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According to the FCC, the minimum download speed required for making VoIP calls is less than 500Kbps. Similarly, to browse social media and stream Standard Definition (SD) videos, the minimum requirement is 1 Mbps and 3-4 Mbps, respectively.

So if your internet is stable enough to run YouTube or Instagram, you won’t face a problem while making VoIP calls. Since KrispCall is optimized for VoIP, you can have smooth two-way voice communications even at lower speeds.

Virtual business phone or cloud telephony services like KrispCall utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make calls and establish connections. Since KrispCall uses the internet to send and receive data packets for communications, the telephony services do not work if there is no internet connection.

But that being said, you won’t be completely off the radar when the internet is gone. Your clients and contacts can send you voicemails when you are offline and get back to them when the internet is available.

The first and major difference will be the hardware used in each telephony platform. Landline phone requires twisted copper cables and a phone set to make a phone call. On the other hand, cloud telephony requires an internet connection (can be both wired or wireless) and a softphone. You can use internet-enabled devices like desktops, tablets, or smartphones to make a call.

Not just the hardware, cloud telephony differs from the land-based phone in terms of features as well. Traditional or physical phones are limited to making calls, whereas virtual cloud phones allow you to send SMS, MMS, record conversations, transfer calls, and even give insights and analytics. The features in cloud telephony platforms are plenty, which offers profound business opportunities. Moreover, you get comparatively cheaper call rates with cloud telephony, which in turn helps you bag a significant return on your investment.

Making international calls is really easy with KrispCall. Just put the number in the dialer and hit the calling button; you will get connected within seconds.

Making international calls from KrispCall is not just easy and straightforward but inexpensive as well. Compared to the traditional telephony services, KrispCall can save you up to 50% on call charges.

Owning international numbers is also unproblematic. With some minor paperwork, you can purchase an international number at a dirt-cheap price. Once you have an international number at your disposal, you easily connect with your international clients and make global outreach in a hassle-free manner.

KrispCall’s virtual cloud phone is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. The initial setup is fast and easy, and it doesn’t require big and costly infrastructure to make phone calls. Due to the low capital investment required, KrispCall serves special benefits to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But the service finds a good scope in big organizations as well.

To cater to all kinds of organizations, KrispCall provides its services under three subscription plans: Essential, Standard, and Enterprise. Based on the number of members/agents needed, size of work, and cloud storage requirement, you can choose any of the aforementioned subscription plans. For more information regarding the service and pricing of each subscription plan, you can go to our Pricing page.

Businesses are choosing KrispCall because its cloud telephony services offer plenty of benefits and the opportunities here are boundless. And these types of services are cheaper compared to the traditional telephony system.

KrispCall cloud telephony service does not require big investments in purchasing and setting up the telephony infrastructure. All you need is a stable internet connection and internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, or desktops. The communication rate is cheaper as well. As the hardware used is minimal and inexpensive, the maintenance cost is also significantly lower with KrispCall. So compared to the PSTN systems, KrispCall’s cloud phone promises a better ROI. KrispCall indeed stands out from the crowd because of its affordability. But that’s not all. It also incorporates a Unified Callbox, which is one of the unique selling points of the product. The Callbox shows the entire conversational log in a single window. So whenever the agents log into the workspace, they can easily find what the conversation is all about without encountering any communication gaps.

In addition to that, users can use filters to deep dive into incoming, outgoing, missed calls, SMS, voicemails, and even the old and archived conversations. You can star messages and pin conversations for quick access in the future. There is also a feature to add call notes and contact tags. Adding such information can help you understand the customer persona, and your subsequent calls can be more fruitful. Moreover, you get alerts whenever new leads approach your business. So you can always keep them in priority and nurture them to finally get a conversion.

Besides that, KrispCall has several more handy features to boast about. To manage workflow efficiently and to automate mundane tasks, there are plenty of options within the software. These options help to increase employee productivity and optimize business outcomes.

KrispCall’s services suit businesses of all types and sizes. The workflow can be easily managed by removing or adding new members to the workspace. So based on your business requirements, you can easily upscale or downscale without putting in more time, money, and effort.

Furthermore, the software supports CTI and CRM integrations. That means you can add more features by integrating such third-party software. Moreover, KrispCall’s cloud phone provides call analytics and communication reports. With these data, you can identify your weaknesses and work on them to ensure better customer experience.

No, there are no such limitations. If there is enough credit in your account, you can make unlimited calls and send unlimited SMSs. However, you can only make one outbound call per second. Likewise, the SMS and MMS constraint is also one for each second.

No. Not at all. If you have a stable internet connection at your disposal, you can use your preexisting smartphone, tablet, or desktop to make a phone call or send SMS. KrispCall has its software available for all devices above. So you don’t have to buy or install any additional devices.

Absolutely. If you already have a PSTN number, we can port your phone number to our cloud telephony platform. Even if you have subscribed to other cloud phone services, we can migrate it to KrispCall’s. But for that, you will have to submit a signed copy of the Letter of Authorization (LOA). You also need to send in your carrier and SID details for switching. If you face any difficulty due to LOA, KrispCall can even provide you a sample of it to ease things up

While porting your existing PSTN number to its cloud telephony platform, KrispCall also requires recent receipts or invoices from your original service provider. It acts as proof of ownership and helps accelerate the porting process.

The conversational log will be preserved in history as long as you are subscribed to our services. Even the deleted conversations will be safely preserved in the archives. But once the subscription expires or if you cancel the subscription manually, all the conversational logs will be gone forever.

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Go to Settings > User Settings > Billing & Plans > Overview. Over there, you can find the Change Plan option. Click on the plan you would like to subscribe to and press on Upgrade/Downgrade button. After that, you are good to go.

Please note that while changing the subscription plan, you will be charged according to the Gregorian calendar on a Pro-rata basis.

Next to the Members list, you can find a Plus (+) button in the workspace. With that button, you can add new members to your workspace. But while adding a new member, you will have to provide an email address of the agent and their role in the workspace.

You can also add new members from the Setting Menu. Go to Settings > Users Settings > Members. On the top right corner, you’ll see + Add New Member button. By clicking on that button, you can add new people to the workspace. Just like the above-mentioned method, this one too requires an email address and the role of the personnel.

To remove a member from the workspace, you need to go to the Members tab on the User Settings Menu. In the members’ list, next to the member name, you can find three dots or vertical ellipsis “⋮”. By clicking on the ellipsis (⋮), you will find the option to change the member’s role or remove them from the workspace altogether.

Adding credits to KrispCall is simple and straightforward. First, go to Billings & Plans window under the Setting menu. In the Overview tab, you will find the option to Purchase credit within the Current Credit ribbon. Click on the Purchase Credit button; select the credit amount you would like to purchase and fill in the Credit Card/PayPal details. Once you are done, the credit will be added to your account right away.

If you are uninterested in KrispCall’s services and want to cancel the subscription plan, you can do that right away. There are no cumbersome steps involved.

To cancel the plan, you need to go to Settings > User Settings > Billings & Plans. Under the Overview tab, you will find the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page. By cl