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How to Get International Phone Number Online?



How to get international phone number

Without leaving your seat, you can expand your business worldwide and easily penetrate new markets. Sounds far-fetched? But it’s true, actually. ✅

Expanding your business in the international market is a huge task. But having international phone numbers makes things easier. 

But what exactly is an international phone number, and how can you get one more for your business and personal use? 📞

Are you curious to know the answers?

In this blog, you’ll learn everything about international phone number including step by step guide to get different countries’ international phone numbers online easily from anywhere.

Then let’s dive right in. 👇

What is an International Phone Number?

An international phone number is a phone number, which offers communication services outside of the country. It is not bound to have a fixed device or telephone line. This number routes incoming and outgoing calls via the internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 

The specialty of this international phone number is that it looks exactly like a regular phone number. It allows you to establish your online presence on the internet.

You can use the international virtual number anywhere from any device such as a smartphone, tablet/iPad, or computer. No matter where you are, the number will have the same cloud Private Branch eXchange (PBX). That’s why it is so popular for remote work.

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How to get an International Phone Number Online?

The fast and easy way to get an international phone number is to first find the reliable cloud telephony service provider, which provides all the relevant features required for your international outreach. Afterwards, you need to follow the following simple steps.

Step 1: Choose a Cloud telephony service platform like KrispCall.

Step 2: Sign up for an account and Log in.

Step 3: Select the country from the pool of countries list.

Step 4: Choose the number type you want (Local, Mobile, Toll-Free)

Step 5: Make payment after you’ve selected the number.

Step 6: Submit the required documents if asked.


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Select numbers :

1. How to get International Toll-Free Numbers?

International Toll-free Phone Numbers are unique numbers, usually 1800, 800, and 888 numbers, that facilitate costless global telephone calls to customers trying to reach businesses. 

Audiences do not call businesses if it costs money unless necessary. Toll-free international number encourages audiences to reach your business for inquiries and other information. 

A toll-free international number can route calls to multiple numbers to reach dedicated agents for specialized services, increasing customer experiences. 

Follow the below steps to get international toll-free numbers online. 

  1. Sign up on a preferred cloud telephony provider’s website like KrispCall. 
  2. Sign in using the allotted user credentials.
  3. Go to add number section.
  4. Select the required country (ex. Australia).
  5. Choose the phone number type as “toll-free”.
  6. Customize your number (if allowed / optional).
  7. Proceed to payment and pay as indicated and enjoy your international toll-free number.

The toll-free number gets activated shortly after transaction completion. Set up your number wherever you feel like it.

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2. How to Purchase International Mobile Numbers?

International Mobile Phone numbers are unique mobile numbers that fit the format of specified countries but aren’t associated with physical SIM cards. You cannot differentiate a virtual mobile number from a regular mobile number. 

These numbers come in a mobile format but have similar features and usability to virtual landline numbers, the effect of being virtual numbers. 

How to get international mobile phone numbers?

We have discussed the traits and usability of virtual numbers in the sections above, so let’s dive into the process of acquiring one remotely. We shall see a different approach to this one.

  1. Research the best cloud telephony service providers and select one.
  2. contact their sales team, who will assist you in all your quest.
  3. Follow the instructions given by the agent until you complete your payment. 
  4. Get assistance with its implementation and procedures.

You will get going in no time since the process isn’t difficult; it might take a couple of tries. 

3. How to Buy International Landline Number?

International Landline Phone Numbers are digitally constructed landline-formatted numbers dedicated to specific countries (of choice) that function as standard landline numbers but with the same functionality as a mobile virtual number. 

It’s just the format that separates it from a virtual mobile number.

So let’s move on to the easiest way of getting an international landline phone number. 

  1. Create a KrispCall user account.
  2. Select the ‘preferred country’ from the list of countries.
  3. Choose the city/state/area to localize your virtual number then select the type of number landline number.
  4. Choose the service type [Call, SMS, MMS, etc.]
  5. Select the best-suited package and head towards payment by providing valid and functional payment details.
  6. Get your selected numbers within 2 minutes and start making calls.
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Benefits of Using International phone numbers

The following are benefits of using international phone numbers that will enrich you and your business. 

 1. Easy to own varieties of numbers from multiple countries

The cloud telephony service platform offers international phone numbers for different countries you want including toll-free, vanity, mobile, and local numbers. Generally, these numbers are virtual in nature so you can buy them from anywhere.

Cloud telephony service platforms can manage all your international phone numbers in one place. This will expand your reach to multiple countries and assist in distributing phone numbers for departments within your company.

You can also reach overseas clients by getting an international toll-free number that incurs no charges. By choosing a customizable vanity international number you can boost your business’s credibility globally.

2. Cut down your phone bills

With an international virtual phone number, you can reduce your phone bills to a great extent without compromising the user experience. 

Compared to traditional telephony systems, VoIP calling through virtual phone numbers is a lot less cheap. Your virtual phone call bills will be approximately 50 to 70% less than a traditional phone call bill. 

Unlike the traditional telephony system, cloud telephony systems do not require bulky and costly infrastructure. So you do not require big space or hefty investment during the physical infrastructure setup. 

Virtual number systems work over the internet. So you will have the flexibility to handle your calls from your existing smartphones, tablets/iPad, or computers.

3. Create a physical presence in the international market

Your customer should feel your physical presence in the international market. But it is not possible to open offices in foreign locations, especially for small companies. But this should not be a problem with a virtual international phone number. 

You can be located in one country and operate a business in other countries. You can imitate your business presence with an international virtual phone number, as it acts as a local phone number for your customer. This will help you gain the trust of your customers and grow your business.

4. Ability to integrate with CRM & third-party tools 

When running a business with an international phone number, you must also use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to handle your business’s relationship and interaction with customers. 

What can be better than integrating a CRM tool like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, etc., with your existing call management system? Ensure your cloud telephony service platform can integrate CRM, which will benefit your business to generate more leads.

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5. Explore sophisticated features

Having an international phone number not only gives you access to all traditional phone system features but offers many sophisticated features like call recording, call queuing, video conferencing, messaging, etc. 

You have the flexibility to use any necessary feature at any time to handle your business communication. Since you can work from anywhere and anytime, you can make or receive calls 24*7.

6. Eliminate international call charges

PSTN systems include additional charges during international calls. Such steep call rates can discourage customers from calling you or getting in touch with your business. This way, you can lose all your precious leads, which could bring you conversion.

Luckily, your new international virtual phone number will help you eliminate international call charges. A virtual phone number for a particular country acts as a local phone number for that country and charges a local fee. So a customer is more likely to make a call.

How to choose an international phone number?

Choosing a number is not that complicated. All you have to do is go through the given list of phone numbers and pick the one you like the most. 

What if you want a specific phone number? It’s easy. You can search the whole list and find it. 

But here’s a catch, what if you want to make your existing number your international phone number? Fortunately, this is possible because of two great features of the cloud telephony system. They are:

Number porting

With all the services included, you may consider switching your traditional telephone service to cloud telephony. If you are holding back thinking you have to change your existing number, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can get your existing number to act as your international phone number via number porting.


Number porting takes your existing phone number to the cloud. You have to inform your telephone service provider about shifting your phone number and contacting the cloud telephony service provider. 

The process involves some paperwork and usually takes 1-4 weeks for your number to be ported. Until this duration, the cloud service provider will provide you a temporary virtual phone number. The calls in your old number will be forwarded to your temporary number so that you can enjoy your cloud telephone services beforehand. 

After the porting is completed, your existing phone number will become your new virtual phone number. Your agreement with your old telephone service provider will be terminated. 

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Call forwarding

If you already have a traditional phone number and want cloud telephony service temporarily with a different number, you will have that flexibility as well. You can easily manage both phone lines through call forwarding.

For that, you will need to forward calls from the traditional phone to the newly-owned virtual cloud phone. After that, you can manage all of your incoming calls conveniently from the cloud telephony app. 

You can permanently forward call as well. But for that, you will have to own two phone numbers and have to pay subscription charges and conversational charges for both the telephony providers. That may not be economically feasible. 

call forwarding call diverting

If you want to own two different numbers and continue using virtual cloud phone services, you can still do that. For that, you’ll have to port the existing number to a cloud telephony service and buy a new number from that platform. Call forwarding will still be possible between that numbers. 

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International phone numbers are the most cost-efficient and flexible way to drive your business’s reach globally. These numbers are easy to use and easy to get.

You can get one for your personal and business use from most of the virtual cloud telephony services available in the market. 

Speaking of which, KrispCall is an exciting new cloud telephony service platform in the market. You can purchase international phone numbers of your choice from their list of more than 70+ countries.

Whether it’s a toll-free number, local number, mobile number, or national number, KrispCall offers it. 
KrispCall is growing in popularity thanks to its CRM integration feature.

Along with its unified callbox feature and click-to-call widget, KrispCall is a hot topic in the market because of its reasonable price point and reliable features to make your business a success.

📆 Schedule a free demo to know how KrispCall international phone numbers help for international communication.

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