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Call Center Software Solution in the UK

Take your business communication to the next level by setting up KrispCall’s cost-effective and reliable call center software in the United Kingdom. Enhance your overall communication system, streamline smooth business operations, and boost your brand reputation seamlessly.

Make/receive calls to/from the UK with virtual numbers conveniently
Advanced call management features to manage a high volume of calls
Suited for both on-premise and remote working environments
24/7 human support is available.
Call Center Software Solution in the UK

Get Virtual Phone Numbers To Set up Call Center in UK

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How to Set up Call Center Software in the UK?

Get Krispcall call center software in a few easy steps. Sign up for a KrispCall account, purchase virtual numbers, and start making & receiving calls immediately.

  1. Sign up with a KrispCall Account
  2. Purchase a virtual phone number and submit documentation.
  3. Invite and Assign the virtual numbers to your teams.
  4. Adjust the settings as per your preferences.
  5. Finally, Start making calls with your agents.
How to Set up Call Center Software for Small Business
UK Overview

Call Center Industry in the UK – An Overview

The call center industry in the UK is evolving and expanding. According to IBISWorld, the market size of the call center industry has grown by 1.5% per year from 2017 to 2022. The revenue of the call center industry was £2.5bn in 2022.

As more and more companies adopt this call center technology for boosting customer interactions, the industry revenue is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 1.4% and reach £2.7 billion by 2028.

There are over 922 call center businesses in the UK, employing over 420,000 people, making it one of the largest employers in the world. The South East of England and London have the highest call center number. Many large and small companies compete for market share because of extreme competition.

The industry also faces many challenges, including the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, the increasing complexity of customer demands, and the ability to attract and retain top talent. So, the top call centers in the UK are committed to providing ongoing training and support to agents.

Benefits of Hiring a Call Center Company in the UK

Language compatibility: English language is spoken throughout the UK. Due to the fact that English is an international language, it ensures proper communication with the customer, minimizing language barriers and delivering excellent customer service.
Access to Skilled Labor: The UK has a well-educated and growing pool of skilled workforce. Additionally, being an English-speaking country, the UK has workers with strong English language proficiency, ensuring better and clearer communication.
Advanced Infrastructure: Call centers in the UK have an advanced technology infrastructure like reliable internet connectivity and up-to-date telecommunication systems, which is essential for seamless call center operations.
Multi-channel support: Most UK call centers provide multi-channel support. This enables businesses to reach customers and enhance communication using phones, live chats, emails, and social media platforms.
Scalability: Call center companies in the UK provide customized solutions to businesses as per their requirements. So when these companies can give you seamless services even when you scale your business

Top 15 Call Center Companies in the UK Best for Business Process Outsourcing

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The Telemarketing Company

Founded in 1990, The telemarketing company is one of the oldest and most reliable call center company in the UK. It offers services like high-quality voice calling, call handling, call management, appointment setting, lead generation, telephone research, data enhancement, and telesales. With over 200 telemarketers, the telemarketing company provides the best service to clients.

answerconnect logo


AnswerConnect, established in 2002, is one of the most trustworthy call center software providers with over 9999 employees. It offers services like live call answering, appointment scheduling, bilingual services, call forwarding, and call routing & transfer. In addition, it offers virtual receptionist solutions for businesses to manage calls and messages effectively around the clock.

callcare logo


CallCare is a notable call center software provider as it consists of nearly 1,000 experienced agents. It has been providing excellent customer service and omnichannel customer experience to public and private organizations since 1998. Its customer service includes data collection, robust reporting, and round the clock support. CallCare is certified by the BSI for its quality management system.

Operatix logo


Founded in 2012, Operatix is a reliable call center software with over 100+ clients. It provides businesses with B2B software to generate a sales pipeline and accelerate sales. Operatix comprises a team of outsourced Sales Development representatives (SDR) who help businesses optimize channel performance, inbound sales responses, and account-based marketing.

Arise logo


Originated in 1994, Arise is one of the oldest and most reliable call center software providers with over 2000 experts. It provides services like contact center outsourcing service and omnichannel customer service to a wide range of industries like retail, eCommerce, travel, and leisure, telecom and media.

moneypenny logo


Founded in 2000, Moneypenny is a HIPAA-compliant company. With an experienced team, it provides instant set-up with a high-quality, affordable answering service and virtual receptionist. Business owners can use their service to handle customer questions and schedule appointments.

konecta logo


Konecta is a trustworthy call center software provider that offers CRM and BPO solutions for businesses. Established in 1999, it currently has over 10000+ employees. It serves in multiple countries, offering quality customer service, technical support, and telemarketing, aiming to enhance customer service and optimize operations. Konecta helps businesses to increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and back-office functions effectively.

answerforce logo


AnswerForce was Founded in 1998. AnswerForce is a reliable call center provider with over 9999 employees. It provides services like 24/7 live answering, customized scripts, and active response that helps businesses maximize their sales potential. The company also offers appointment scheduling, live chats, bilingual answering, and after hour answering.

pocket receptionist logo

Pocket Receptionist

Pocket Receptionist was founded in 2016. This is the award winning call answering service provider in the UK. It offers services like call answering, outsourced call center, outsourced chat, Facebook chat handling, overflow call handling, and outsourced call center. These services provided by Pocket Receptionist help businesses manage their calls effectively and provide excellent customer experience.

quantanite logo


Since its establishment in 2014. With over 90% CSAT score Quantanite is a topnotch call center service provider.It offers features like contact call center, CXM, back office service, email marketing, appointment setting,lead generation and technical support. Quantanite consist of over 2000+ agents, who aid business deliver excellent calling service and experience.

Lead Gen Dept logo

Lead Gen Dept

Lead Gen Agency is a business’s favorite call center provider with 5.0 reviews on clutch. It specializes in managing inbound and outbound calls. Lead Gen Dept provides businesses with features like lead reporting, Email campaign creation and management, Inbox management, and Hand-curated leads. Also, it offers multiple pricing options to fit businesses' budgets.

Sabio logo


Sabio is an advanced call center software provider established in 1998 that specializes in digital (customer experience) transformation with AI and automation. It provides contact center services, customer engagement solutions, and technology solutions to manage customer interactions efficiently. Through analytics and insight, Sabio improves visibility, end-to-end solutions, responsiveness, and control across customer contact channels.

face for business logo

Face for Business

Started in 2011, Face for Business is an ISO 9001 certified customer service outsource company specializing in Telephone Answering services, virtual receptionist, outsourced switchboard and Live Chat. With a 99.32% response rate, it helps handle and manage calls efficiently and deliver exceptional customer service for businesses.

the contact company logo

The Contact Company

The Contact company is a notable call center software company established in 2006 in the UK. It specializes in back office services and BPO voice with over 250 workers. The company offers exceptional call center service to businesses, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, and e-commerce sites. It provides insight analysis, multilingual service, office working solutions, and more.

growthhub logo

Growth Hub

With access to over 220+ million contacts, Growth Hub is a popular call center software provider. It helps B2B companies get more meetings with qualified leads. In addition to helping businesses build sales pipelines and accelerate growth, Growth Hub gives advice, support, and training. A team of experienced consultants helps businesses find the right multilingual talent.

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Working with a Call Center in the UK: Best Practices

Define Your Objectives and Expectations Clearly: Clearly communicate the goals and objectives to call center company, and define your expectations about response time, quality of services, and performance metrics
Establish Key Performance Indicators(KPIs): Set specific KPIs like First contact resolution (FCR), Average speed of answer (ASA), Average handle time (AHT), Customer satisfaction (CSAT), and Net promoter score (NPS) based on your business needs and check their alignment with your goals.
Monitor performance: Maintain regular monitoring and evaluation of the call center's performance to ensure that the company is delivering what you expect.
Communicate regularly: It is important to communicate with your call center company on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting the services you seek. As part of this process, you will be able to gain insight into the performance of your agents, report any problems, and modify your requirements as needed.
Be flexible: Being flexible and willing to adapt to changes is essential in the call center industry. Regulations, customer expectations, and technological changes are all included in this category.
Provide your own Feedback and Recognition: Give constructive feedback to agents and provide reviews on their performance. Encourage agents to strive for excellence and recognize exceptional achievements.
Why Choose KrispCall for Call Center Software in the UK

Why Choose KrispCall for Call Center Software in the UK?

Low-cost Plans: KripCall has economic plans loaded with several features, suitable for all sizes of business, ensuring cost savings.
Increase Efficiency: KrispCall’s advanced call management features help agents handle more calls per hour, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction.
Scalability: KrispCall offers scalability and growth capabilities. As the company grows, it aids in handling large call volumes and requirements of agents without any difficulties.
Cutting-edge features: KrispCall offers top-notch features that help enhance your call center operation and deliver a better customer experience.
Improved Customer Experience: Businesses can improve customer satisfaction and trust by offering KrispCall faster and more personalized service.
Instant Reporting and Analytics: KrispCall provides instantaneous reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to make data-driven, informed decisions.

Best Call Center Software Providers in United Kingdom

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the leading call center software providers in the UK, trusted and loved by over 2000+ companies worldwide. With coverage in over 100+ countries, 24/7 human support service, a user-friendly interface, robust features, and affordable pricing plans, it has been a notable option for all sizes of businesses.


With a unique feature like a unified call box, Krispcall allows businesses to handle communication in a single platform eliminating the need to switch tabs. Its interactive voice response (IVR) allows call routing to suitable agents based on customer requirements. KrispCall stands out with its extensive range of call center functionalities, including call analytics, call forwarding, call monitoring, voicemail transcription, and simultaneous call handling.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is a reliable call center software provider in the United Kingdom with 99.9 % uptime. It offers impressive features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), ensuring better communication and delivering excellent customer service.


Businesses can streamline their communication and workflow by integrating with various collaboration and productivity tools. Furthermore. it offers remote access and expands globally, So it is another good option for businesses in the United Kingdom.

3. Five9

Five9 is a trustworthy call center software provider in the UK with 21+ years of experience in Cloud Contact Center Experience. It offers end-to-end solutions with digital engagement, optimizing the workplace, and using AI & automation, which significantly helps increase productivity and achieve business goals.


With Five9, businesses can manage calls, social media, and emails and automate tasks, offering trustworthy voice calls, a secure platform, and magnificent uptime. Also, it is well known for providing flexibility as it can be tailored to fit specific tasks as per business needs.

4. 8×8

Trusted by 2 Million users worldwide, 8×8 is one of the UK’s most reliable call center software. It provides enterprise-class API solutions that help businesses seamlessly integrate and communicate effectively. Also, it provides customers with XCaaS which helps to integrate contact center, voice, video, and chat into a single platform.


Some other features of 8×8 are unlimited voice calling, call monitoring, CRM integration, high-quality audio, video conferencing, team chat, call tracking, recording, and bargaining. With these features, employees and customers can communicate securely and seamlessly.

5. Zendesk Talk

Zendesk is another decent call center software provider in the United Kingdom with over 100,000+ best customer experience. With its user-friendly interface and integration capabilities, it helps businesses generate leads and integrate with thousands of lead sources. Since Zendesk Talk is integrated with Zendesk Support, this call center service provider is perfect for businesses that require a phone system along with a ticketing system.


Zendesk Talk offers IVR, call routing, high data security, call recording, voicemail, reporting, automation, and artificial intelligence. By utilizing the tools, features, and functionality available, businesses can efficiently and effectively handle customer interactions through the phone.

6. Vonage

With 99.99% uptime, Vonage is one of the most reliable call center software providers in the United Kingdom. It offers robust productivity, a user-friendly interface, and KPIs, which aid in managing audio and video calls efficiently.


Vonage offers features like call routing, unlimited voice calling, unified communication, a contact center, video calling, SIP trunking, APIs, call forwarding, and a mobile app. These features help businesses improve business communication, deliver exceptional customer service, and boost productivity for agents and businesses

7. Talkdesk

With over 30+ security certifications, Talkdesk is trustworthy call center software for the United Kingdom. It helps to improve customer interaction via various channels like SMS, web, email, social media, voice, etc., which helps in increasing customer experiences and communications.


With features like real-time reporting, integration with various customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and maintaining privacy, they help businesses communicate better with customers. Talkdesk also provides virtual agents accessed through smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

8. Mitel

With country coverage of over 100 countries and 35 million global users, Mitel is a popular call center software for the United Kingdom. It offers cloud and on-premises call center solutions, which include omnichannel routing, analytics, and workforce management.

mitel home

AI-driven automation tools and analytic features allow businesses to handle calls better, providing flexibility and remote access. Mitel helps businesses handle, forward, transfer, and monitor calls, which help streamline business operations and provide exceptional customer service.

9. Nice inContact

The U.K.’s reliable call center software, Nice inContact, is trusted by many world’s leading companies. With features like IVR, ACD, workforce optimization, and integration software like CXone, companies can manage customer interactions across multiple channels, including phone, chat, email, and social media, boosting customer experience.


Nice inContact comes with an affordable pricing plan and features like AI automation, call routing, and monitoring that help businesses streamline customer interaction across various communication channels and handle inbound and outbound calls effectively.

10. Avaya

Avaya is a well-known center software provider in the United Kingdom delivering excellent customer service. It offers a wide range of communication and collaboration tools for businesses. Omni channel support is a highlight feature of Avaya as it helps businesses interact with customers and employees via multiple communication channels like SMS, voice mail, chats, and social media.


The stand-out features of Avaya are voice calling, video conferencing, and team messaging, which help in managing a large volume of communication in an organization. This feature helps businesses to provide excellent customer experience and boost productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Setting up a call center in the UK costs you around £50 to £80 per user per month depending on business model, size, infrastructure, number of agents required, employee and marketing models. However, KrispCall offers the least expensive call center solution, which costs you merely $15 per user per month.

Here are some steps to start a call center business in the UK:

  • Conduct research:<> Before starting a call center business, conduct good research about the call center industry in the United Kingdom, considering potential clients, scope, budget, trends, and legal requirements
  • Create a business plan: After researching the market, develop a business plan that includes your goals, mission, strategies, targeted audience, and budget of the business.
  • Choose a location: Your call center’s location will be determined by several factors, including the size of your company, the type of call center you desire, and the target market.
  • Purchase equipment: Purchase equipment necessary for your call center, such as computers, headsets, and phone systems.
  • Implement software.: You must implement call center software to manage your calls and track your performance.
  • Hire skilled staff: You will need to hire skilled staff for your call center. It includes call center agents, supervisors, and managers
  • Market your business: You will need to market your call center business to potential clients. This may include online marketing, print advertising, or direct mail.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Customer service is key to the success of your call center business. Having a well-trained staff allows issues to be resolved quickly and effectively.

Some of the benefits of call center outsourcing in the UK are:

  • Cost savings
  • Language compatibility
  • A wider talent pool of workers
  • Flexibility
  • Government support
  • Advanced technology and infrastructures

The following things are required to run inbound call center services in the United Kingdom:

  • Skilled Staff: Agents having skills in customer service, problem-solving, and effective communication to provide customer satisfaction.
  • Phone System: Latest business phone system with features like call routing, IVR, call queuing, and auto attendant.
  • Work environment and Infrastructure: Maintain an efficient business environment by investing in the right phone systems, devices, CRM software, and other tools.
  • Up-to-date Call Center Software: Use the latest software to handle incoming and outgoing calls, track customer interactions, and generate reports.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Protect sensitive customer information with security measures that comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), HIPAA, and CADPR.

When choosing the best call center company for your business, look out for the following.

  • Look for a cost-effective call center solution for balancing pricing with the quality of service that fits any budget of the business.
  • Scalability feature allows businesses to handle increased call volumes and adapt to changing business needs.
  • Watch out for secured and compliant rules and regulations, like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), HIPAA, and CADPR.
  • Search call center company that focuses on delivering excellent customer experience with its 24/7 live answering.

You should outsource your outbound call center to the UK for various reasons. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • Saves Cost: Businesses can save money by outsourcing to the UK, where average salaries for call center agents are lower than in many other countries.
  • To provide flexibility: Outsourcing to the UK can give you more flexibility in staffing and operating hours.
  • To provide scalability: Outsourcing to the UK can help you scale your call center operations as your business grows.
  • Have access to a skilled workforce: The UK has a large and skilled workforce with a strong track record in customer service.
  • Time zone advantage: UK is in the same time zone as many other European countries, which can be beneficial for businesses that want to reach customers in those regions as well as other countries in the world.