Simultaneous Ringing

Never Miss A Business Call With Simultaneous Ringing

Make sure you never miss an important call with KrispCall’s simultaneous ringing feature! Get more out of your business telephony with ‘simulring’. Use simultaneous ringing to ring multiple devices at once, ensure prompt responses, increase accessibility and consistent customer interactions, and keep your team connected.

Business Call With Simultaneous Ringing

How to Set Up Simultaneous Ringing on KrispCall?

Setting up simultaneous ringing on your KrispCall’s cloud phone system is quite easy. Begin by signing up and logging into your account. Navigate to the dashboard, choose a preferred phone number, and share it with your team members. Once the number is shared, incoming calls will simultaneously ring on all agents’ devices.

  1. Sign up for KrispCall.
  2. Log into your KrispCall account and head over to the dashboard.
  3. Select and acquire a phone number of your choice from the available options (if you haven't already).
  4. Add members to your workspace (to create ring groups) and share the number with them using the number-sharing feature.
  5. Once a number is shared, your team members will have access to it.
  6. Whenever there’s an incoming call, it will ring on all the agents’ devices simultaneously.
How to Set Up Simultaneous Ringing on KrispCall
What Does Simultaneous Ringing Mean

What Does Simultaneous Ringing Mean?

A simultaneous ring is a feature that, when being used, can allow one or all incoming calls to reach multiple devices at the same time and all of those at the same time. This means that with it, the incoming call(s) can be responded to from any of the designated devices, increasing the chances of someone picking up and avoiding missed calls.

With it, any allocated user can answer calls from the most convenient device, as multiple endpoints can ring simultaneously. This helps individuals/businesses avoid missing important calls by staying connected across multiple locations or devices.

Businesses tend to use this feature by sharing a single phone number or phone line of any type and configuring multiple devices, ranging from mobile phones, desk phones, or VoIP softphones being used on a computer, to ring simultaneously when a call is received.