Voicemail to email

Boost efficiency by sending voicemails to email

Instantly access and manage voicemail messages from the convenience of your email inbox, enhancing your team’s responsiveness, flexibility, and accessibility to both prospects and customers.

Boost efficiency by sending voicemails to email

How to set up voicemail to email on KrispCall?

Setting up voicemail to email with KrispCall is quite simple. Sign up to KrispCall, choose your number, and head over to its Number Settings. You will see Email Notifications option over there. Turn it on to activate Voicemail to Email feature. For step-by-step directions, check the following steps:

  1. Create a KrispCall account and login to access the dashboard.
  2. Head over to Settings and click on My Numbers.
  3. You will see a list of numbers you own. Click on the number you want to set up Voicemail To Email feature.
  4. Click the toggle button next to Email Notifications.
  5. Once it’s activated, you will start to receive voicemails on your email.
set up voicemail to email on KrispCall
What Voicemail to Email

What is Voicemail to Email?

Voicemail to email is a feature provided by phone systems that allow voicemail messages received on your phone system to be sent to your email address. This can be in the form of audio or text (transcripted) format.

The voicemail-to-email feature not only offers the convenience of accessing voicemails through emails but also simplifies the process of organizing and responding to messages. Moreover, with this feature, you no longer need to check your phone for voicemails, as they will be readily available in your email inbox. Plus, you can access your voicemails from anywhere with an internet-enabled device.

How does voicemail to email work?

Once the voicemail-to-email feature is set up on your phone system, every time you receive voicemails on your phone number, the system will convert the voicemail into a .mp3, .wav file, or a text file. After that, it will instantly forward those voicemails to the designated email address. In contrast, some phone systems require you to download voicemail messages and then forward them via email.

The email notification is delivered to your email inbox just like any other email on your laptop, computer, or mobile phone. Download or listen to it once it is available in the email inbox.