browsers, users can also make phone calls directly.

5. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is one of the world’s leading cloud contact centers. Talkdesk enables enterprises to deliver modern customer service in their own way. The company leverages a flexible, innovative contact center platform powered by artificial intelligence and automation to provide exceptional customer service and improve the bottom line.

talkdesk al-powered

Talkdesk easily integrates with several third-party applications and offers innovative features such as AI-based call distribution, routing, and analytics, making it an ideal option for businesses to set up a call center in Malaysia.

6. SixEleven

SixEleven is another option to go for if you are looking to outsource your call center in Malaysia. It offers a solution-oriented contact center solution that businesses can utilize to provide excellent sales, marketing, and customer support.


Additionally, SixEleven offers a secure platform to meet the needs of its clients. SixEleven can offer a variety of services through this platform, including lead generation, telemarketing sales, technical support, and bookings and orders.


In the Asia Pacific region, TDCX is one of the leading providers of cloud-based call center outsourcing. It offers a wide range of services through a team of highly trained and experienced customer service agents and delivers contact center services efficiently by using artificial intelligence.


With transformative digital customer experience solutions it helps world-leading enterprises acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty, and protect their online communities.

8. Star CRM

Star CRM is a cloud-based call center provider that offers a wide range of solutions and services in the Asia Pacific region. Among its unique features are a range of facilities designed to streamline and optimize Malaysian call center operations.


The company’s call center solutions are scalable and cost-effective and come with advanced features like multichannel support, call routing and queuing, and, most importantly, seamless CRM integrations.

9. Genesys

Genesys provides call center software that is ideal for businesses planning to outsource processes in Malaysia. This platform provides solutions for all types of businesses, including customer experience and contact centers.

genesys named a leader

Among Genesys’s features are AI-powered customer service, customer engagement analytics, and omnichannel contact centers, which allow businesses to significantly boost business operations and productivity.

10. Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk is one of Malaysia’s top providers of customer support solutions. With its advanced features, customer service teams can automate tasks related to customer service, enabling them to make and receive phone calls from any location.


This scalable, easy-to-use, and premium solution lets businesses provide exceptional service to their customers anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In Malaysia, you can expect to pay between USD 50 to USD 80 for a small or medium-sized call center. However, a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the call center, its location, and the services it provides, will impact the cost of setting up a BPO call center in Malaysia. Nonetheless, KrispCall offers the least expensive call centere software solution that merely costs $15 per user per month.

Follow these steps to start a BPO call center company in Malaysia:

  • Determine the type of BPO call center services you want.
  • Do your research on the market.
  • Create a Business plan.
  • Register your business and obtain the required licenses/permits
  • Invest in the necessary pieces of equipment and technologies
  • Hire and train your employees
  • Advertise your business
  • Provide excellent customer service

There are many benefits of call center outsourcing in Malaysia. Some of them include:

  • Reduction in expenses
  • Doorway to highly skilled workforce
  • Global coverage with time zone advantage
  • Business-supportive environment and government
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Enhanced customer support and experience

Here are the things you need to run inbound call center services in Malaysia:

  • Infrastructure
  • Call center software and telecommunication equipment
  • Skilled Agents
  • Marketing
  • Excellent customer service

In addition to these basic requirements, you may also need to obtain certain licenses and permits from the Malaysian government.

Look for the following things when choosing the best call center company for your business:

  • Experience: Consider the company’s background in the call center industry.
  • Technology: Make sure the call center company you choose has the latest tech to handle calls efficiently.
  • Scalability: Choose the company that can scale with your business growth.
  • Legal compliance: Choose a company that adheres to industry rules and regulations.
  • Customer support: Look out for the level of support the company gives its customers.

There are many reasons why you might want to outsource your outbound call center to Malaysia. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • Cost savings: Malaysia is a lower-cost country than many other developed countries, so outsourcing to Malaysia can save businesses significant money on labor costs.
  • Access to a skilled workforce: Malaysia has a large and well-educated workforce, with many people who are fluent in English.
  • Time zone advantage: Malaysia is in the same time zone as many other Southeast Asian countries, which can be beneficial for businesses that want to reach customers in those regions as well as other countries in the world.
  • Strong infrastructure: Malaysia has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure, which is essential for businesses that need to make outbound calls.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Outsourcing your outbound call center to Malaysia can help scale your call center operations and provide flexibility as your business grows.