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Get Virtual Peru phone numbers for your business and establish a better connection with your local customers. Buy a Peru virtual phone number with KrispCall and set up your virtual presence in the Peru without any additional cost.

Get multiple Peruvian virtual phone numbers for personal & business.
Keep communication synchronized across multiple devices.
Enhanced calling features with 24/7 customer support.
Inbound and Outbound calls from anywhere and any device.
Cutting-edge communication features: IVR, Call Routing, Monitoring, and more.
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How to Get a Peru Virtual Phone Number?

To get an Peru virtual phone number, first, you need to create an account with KrispCall. Go to the dashboard, click on Settings >>My Numbers >> Add New Number and choose the Peru phone number types you wish to add. After making payment, enjoy your virtual phone numbers.

Types of Peruvian Numbers for Your Business

There are several types of Peruvian phone numbers and KrispCall may not offer all these numbers. Also, porting may not be available for all these numbers. To find out if the number you are looking for is available for purchase or for porting, please contact our sales/support department.

Local Numbers

With Peru local numbers, you can establish your business as a local brand in Peru. Gain an edge over your competitors by increasing your brand’s reach and local engagement. Increase business recognition and credibility by targeting local audiences and prospects.

Peru local number
Peru toll free number

Toll-Free Numbers

Boost your business engagement by making it easy for local customers and clients to get in touch with you. You can reach your local and international customers more easily with Peru Toll-free numbers by providing charge less calls.

International Numbers

Get an Peru customizable easy to remember Peru vanity number for your business. Build your brand image in the minds of your audience in a unique way of marketing to achieve unexpected visibility for your company.

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port Peru number

Port Your Peru Number

Maintain constant contact with your existing customers by porting their numbers quickly and efficiently with KrispCall number porting service. Get your current phone numbers updated with the most recent features to improve efficiency.

Get Powerful VoIP Features With Peru Business Phone Number

With KrispCall, you can take advantage of a complete virtual phone service with dozens of features to meet any company’s needs. Set up your Peru business and begin to reap the VoIP benefits now.

Call features

Access advanced call management, call routing, and analytics solutions with our top-end features.

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Global Calling

Expand your customer base worldwide with our global calling features for making instant calls across borders.

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Call Monitoring

Use KrispCall call monitoring feature and listen to phone calls in real-time for giving training and feedback to your team.

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Inteligent Call Routing

Instantly route customer calls to another line or agent who can better deal with their queries. Don’t keep your clients waiting.

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Click to Call Widget

Convert more leads from your website with the Click to Call Widget. Engage visitors on your website with a call widget.

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Call Forwarding

Instantly route business calls to your cellphones and landlines whenever necessary. Make sure you are not missing out on clients when not in the office.

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Call Recording

Record calls to monitor client requests and team performance. Use recorded calls as a guide for improving customer service and employee training.

Call Filter

Call Filters

Narrow down the call logs with our call filters. Efficiently screen through your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

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Don’t lose touch with your clients when you are unavailable. Allow clients to drop you a voicemail so their queries never go missing.

call DND

DND mode for Agents

Switch to the Do Not Disturb mode and automatically shift incoming calls to voicemails to increase your focus on the work at hand.

Call on Hold

Calls on Hold

Keep the calls on hold to get further support/assistance for the clients whenever necessary, without losing their calls.

Contact ID

Contact Tags

Sort clients and teams using the contact tags feature. Tag contacts to customize your dashboard for better navigation.

Call History

Call History

View the entire conversation history, incoming and outgoing call logs, and messages in one unified dashboard.

Contact ID

Caller ID

Set location-based caller IDs for outbound international calls. Localize your number to improve the chances of reaching potential customers in new markets.

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Call Transfer

Instantly route customer calls to another line or agent who can better deal with their queries. Don’t keep your clients waiting.

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Unified Callbox

Connect with your team and customers instantly without switching apps, using an all-in-one dashboard that handles calls, SMS messages, voicemails, and multiple other options

More Features

Automate tedious call handling processes with KrispCall’s intelligent call routing features. Save employee and customers’ time for happier teams and clients.

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Shared Number

With number sharing, you can make and receive phone calls on multiple devices at once. With number sharing, you will never miss a call.


Phone Tree(IVR)

Efficiently handle high volumes of inbound calls with a virtual receptionist. Decrease handling times and wait times using IVR. Automatically route callers to the concerned personnel.


Business Hour

Never miss a client call. Automate call routing to pre-selected locations, so customer calls are automatically routed to offices that are open.

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Sms Features

Texts and messages allow you to stay connected with your customers. Take advantage of KrispCall’s hassle-free SMS campaigns to advertise to the masses.

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Integrate KrispCall with third-party CRM, Helpdesk, E-commerce, and other systems to gain insights into customer data analytics.

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Custom Greeting

Enhance the calling experience for your clients. Record personalized greeting messages, so your customers feel comfortable during calls.

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Call to ideal team

Reduce call processing times for your clients. Use our IVR and call sequencing function to ensure calls are directed to most ideal team members.

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Power Dialer

Use our power dialer to speed up sales calls. KrispCall’s power dialer lets you immediately move to the next call in the list, saving you the time to dial numbers.

Benefits of Peru Virtual Phone Number For Business

Make your virtual presence felt in the Peru by getting different types of virtual numbers. With a Peru virtual number, you can gain more benefits.

small bulletEstablish a local presence in Peru

Having a virtual phone number in the Peru will enable you to establish a presence without investing in physical space. Contacts with customers can be made more personal by using a Peru virtual mobile number. Set up a local presence in Peru cities with a virtual Peru phone number.

small bulletAdvanced features and services

KrispCall VoIP-hosted services enable you to make the most of your Peru virtual phone numbers. IVR, call monitoring, SMS integration, and video conferencing are some of the features that can be implemented. Such features can benefit you as well as your business.

small bulletProductivity on the move

You can work from anywhere with Philippine virtual business numbers. Getting a phone call or fax no longer requires you to wait at your desk. Phone calls and voicemails will appear on your mobile device automatically. While you’re on a sales call or meeting with a vendor, it’s easy to keep track of your business.

small bulletAvoids additional cost

Buying a Peru virtual phone number can save you from excessive expenses. At KrispCall, we offer cheap virtual phone numbers for the Peru . Keep your business and personal calls separate to avoid interfering with your personal life. It is possible to reach you directly at this number, just like any other local number.

benefits of Peru phone numer
buy Peru number

How to buy a Peru Phone Numbers online?

A virtual Peru phone number can be purchased online in a simple, straightforward manner from KrispCall. Here are some easy steps you can follow:

On the Dashboard>>Settings>> My Numbers>>Add New Number.
Select Peru phone number types (Local, Toll-Free, Mobile)
Choose a Peru number and click "Buy Number"
Complete the payment process with the required documentation and start communicating with the virtual number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find the Answer you were looking for?
Visit our Help Center or Contact Support

A Peru virtual phone number is a cloud-based phone number that has the features of a normal phone number but leverages the internet to establish communications. It is independent of physical SIM cards or landlines.

+51 1 4376767 is a Peru virtual phone number example  of University of Lima. 

To get a Peru WhatsApp number follow the steps below:

  1. Create a KrispCall user account.
  2. Select Peru from the list of country options.
  3. Enter the city or state & select the type and abilities of the phone number you need.
  4. Submit required documentation and make payment after you’ve selected the number.

The Peru WhatsApp number will become active as soon as the verification of documents and transaction completes, after that you can create your WhatsApp account using call verifications.

Yes, the Peru virtual phone number is completely 100% safe and legal. KrispCall follows all Peru virtual phone number rules and regulations and can be used for personal and professional uses without any problem.

Per the Peruvian communication guidelines, you must submit ‘business registration‘ and other proof of ownership documentation to get a Peru virtual business phone number. This approach controls the misuse of such numbers and makes it easy to track immoral acts whenever needed.

Please contact our Customer Support for detailed information on the required documentations.

KrispCall is offering local Peru numbers. And depending upon the type and its abilities, the price of each kind is also different. The pricing of each type is mentioned in the table below.

Country Code  Ability  Type  Monthly 
+51 Call  Toll-free $202.5

Three (3) working days. Setting up an account and requesting a Peru phone number may take a few minutes, and then you might be asked to submit the required documents depending on the rules of Peru. The verification and payment transactions may take up to 3 working days. 

You are free to use your Peru virtual phone number for personal or professional purposes. Use it to interact with your colleagues and employees, as well as your friends and family.

Anyone who can provide the required documentation, proof of identity, and valid payment details is eligible to buy Peru virtual phone numbers for personal and business purpose. 

KrispCall makes it easy for you to set up a Peru Virtual Phone Number. After you choose your plan, you can select your preferred number and format. You also need to submit your documents, which can take up to three days for verification. After a few minutes of activation, you can use your new Peru virtual phone number!

To get a Peru virtual number from KrispCall. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create your  KrispCall account.
  2. Select the Peru as your country of preference.
  3. Choose the city/state/area & choose the service type [Call, SMS, MMS, etc.]
  4. Submit the required documents & make payments.

The Peru virtual phone number will become active as soon as the verification of documents and transaction completes.

Free Peru phone numbers may be available in the market but aren’t safe for your business and private communications. They do not guarantee safety and security and are potentially rigged, which can harm your personal information. Be safe than sorry. Become a part of the KrispCall family and enjoy a virtual Phone Number in Peru at the cheapest price.

To call Peru from the US, you must use this Peru phone number format :- 011-51-1-6197000. 


  • 011 – US country exit code
  • +51 – Peru dialing code (Peru country code)
  • 1 – Lima state or area code. Lima, the capital of Peru.
  • 6197000 – Actual phone number (Landline) of National University of San Marcos, Lima. 

This is the Peru telephone number format you follow while calling Peru from the US. The area codes differ from one state/city to another.

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