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Phone System for Marketing & Advertising Team

Experience the difference KrispCall makes for your marketing and advertising services, bring empowerment within the team, and nourish the growth. Never miss out on marketing opportunities to gain potential customers.

Customize your greetings and messages
Reduce wait times
Set up your recordings
Route calls to relevant departments
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Get Virtual Phone Numbers For Your Marketing & Advertising Team

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How to Set up a Phone System for the Marketing & Advertising Team?

Set up a remote team phone system with KrispCall without the hassle and laborious process. Follow the straightforward steps below to have your phone system set up and running in a few minutes.

  1. Signup with KrispCall Account
  2. Purchase a virtual phone number and provide documentation.
  3. Add and Invite agents.
  4. Assign the virtual numbers to your agents.
  5. Initiate calls with your agents.
Why Choose KrispCall’s Phone System for Marketing & Advertising Team

Why Choose KrispCall’s Phone System for Marketing & Advertising Team?

Excellent Call Management: KrispCall manages incoming calls by routing them to appropriate departments or individuals, minimizing call wait time.
Affordable Pricing Options: KrispCall offers low-cost pricing plans enriched with cutting-edge features, allowing companies to choose one that fits their budget and needs.
Highly Customizable: KrispCall lets you customize your greeting message, menu options, and call routing rules. The menu option is simple and allows quick switching between menus.
Real-time Data Access: KrispCall offers personalized and accurate assistance thanks to its integration capability with the software.
24/7 Dedicated Support: With KrispCall, provide any timely response and comfortable service while showcasing your dedication to improvement.

Top-Notch Features  to Automate Your Business Communication

Utilize KrispCall’s VoIP capabilities to automate business communication for the marketing and advertising team.