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Call Center Software for Real Estate

Streamline your phone real estate calls with KrispCall’s affordable call center software. Improve customer service and gain credibility with cloud-based tools for managing the entire call. Set up your real estate call center from anywhere in the world with a few teams.

Supports multiple agents sharing the same number.
Enhances Real Estate marketing strategies
Easily accessible on the phone and the web.
Call Center Software for Real Estate

Get Virtual Phone Numbers To Set up Call Center For Your Real Estate Business

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How to Set up Call Center Software for Real Estate?

Setting up a real estate call center system involves a few simple steps. First, create a KrispCall account, then select the country and choose your phone number type for the real estate call center system, and select the phone number you need. After that, make payments and submit the required documents. Now, you can use the KrispCall call center software for real estate.

  1. Signup with KrispCall Account
  2. Purchase the virtual phone number and submit the necessary document
  3. Add and Invite agents
  4. Assign the virtual numbers to your agents
  5. Finally, Start making calls with your agents
How to Set up Call Center Software for Small Business
Why Choose KrispCall Call Center Software for Real Estate Businesses

Why Choose KrispCall Call Center Software for Real Estate Businesses?

Embrace the benefits of call center software for your real estate company and operate from any part of the world only with KrispCall. Other than that, here are some benefits.

Integrated with Business Tools: KrispCall contact center enables seamless communication between your business tools, such as Zendesk, and Salesforce.
Instant Setup: KrispCall's real estate call center software ensures an easy setup process, so you can get your system up and running quickly.
Automated lead Generation: KrispCall automates lead generation from social media, enabling real estate professionals to improve the lead qualification process.
Better Inbound and Outbound Call Handling: Krispcall’s call center software provides advanced call-handling features that enable your real estate business to handle incoming and outcoming calls more efficiently.
Respond Promptly to Customer Queries: KrispCall enables quick and immediate responses to customer queries, reducing response time and improving efficiency.

Top-Notch Features  to Automate Your Business Communication

Check out these top-notch features that improve Real Estate Business communication.

Integration with CRM Software & Other Business Tools

KrispCall effortlessly integrates your real estate call center with CRM software and business tools, boosting customer service efficiency and communication capacity.

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Types of Real Estate Call Center Software

Elevate your real estate game with tailored call center softwares.

Top 10 Real Estate Call Center Software Providers

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a top choice for real-estate business owners, because of its features such as international coverage, scalability, and exceptional calling features. With a proven track record of covering more than 2000+ loyal customers in over 100 countries.

krispcall app dashboard

KrispCall is an affordable and budget-friendly real estate cloud telephony platform in contrast to other service providers available. KrispCall is highly scalable and can expand its service when your real estate company grows.

What stands KrispCall better than its competitors is its customer support, which helps you with your technical concerns or application challenges. These answering services for realtors are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide real estate lead generation services necessary to gain potential customers.

Making and receiving calls
Mobile App
Voicemail Greetings
Call recording
Call logs
Cold Calling
Sending and receiving texts
Company Directory
Caller ID
Custom Voicemail for real estate agents
Auto attendance
Intelligent Voice Response (IVR)
International phone number
Vanity phone number
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom Quote
Real-time reporting and monitoring.
Number sharing
Offer great call quality
Provides Excellent Support System
Mac and Windows OS App unavailable
Call Barging feature (Coming Soon)

2. Dialpad

Dialpad is popular in the real property market because of its artificial intelligence-powered business phone system. It includes AI features in all three of its business phone plans. These AI insights can be valuable tools for real estate business.

dialpad for real estate

Dialpad when integrated with real-estate-based CRM softwares improves profit for your real estate firm. Its voice intelligence features are designed to enhance collaboration and help manage realtors’ interactions, transcribe calls, and send summaries to team members after the call is over.

Call Recording
Call Whispering
Call Reporting and Metrics
Call Barging
Standard: $25 monthly/user
Pro: $40 monthly/user
Enterprise: Customized solution
Real-time reporting and monitoring
Easy installation and setup
The interface is difficult to navigate
Frequent drop-in calls.

3. Five9

Five9 is a virtual call center software for real-estate firms that provides you freedom from the hassle of accepting inbound calls. It uses AI to automate the aspects of customer support and provides the correct information that they require. With Five9, you can easily handle calls, emails, and social media between a real estate company and your client.


It offers features like predictive dialing, real estate agent scripting, workforce management tools, and screen pops, to help realtors agents for better support and services. The features of Five9 call center software are intelligent routing and automatic call distribution capabilities. It is reliable and powerful software that helps you to reach your company goals.

Social Media Automation
Cloud-based calling
CRM Integration
Workforce Management
Inbound and Outbound calls
Real-Time Call Transcription
Digital: $149 per month per user
Core: $149 per month per user
Premium: $169 per month per user
Optimum: $199 per month per user
Ultimate: $229 per month per user
Integrates with CRM tools
Offers Real-time analytics and recordings
Difficult to navigate the interface
High Pricing Plans

4. Nextiva

Nextiva is the leading call center for real estate investors. The service providers strive to rise your customer base. Currently, it has served thousands of real-estate businesses with services like VoIP phones, video conferencing, text messaging, workforce optimization, and CRM software.


In addition to this, Nextiva has some important features like voicemail, ring groups, and spam prevention. They have extensive experience in providing highly personalized real estate call center services and delivering high-quality inbound and outbound call center service.

Call analytics
Smart call routing
Customizable greetings
Integration with business software
Call handling
Essentials: $18.95 per user monthly
Professional: $22.95 per user monthly
Enterprise: $32.95 per user monthly
Great customer support
Integrates with CRM tools
Improves work efficiency
Lengthy setup time
The cancellation fee is high
Steep Learning Curve

5. Vonage

Another popular phone system provider on our list is Vonage. Vonage works with the realtor to help in calling their prospects with its live answering services. Its affordable real estate appointment-setting services suit your business budget and maximize the value of customer interaction.


It is a great option in the market, which is providing marketing tools necessary to satisfy the concerns of the customers regarding real estate and properties and take benefits of sales prospects. Vonage provides your team with reliable and customer-centric call center management solutions to rise pick-up rates.

Call screening
Mobile and desktop app
Business SMS
Block caller ID
Call queuing
Call routing
Virtual receptionist
Mobile:$19.99 monthly
Premium: $29.99 monthly
Advanced: $39.99 monthly
Conference Calling
Offers Free Trial periods
Lags in Customer support
An issue in call quality
Slow updates

6. Zendesk

Zendesk Talk is a real estate call center software that is suitable to integrate with thousands of lead sources and CRM softwares. It is an ideal choice for realtors looking for personalized real estate appointment setting and real estate lead generation services. This software has a user-friendly interface and integration capabilities.

zendesk loft

Zendesk Talk comes with features like IVR, and call routing, as it ensures to direct the call to a suitable realtor which helps to save time and resources and can avoid call transferring or putting a client on hold. It has a unique ability to gather all the important data automatically from every call made.

Real-time call monitoring
Unified Communication
Call Wrap up a time limit
Suite Team: $588 /agent/year
Suite Growth: $948 /agent/year
Suite Professional: $1188 /agent/year
Suite Enterprise: $1800 /agent/year
Automatic Ticket Creation
Conference Calling
Offers Free Trial periods
Lags in Customer support
An issue in call quality
Slow updates