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Call Center Software for Banking and Finance

Experience KrispCall’s advanced features such as call handling, call forwarding, generate reports, analytics, international numbers, call transfers, and upgrade your banking call center software today. Get a demo today!

Advanced VoIP services such as IVR, Unified Callbox, & Call Routing.
Real-time communication and reporting
Shared numbers across the bank
Easily accessible on the phone and the web.
Call Center Software for Banking and Finance

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How to Set up Call Center Software for Banks & Finances?

Set up your banking call center software in a minute with KrispCall. Following these easy steps below you can start making and receiving calls instantly after the activation of your phone number.

  1. Signup with KrispCall Account.
  2. Purchase phone numbers and submit necessary documents.
  3. Add and Invite agents.
  4. Assign the virtual numbers to your agents.
  5. Start making and receiving calls with your agents.
Why Choose KrispCall Call Center Software for Banking and Financial Institution

Why Choose KrispCall Call Center Software for Banking and Financial Institutions?

Quick Setup: KrispCall's financial call center software ensures an easy setup process, so you can get your system up and running quickly.
Affordable pricing: Starting at $15, KrispCall has affordable pricing plans that caters to businesses of all types and sizes.
Better Call Handling: KrispCall provides advanced call-handling features which allow BFIs to handle calls more efficiently.
Quick Response to Customer Queries: KrispCall enables quick and immediate responses to customer queries, reducing response time and improving efficiency.

Top-Notch Features  to Automate Your Business Communication

Look out for top-notch features to automate and improve your business communication.

Integration with CRM Software & Other Business Tools

Integrate your banking call center software with other existing business systems like CRM and ACD. also, ensure a unified and efficient workflow across the bank.

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Types of Call Center Software for Banking and Financial Institutions

Here are the types of call center software for banking and financial institutions.

10 Best Call Center Software for Financial Institutions & Banking

1. KrispCall

KrispCall, a cloud-based call center is the best choice for financial institutions and banking. It serves across more than 100+ countries offering excellent functionality, features, and affordable pricing plans which will aid financial institutes and banking with exceptional benefits and effective communication.

krispcall app dashboard

KrispCall provides you with some of the best features such as a Unified callbox. As Unified Callbox facilitates financial institute and banking simplifying call handling, SMS, and voice mail by integrating it into an all-in-one dashboard and eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

KrispCall grants a wide range of advanced features like Unified Callbox, IVR call routing, call tracking, shared number, global calling, power dialer, noise cancellation, and 24/7 customer service. These awesome features help financial institutions and banking with effective and secure communication.

Unified Callbox
Shared Number
IVR with Custom Greetings
Call Handling
Call on hold
Call Transfer
Call Monitoring and Call Recording
DND Mode
Call Analytics
Contact Tags
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom Solution
Real-time reporting and monitoring
Number sharing feature
IVR for call distribution
Call forward and transfer
App Unavailable for Mac and window OS (in the process)
Call bargaining feature coming soon

2. Five9

Five9 is a provider of cloud contact center software for finance institutes and banks. Five9 provides end-to-end solutions with digital engagement, workforce optimization, analytics, and AI and automation in order to increase agent productivity and achieve concrete business outcomes.


Five9 is known for its flexibility. It can be tailored to fit the specific tasks and needs of financial organizations offering reliable voice calls, a secure platform, and impressive uptime.

Five9, a virtual call center software offers freedom from inbound call management. Utilizing AI, it automates customer support tasks, delivering accurate information. With Five9, manage calls, emails, and social media, enhancing the well functioning of financial institutes and banking.

Cloud-based calling
Global Voice
CRM Integrations
UC Integrations
Artificial Intelligence
Workflow Automation
Reporting & Analytics
Interaction Analytics
Performance Management
Social media automation
Digital: $149 per month per user
Core: $149 per month per user
Premium: $169 per month per user
Optimum: $199 per month per user
Ultimate: $229 per month per user
Aid in workforce optimization
Automated workflows
Create digital engagement
Updates about performance and quality management
Effective communication with AI and automation
Takes too long to start
Some features are confusing.
Difficult in navigating the interface

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is call center software that integrates with thousands of lead sources and CRM softwares. It is a good choice for banks looking for personalized appointment settings and lead generation services. This software has a user-friendly interface and integration capabilities.

zendesk dashboard

Zendesk puts all your client information in one spot, so your team can offer advice and respond to questions more quickly while keeping data secure. Using Zendesk helps banks and financial institutions with leveraging automation and AI to provide financial advice quickly and efficiently

In addition to IVR, call routing, 24×7 customer support, and high data security, Zendesk Talk also comes with role-based permissions and strong documentation for compliance with major regulations.

Reporting and analytics
Routing and intelligence
Call handling
Unified communication
Real-time monitoring
AI and automated workflows
Data security
Suite Team: $55 /month
Suite Growth: $89 /month
Suite Professional: $115 /month
Suite Enterprise: Contact the sales team
Offers free trails
Conference calling
Automatic ticket creation
24/7 customer support
Track conversation updates
Powerful customization
Call quality issues
Average customer support
Inbound and outbound minutes are offered as add-ons
Additional fees for text messaging and local and toll-free numbers

4. Ring Central

RingCentral is a cloud communications and collaboration platform. it offers a variety of services to help banks and financial institutions manage their communication needs.

ringcentral dashboard

A portal-based web chat is the main highlight of RingCentral, this enables everything from generating maximum leads to automating customer queries. Ring Central enables virtual counseling and appointment scheduling over chat, reduces customer wait times, and streamlines order-taking by routing incoming calls to the right agents based on client requirements.

Ring Central platform offers features such as voice and video calling, messaging, call forwarding, call delegation, online meetings, and faxing. It facilitates remote work, streamlines communication, and enhances collaboration.

Portal-based web chat
Call queuing
Open API integration
Omni channel support
Multisite admin
Advanced call handling
Web conferencing
Call routing & Monitoring
Real-time insights
Core:$20 per month
Advanced:$25 per month
Ultra: $35 per month
Clear audio quality
User-friendly dashboard and interface
Affordable pricing plans
Requires less internet bandwidth
Limited integration options
Doesn't support on Linux
Frequent crash
Delayed messages

5. Nextiva

Nextiva is a cloud-based VoIP communication and collaboration platform. It offers VoIP phone systems and business communication solutions. Nextiva’s services can be beneficial for various industries, including financial institutions and banks as it supports multiple communication channels and ensures security and reliability.


Apart from delivering high-quality inbound and outbound call center services, Nextiva offers several features like Video conferencing, CRM softwares, better call handling, routing, and text messaging,

Call handling
Auto attendant
Integration with business software
Customizable greetings
Call analytics
Appointment reminders
Remote access
Essentials: $18.95 per user monthly
Professional: $22.95 per user monthly
Enterprise: $32.95 per user monthly
Online faxing
Excellent customer support
Integrates with CRM tools
Affordable pricing plans
High cancellation fee
No call filters
Dropped calls
Elongated setup time

6. Freshworks

Freshworks, call center software is an excellent platform as it offers an all-in-one contact center solution for banks and financial institutes. It provides fast and personalized support with an easy interface and secure customer service software.

freshworks dashboard

Using Freshworks, a financial institute can increase its customer base by reviewing phone calls and data encryption features. It offers advanced tools and services to banks and other financial organizations through multiple communication channels.

Along with ticket management Freshworks offers excellent features like automation, integration, reporting and analysis, and data security. Freshworks’ contact center software ensures that there will be no missed calls, dropped calls, low wait times, and 24×7 support for your customers.

Unified CRM
Ticket Management
Integration and customization
SLA management
AI-powered bots
Free: $0 per user per month
Growth: $35 per user per month
Pro: $79 per user per month
Enterprise: $125 per user per month
Easy to navigate
Chatbots and API
Good customer service
Affordable yearly pricing package
Value for money
Absence of user forum
Complex automation
Limited dashboard customization
Costly monthly plans

7. 8×8

8×8, a call center software is an excellent choice for call center for banking as it offers enterprise-class API solutions, and global, secure, reliable cloud communication platforms.8×8 provides a solution for banking call center services by equipping with advanced features, tools, and security measures to ensure seamless integration, exchange of data and efficient communication for banking call center softwares.


Nevertheless,8×8 provides some other features like unlimited voice calling, CRM integration high-quality audio, video conferencing, call monitoring, tracking, recording, bargaining, whistling, and many more for smooth and seamless communication. It helps banking call center services with great security and reliability.

Multi-channel communication support
CRM Integration
Call whispering
API solutions
Skills-based routing
Reporting and Analysis
Contact the sales team
Call bargaining and whispering features
An abundance of integration options with business tools
Multi-channel communication support
Dropped calls
Hidden costs
Disconnection issue

8. Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a popular cloud-based call center software provider which provides banking call center softwares. Bright Pattern offers several benefits for banks and financial institutes such as multi-omni channel support, automated bots, AI capabilities, real-time analytics, CRM integration, and many more.


The multi-channel omni support and CRM integration help banks and financial institutes deliver top-notch customer service. Also, the banking call center software provided by Bright Pattern is easy to set up and banks can start making receiving calls in minutes without paying additional activation fees.

Multi-channel omni support
Bots and AI capabilities
CRM integration
Predictive dialer
Omni channel quality management
Intelligent call routing
Contact the sales team
Excellent customer support
Easy setup
Contact center mobile application
Vast reporting
UI can be improved
Hidden charges

9. Ooma

Ooma, a telecommunication company is also a great choice for banks and financial institutes to get call centers for banks. Ooma offers different communication solutions for VoIP, flexibility, scalability, reliable communication, and collaborative tools which help in the proper and systematic functioning of banks and financial institutes.


Along with a Virtual receptionist, Ooma offers various functions such as extension dialing, Caller ID, all-inclusive price, and mobile access. Virtual receptionist helps call center banking as it helps reduced missed calls or drop calls.

Virtual Receptionist
Extension Dialing
Ring Groups
Extension Monitoring
Virtual Fax
Virtual Extensions
Flexible Numbering
Essentials: $19.95 per user per month
Pro: $24.95 per user per month
Pro Plus: $29.95 per user per month
Easy setup
Availability of Mobile App (iOS and Android)
Virtual receptionist
Advanced call management features
Hidden price for advanced features
Poor customer service
Not good integration

10. Avoxi

Avoxi, cloud-based technology is a great call center provider for banks and financial institutes. Avoxi offers great financial call center software which allows banks to create a local presence and provide excellent customer support.


Apart from security, Avoxi offers banks and financial institutes several other features like IVR, call forwarding, Integration, and fewer drop calls which also helps in proper functioning and better call response.

SIP Trunks and URIs
Programmable Voice APIs
MS Teams Direct Routing
Network & Security
Analytics and Reporting
Launch starting at $0 per user
Contact $19.99 per user
Engaged enterprise $39.99 per user
Excellent Customer Support
Advanced call routing features
Call Quality management
Flexible reporting and analytics features
Non-Customizable Dashboard
Poor Voice Quality
Hidden charges
How to Choose the best call center banking and financial institutions

How to Choose the best call center banking and financial institutions?

Identify your Requirements: Determine the needs considering factors like call volumes, communication features, integration with other business tools, etc.
Security and Compliance: Choose software that follows security rules and country laws like GDPR or HIPAA, and safeguards people's rights.
Pricing Plans: Set a budget and select the software that comes within your budget and make sure it consists all the features required.
Customer support: Assess the solution provider's customer support. Choose one with strong service, fewer wait times, and fast issue resolution.

Banking and Financial Institutions Call Center Software: Best Practices

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Security and compliance

As security is the major factor in the banking sector, make sure the call center software follows industry rules like PCI DSS for keeping customer data secure.
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Integration with CRM Systems

call center software must seamlessly integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. By integrating data and history quickly, agents can provide better service to customers.
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Multi-Channel Support

Customers interact through different channels, including phone, mail, texts, and social media platform. So, the software must provide omnichannel support to deliver constant engagement across the platforms.
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Advanced Call Routing

Reduce wait times and increase efficiency across the platform using intelligent call routing to connect customers to the right agent and deliver excellent customer service.
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Reporting and analytics

Utilize reporting and analytics features of call center software and get insights into total call volume, drop calls, call waiting times, and agent and staff performance. Take advantage of these insights to improve business operations for your institution.
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Call Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Provide tools for call monitoring, recording, and quality assurance to ensure agents handle issues effectively and maintain service quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The cost of call center software for banking and financial institutes ranges from $15 to $255 per user per month. The cost differs from one service provider to another provider depending upon the additional and customized features

The difference between

Aspect Banking Call Center  Banking Contact Center 
Channel Only phone calls  Phone calls, emails, social media, and chats 
Purpose  Provides customer service and support for banking services and products Provide customer service and support for any type of services or products 
Customer base  Bank customer  Customers from any type of organization 
Technology  Uses traditional phone system  Uses various technologies like CRM systems, chatbots, etc 

The key functions of a finance call center are:

  • Customer Support: Generally financial call center’s main task is to answer questions about banking products and services to the customers. The financial call center must address the customer’s need for financial products and services and sell them.
  • Account management: It is also a key function of the financial call centers as it deals with balance inquiry, accounts updates, and transaction disputes with the customer and provides the necessary support.
  • Payment assistance: Financial call center deals with sensitive transactions like making payments, requesting extensions, or setting up payment plans.
  • Security: Financial call centers play a key role in preventing fraud as it monitors and identify fraudulent activities like unauthorized transaction or suspicious account behavior. They are often trained to help customers in resolving fraud-related issues

Call center software helps banks streamline operations, improve customer service and enhance communication. The call center ensures security and compliance which helps the company to improve customer experience and increase efficiency.

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It ensures the protection of credit cardholder data and sensitive payment information with its set of designed security standards.

These are the following things to consider while writing BFI call center scripts:

  • Clarity: Make sure that the script is written in clear and simple language. Avoid complex terminology or jargon that could confuse customers.
  • Structure and Flow: Maintain a smooth flow of conversation by organizing the script in a logical sequence. Start with a greeting, the main content, and the conclusion.
  • Purpose and Goals: Define the purpose of the call clearly during the interaction. scripts must guide agents to achieve specific outcomes.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The script should be customer focused. They should address the customer’s inquiries and try to solve them as soon as possible.

Financial call center software is a specialized type of customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to meet the unique needs of financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, investment firms, insurance companies, and other financial service providers. It is a technology solution that helps these organizations manage their customer interactions and inquiries effectively, especially through phone calls.

Here are some of the benefits of using call center softwares for financial services:

  • Effective communication
  • Better customer services
  • Cost saving
  • Security and Compliance
  • Multi-channel support
  • Analytics and Reporting

Outsourcing banking call center software brings a lot of benefits some of the benefits are:

  • Cost saving
  • Improved efficiency
  • Focus on core activities
  • Specialized expertise
  • Scalability
  • Access to advanced technology

Financial call center software enhances customer experience in the following ways:

  • Personalized service: Finance call center software allows agents to get customer information and transaction history. this enables them to provide personal service, addressing customers by name. This makes the customer feel valued and understood which improves the overall satisfaction of the customer.
  • Fast issue resolution: Financial call center software helps resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. This software is often integrated with CRM systems and databases due to integration there is less wait time and a smooth customer experience.
  • Security: Financial call center software helps with securing customer data by encrypting calls and information of the customer which also helps in building trust with customers.
  • Multi-channel communication: Finance call center software allows flexibility to the customer allowing them to communicate from various communication channels like phone, email, chat, and social media. this flexibility allows effective and convenient communication for customers which leads to more interaction.

The top call center services for banking and financial institutions are:

  • KrispCall
  • Five9
  • Zendesk
  • Oomna
  • Avoxi
  • 8×8