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Cloud Call Center Software for Customer Service

Escalate your customer satisfaction to the next level with our revolutionary call center software. Boost your team’s efficiency and connect to the customers like never before.

Effortlessly handle a high volume of calls
International numbers available for over 100 countries
Allow support and assistance to foreign clients & customers
Seamless communication across multiple channels
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Buy Virtual Phone Numbers To Set Up a Reliable Customer Care Call Center

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How to Set up Customer Service Call Center Software?

Setting up customer service call center software with KrispCall is an easy process. Sign up to KrispCall, purchase your number, invite team members & start making calls. It’s that easy. For step-by-step directions, check the video alongside.

  1. Signup with KrispCall Account
  2. Purchase the virtual number of your choice
  3. Invite team members and share the numbers
  4. Adjust call settings and setup IVR
  5. Start making and receiving calls
Why choose KrispCall customer service

Why Choose KrispCall Call Center Software for Customer Service Businesses?

Number Sharing Feature: You can share your numbers with the team for better call handling. It ensures no calls will be missed, ultimately meeting the customer's satisfaction.
Flexible & Easily Accessible: Make, manage, or receive customers’ calls irrespective of your location. It is cloud-based and easily accessible on both web and mobile devices.
Integrated with Your Favorite Tools: Integrate with your favourite tools and easily access customer data from those platforms to provide seamless customer experience.
Real-Time Reporting & Analytics: Get full analytics to monitor and measure agent performance and for making data-driven decisions to improve performance and customer experience.

Top-Notch Features  to Automate Communication With Your Customers

Relish a plethora of following cutting-edge call management, analytics, and reporting features.

Integration with CRM Software & Other Business Tools

KrispCall can help you easily integrate your call center with CRM software & other business tools, enhancing communication capabilities and customer service efficiency.

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Types of Call Center Software For Customer Service

Following are the types of call center software you can consider for your customer service business.

Top 10 Customer Service Call Center Software Providers

When it comes to choosing the best call center software for customer service business, there might be several options available and it can difficult to pick one among the bunch. So to make things easier here is the list of top call center software for customer service business along with their pricing and features.

1. KrispCall

KrispCall stands out as a noteworthy solution in the customer service call center industry, providing an extensive set of features that significantly improve the overall customer experience.It enables agents to manage the calls from a single dashboard effortlessly. It is affordable and does not require any additional equipment.


KrispCall’s IVR system allows call centers to create customized menus for customers letting them choose options that direct them to the most appropriate agents reducing wait times. Its automation features simplify all center operations by automating outbound calls, routing incoming calls, and managing voicemails effectively. This lets agents focus on solving complex inquiries while ensuring a smooth workflow.

Unified Callbox
Sales Dialer
Call Monitoring
Call Forwarding
Caller ID
Sales automation tools
Intelligent call routing
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
Wide coverage in over 100+ countries
Excellent customer service
Great call quality
Easy-to-use dashboard
Emphasizes enterprise-wide communication
Real-Time Reporting and Monitoring
Only web app and mobile apps currently available
Call Barging Feature Currently Unavailable (Coming Soon)

2. RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center is a cloud-based omnichannel solution that combines voice, messages, email, and social media in a single platform allowing customers to receive valuable assistance on preferred channels. It also offers AI-powered technology to speed up customer support.


RingCentral Contact Center integrates with some of the popular CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, and ServiceNow. Its intelligent routing and real-time analytics, enable call centers to optimize operations and deliver excellent customer services.

Omnichannel support
Call recordings
AI tools
Automated alerts
For all plans, contact the sales team
Awesome fax features
Great call-routing features
Flexible and convenient
Spam calls are common
Limited customizable options
Customer service needs improvement

3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a customer support software that facilitates customer service operations and enhances the overall customer experience. It is cost-effective, easily accessible, and provides excellent customer support for businesses of all sizes. It offers integration with over 200 popular third-party tools.


Zoho Desk’s ticket management features help to manage customer support tickets from multiple channels including email, live chat, phone, and social media to effectively handle customer inquiries, minimize response time, and improve customer experience. It also enables self-service options making customers easy to find their answers.

Agent Productivity
Insights and Impact
Free - $0
Standard - $168/month/user
Professional - $276/month/user
Easy setup
Easily track your tickets
Integrates perfectly with other Zoho products.
Confusing user interface
No desktop application
Limited reporting features

4. Zendesk Suite

Zendesk Suite provides tailored customer support across multiple channels like email, SMS, live chat, and voice. It includes advanced features like light agents and side conversation. High volume API, advanced compliance, etc. It offers a pre-built report in its dashboard that can help to monitor the activity or else you can build your own report too.

zendesk dashboard

Zendesk Suite provides a chatbot function to eliminate the waiting time of customers, reduce the agent’s workload and improve the customer experience by providing a self-service option.

Pre-built Reports
Omnichannel support
Unified agent workspace
Ticket management
Support - $288/year/agent
Suite - $588/year/agent
Easy to use and manage tasks
Great ticketing system
Flexible and customizable
Customer service needs improvement
Time-consuming setup
Expensive for small businesses

5. Live Agent

Live Agent is a cloud-based help desk software that benefits customer service call centers with its extensive set of features. Its real-time chat allows customers to chat with support agents without waiting for a long time. Customers can contact agents across multiple channels like calls, messages, email, and social media.


Ticket management features in live agents enable agents to easily track and manage customer inquiries. It offers over 200+ integrations with third-party tools, making it easy to receive customer information and resolve customers’ issues quickly.

Automatic ticket distribution
Canned message
Audit logs
Merge tickets
SPAM filters
Small Business: US$108 /agent/year (billed annually)
Medium Business: US$348 /agent/year (billed annually)
Large Business: US$588 /agent/year (billed annually)
Enterprise: US$828 /agent/year (billed annually)
Quick and easy setup
Affordable pricing
Responsive customer service
Fewer customization features
Slow mobile app
Buggy sometimes

6. Freshdesk

Freshdesk, formerly known as Freshcaller is a customer service software that operates in the cloud. It helps businesses to monitor and manage customer interactions across multiple platforms like email, phone calls, text, and social media. It allows one to view all the customer conversations in a single place eliminating the chance of any query or issue going unnoticed.


Freshdesk’s AI-powered chatbot answers customer queries anytime saving customers and agents time, giving more time to agents to focus on complex enquiries. It offers powerful analytics and reporting to monitor different metrics like response time, customer satisfaction, and resolution rates to identify the areas for improvement to improve their customer service operations.

SLA management
Chatbot powered by Freddy AI
Automatically suggest solutions
Canned responses
Scenario automation
Growth: US$180 /user/year (billed annually)
Pro: US$468 /user/year (billed annually)
Enterprise: US$828 /user/year (billed annually)
Easy-to-use UI
Excellent CRM tool
Canned responses for tickets and chats
A bit overpriced
Unreliable mobile app
Missing email filtering feature

7. Talkdesk

Talkdesk offers modern AI-powered customer solutions to improve customer interactions across multiple channels. It caters self-service experience for customers allowing them to find answers and resolve common issues themself, saving the time of both customers and agents.


Talkdesk also provides tools to optimize workforce management. Its real-time reporting helps you gain valuable insights about customer interaction and make data-driven decisions to improve it. It integrates with over 25+ popular business applications to simplify the calling process and easily access customer information.

Omnichannel Engagement
Customer Experience Analytics
Workforce Engagement
Employee Collaboration
Self-service experience
CX Cloud Essentials: $900 per year
CX Cloud Elevate: $1140 per year
CX Cloud Elite: $1500 per year
Experience Clouds: Custom Quote
Simple and flexible
Excellent customer service
Great desktop app
Easy call transferring to other channels
Occasional call droppings
A little overpriced
Call quality is not that great

8. Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk is a call center software designed for customer service and sales teams to make work easier and handle calls effectively. With its data and analytics, it allows getting customer information that helps to give personalized services to customers and also monitor and improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction.


Cloudtalk’s features like workflow automation tools, small dialing, and custom call routing simplify the process of managing phone calls resulting in time-saving and improving lead conversion rates. It integrates with multiple popular CRM tools like Pipedrive, Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot, and many more.

Call tagging
Real-time customer card
Call flow designer
Skill based routing
Starter: $300/year/user (billed annually)
Essential: $360/year/user (billed annually)
Quick and easy installation
Offer good customer support
Easy integration
Good call quality
Unclear Documentation
Annoying Callback
Connection issues sometimes

9. Gladly

Gladly is a customer service platform that allows agents to view customer purchase history, details, and preferences on a single screen without tickets. This makes it easy to understand the customer and to provide personalized self-service to them. Its advanced routing ensures that the customers are directed to the appropriate agents.


Gladly provides valuable insight like response time and Service level agreements (SLA) to track and improve agent productivity. It integrates with multiple useful integrations to simplify its workflow, boost agent efficiency and improve customer service.

In-app Chat
Knowledge Base
Workforce Management
Task Management
Hero - $1800/year/support hero
Super Hero - $2160/year/support hero
Easy communication with customer
Easy to view details and messages
Easily back-read previous conversation
Difficult to generate per-hour reporting
Occasional chat disappearing issues
Unable to show message typing status

10. Aircall

Aircall is a feature-rich customer call center software preferred by sales and support teams. Its intelligent routing and IVR menus transfer customers’ calls to the appropriate agent every time. Quick tagging options help to categorize customers based on different criteria and provide personalized services to them. You can also make or receive multiple calls simultaneously on the same phone number.


Aircall’s call center analytics feature monitors agent’s and team performance provide detailed insights on call metrics and offer easy-to-understand reports for better decision-making that will help to improve customer service.

Call Queuing
Ring Groups
Parallel Calls
Time-based Routing
Unlimited Concurrent Calls
Pause-Resume Recording
Essentials: $360 per year
Professional: $600 per year
Custom: On-demand Quote
User-friendly UI
Powerful analytics
Great call quality
Frequent connectivity issues
A bit costly
Gets buggy sometimes

Customer Service Call Center Software: Best Practices

Call center software is essential for companies to manage their operations effectively and provide exceptional customer service. Here are the customer service call center best practices to follow while using customer service call center software.

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Hire the ideal employee and train them

Choose the employee with different skills including excellent communication, adaptability, problem-solving, and multitasking skills. Introduce them to the organization's principles and work culture, then provide them with additional training to meet specific company requirements.
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Track essential metrics

Monitor and evaluate the performance of the call center by tracking different key performance indicators like call resolution, customer satisfaction, average handling time, average hold time, and call abandonment rate. Utilize all these data to identify the areas of improvement and work on them, ultimately improving customer service.
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Incorporate customer feedback to boost performance

There is nothing more precious than customer feedback for improving customer service. Ask for their review. Accept both positive and negative criticism. While positive feedback keeps you motivated, negative feedback indicates your areas for growth. Address your weakness and boost your performance.
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Offer self-service options

Self-service options allow customers to solve their issues on their own with the help of provided FAQs, blog posts, guides, videos, and community forums. Offering this will not only lower the workload on agents but will also create value for your company in the eyes of customers, improving customer experience and eventually increasing revenues.
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Get prepared for common problems

Running the call center comes with many challenges like low productivity, disappointed customers, limited budgets, employees leaving, and negative reviews. Prepare yourself to face these common problems. Identify each problem and seek an overall solution. Find call center software that can handle all of these concerns.
How to choose best customer service

How To Choose The Best Call Center For Providing Customer Service?

Define your goals: Consider the needs of your organization, call types , call volume, business size, etc. and look for the software that meet your requirements.
Features: Look for features that are crucial for customer service, including ACD, IVR, call recording, analytics, and compliance capabilities.
Pricing: Clarify the budget you are willing to spend. Compare the pricing and features included by different call center software.
Scalability and flexibility: Find a call center that can adjust to your changing needs and handle fluctuations in call volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To improve call center customer service, incorporate the following strategies:

  • Minimize wait times of customers by improving the call routing system
  • Track the agent performance and customer interactions for continuous improvement
  • Provide multi-channel support across phone, email, live chat, and social media.
  • Provide customers with a knowledgeable base to solve their minor issues themself
  • Be polite and responsive to customers
  • Ask for customers’ feedback and work on it
  • Know your customer and offer personalized service

To improve customer service in a call center, follow the below techniques:

  • Hire agents with solid communication skills
  • Understand the nature of your customer
  • Enable live chat service
  • Simplify the way of communication 
  • Lower the wait times of customers
  • Be respectful and responsive to customers

The factors that determine customer satisfaction in a call center are:

  • Low response time
  • Well-trained agents
  • Affordable price
  • Easy accessibility
  • Multiple choices
  • Personalized service
  • Quality product
  • Convenient service

The things to consider while outsourcing a customer service call center are:

  • Features offered by them
  • Pricing model of call center software
  • Positive reviews and testimonials 
  • Quality of the software
  • Expertise level of employees 
  • Level of customer service they can deliver

To handle angry customers in a call center, you can follow some call center customer service tips:

  • Be patient and actively listen to them
  • Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience 
  • Maintain a gentle tone.
  • Empathize with the customer’s perspective.
  • Avoid excuses and offer solutions quickly
  • Follow up to check if their issue has been resolved