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Cloud-Based Outbound Call Center Software

Explore the top outbound call center software solutions that maximize efficiency and streamline sales processes with Krispcall.

Wide coverage to over 100 countries
Maximizes agent efficiency and customer satisfaction through automation
Flexible call routing rules
Support for interactive voice response (IVR)
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Get Virtual Numbers for Your Outbound Call Center Company

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How to Set Up A Outbound Call Center Software?

KrispCall makes it easy to set up your outbound call center software. Sign up for KrispCall, make an account, purchase phone numbers, invite agents, share numbers to your agents, and start calling. Further, integrate power dialer or auto dialer features for handling outbound calls in bulk.

  1. Signup with KrispCall and log in to your Dashboard
  2. Choose your desired country
  3. Purchase phone numbers and submit documents (if necessary)
  4. Invite agents to the workspace and share phone numbers
  5. Integrate power dialer or autodialer features (for bulk outbound calls)
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