Call Notes

Create Insightful Call Logs With Call Notes

Eliminate post-call confusion and the risk of misplacing handwritten notes by seamless note-taking between or after calls. Create insightful call logs easily with call notes using real-time details, and adding relevant tags.

Create Insightful Call Logs With Call Notes

How to Create Call Notes on KrispCall?

Creating Call Notes on KrispCall is quite simple. Just simply press the notes button, add the notes, and save it.

  1. Press a “Notes” button on the call screen during the call.
  2. The text box will appear.
  3. Write down the notes in the text box.
  4. Save the note and access it whenever required.
  5. To add notes after a call, click on the contact name/number. On the right side of the conversation window, you can see a Text Box beneath Notes. You can write a note in it and save it for later.
How to Create Call Notes on KrispCall
What are Call Notes

What are Call Notes?

Call notes are essential records captured during or after calls serving as valuable information that can be used in multiple ways to enhance workflow efficiency. This feature allows tracking of important details and actions after a call, ensuring easy access to call data for those who need it. It helps to provide a tailored experience to customers by analyzing past information.

A typical call note should contain the caller’s name, contact information, date and time of the call, summary of the main points, action items, and follow-up notes.

How Do Call Notes Work on KrispCall?

Call notes work by allowing users to note down the information during or after calls. With KrispCall, the callers can initiate the call notes features simply by pressing a “notes” button presented on the call screen. A text box will appear where they can write down the notes. The notes are saved and automatically associated with the contact.

To access the specific call notes, you can just enter the contact’s name and directly retrieve their file.

How Do Call Notes Work on KrispCall