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By integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the calling process becomes much smoother thanks to the click-to-call feature. Your team can easily initiate calls from the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard with a single click. This eliminates the need for manual dialing or switching between applications and tabs, allowing your sales and support teams to focus on their tasks.

Moreover, during the calls, agents have access to all the phone system features. They can conveniently add notes to keep track of each conversation. This integrated approach equips your agents with the tools to promptly address customer inquiries while staying organized in their communications.

Ms Dynamics 365 Click to call
Ms Dynamics 365 Two-way Contact

Two-way Contact Syncing

Another valuable feature of this integration is the two-way contact syncing between KrispCall and Microsoft Dynamics. This bi-directional synchronization ensures that your contact data remains consistent and up to date across both systems. Any changes made to contact information in KrispCall will automatically be reflected in Microsoft Dynamics and vice versa.

With two-way contact syncing, your business tools always have the current contact information, which is crucial for maintaining good customer relationships and making better decisions.

Automatic Chat and Call Logging

Integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a feature that automatically logs chats and calls. This feature ensures that all interactions, such as phone calls, SMS messages, voice messages, and recorded calls, are seamlessly recorded within the respective contact’s information in Microsoft Dynamics.

This detailed call history gives you the ability to review past interactions, track customer communication, and monitor the progress of deals or support cases. Additionally, this automation saves time for the sales team by eliminating the need to manually record call data and notes.

Ms Dynamics 365 Automatic Chat and Call Logging
Ms Dynamics 365 Instant Caller Identification

Instant Caller Identification

Another impressive feature of this integration is the instant caller identification feature. When a call comes in, users can quickly access all information about the caller due to two-way synchronized contact details between KrispCall and Microsoft Dynamics, along with automatic call logging.

This immediate access to customer details not only speeds up call handling but also empowers your team to address customer needs quickly.

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Get the following benefits by integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

1. Helps in faster onboarding of new team members: New agents can quickly access e­ssential customer data, call history, and other information they need directly in Dynamics 365 CRM through KrispCall and Microsoft Dynamic integration.

2. Improve customer experience: With this integration, agents will have real-time access to all the information they need during calls to provide personalized support. A recording is also saved for service improvement and performance reviews.

3. Automate repetitive tasks: KrispCall and Microsoft Dynamics integration automate tasks like call data entry and lead creation, which directly help to reduce the workload for agents.

4. No app switching: Integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics enables agents to work from within a single environment without the hassle of switching between apps and tabs. This streamlines their workflow.

5. Easy access to real-time customer data: The automatic call logging and contact syncing features ensure that both the Dynamics 365 CRM system and KrispCall have the latest customer details.

How to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with KrispCall?

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with KripsCall takes only a few minutes. Follow these simple steps to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with KrispCall.

  1. Log in to KrispCall to get started.
  2. Authorize your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account to access your data in KrispCall.
  3. Press the connect button to begin the next process.
  4. Click the switch button to turn on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  5. Explore general settings, workflow settings, connected numbers, and advanced settings to enjoy the CRM integration features.
  6. Disconnect after the use if you no longer need it.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Sales Team

Sales Team

The integration between KrispCall and Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows the sales team to conveniently access all client details and call history directly within Microsoft Dynamics. Similarly, KrispCall automatically logs all calls and creates call records in the Dynamics 365 CRM. The sales team can use those valuable call records to monitor lead progress. For instance, the sales team can use call data to identify leads that require follow-up or those that are not converting into customers effectively.

Moreover, during calls, the sales team can access customer information, which helps them deliver personalized customer service, thereby fostering stronger customer relationships and closing more deals.

Marketing Team

This integration simplifies the cold calling process for marketing teams. Sales representatives can simply click to dial any contact from within the Dynamics 365 CRM and view contact information before initiating the call. This empowers the marketing team to conduct calls having customer information beforehand, leading to higher conversion rates.

Likewise, this integration aids marketing teams in tracking the effectiveness of their campaigns. They can quickly identify which campaigns generate more leads and pinpoint areas that require improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Maeketing Team
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration remote team

Remote Team

Integrating KrispCall with Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings several benefits to remote teams. Remote teams can access customer information and call history from anywhere in the world. This empowers them to deliver the same level of customer service as on-site teams.

Moreover, this integration enables the remote team to access all necessary information within Dynamics 365 CRM, eliminating the need for switching between multiple applications.


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