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What is Landline Number? Everything You Need to Know



Everything You Need to Know Landline Number

Are you looking for a landline phone number for your business? 🤔

Whether you’re a business owner searching for the perfect local phone number for your office or a homeowner looking to upgrade your heavy landline box, or simply someone curious about what and how landlines work, this blog is your one-stop shop.

In this blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about landline numbers, their working mechanism, types, benefits, limitations, how to get a landline number for yourself, and many more.🌟

🔑 Key Highlights

  • A landline number is a telephone phone number that relies on the use of physical copper wires to make voice calls.
  • The types of landline numbers are based on: Geographical Area Codes, Local Landline Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers, and VoIP Numbers.
  • The advantages of landline numbers are: Exceptional audio quality, Ideal for high call volumes, Reliable and secure communication, and seamless integration with smart homes and businesses.
  • The limitations of landline numbers are: costly for Longer distances, exposure to telemarketing spam, physical limitations, and availability of advanced alternatives.
  • KrispCall offers VoIP landline phone numbers, excellent features, and 24/7 support for businesses worldwide.

Let’s get started. 🚀

What is a Landline Number?🤔

A landline is an old-fashioned telephone that you insert into a wall jack using metal or cable wires.

A landline number is a fixed phone number that depends on physical copper wires used for making voice calls. It is commonly known as telephone numbers or traditional copper phone lines.

Landline phone numbers are completely different from mobile phone books or cell phones as mobile phone numbers operate wirelessly. It provides reliable and secure connections and offers a lower cost rate than mobile phones.

Many businesses continue to use landlines as they provide a simple and easy way to route calls to various employees, phone companies, or departments.

What is a Landline Number?

The typical landline number in the United States consists of ten digits, with the initial three digits representing the “area code.”

For example, the landline phone number: is 770-565-2379 

You can easily connect with a local number within your neighborhood by simply entering the last seven digits. For instance, dial 565-2379.

How Does Landline Number Work?

A landline number uses physical telephone lines to transmit voice signals between two connected devices. These lines are made with fiber optic cables.

How Does Landline Number Works?

When someone dials a landline number, the signal travels through these cables to establish a connection between the calling and receiving parties. It allows them to communicate through voice calls.

The landline network is designed to provide a reliable and stable means of communication using a wired infrastructure.

So, a landline phone number works by using wires to carry your voice signals from one landline phone to another.

What types of Landline Phone Numbers are available?🤔

The types of Landline numbers can be classified based on various factors such as their geographical location, service type, and special purposes. Some of the categories of landline phone numbers are as follows:

1. Geographical Area Codes

These are numerical prefixes for landline phone numbers that indicate the specific regions. For instance, in the United States, the 212 area code represents Manhattan, New York, while the 415 area code represents San Francisco.

2. Local Landline Numbers

Local Landline Phone Numbers are standard local phone numbers used for local calls within a specific area. It usually shares the same area code as the local telephone exchange. You can establish and scale your business in the local community through local landline phone service.

3. Toll-Free Numbers

These special landline numbers allow users to reach businesses without incurring charges. The business covers the cost of the call which makes it a customer-friendly option for inquiries and support. It often starts with prefixes like 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888 or others. You can easily get Toll-Free Numbers for business online from local phone number provider KrispCall.

4. Vanity Numbers

Vanity phone numbers are unique landline numbers that are chosen to form a word or catchy phrase using an alphanumeric keypad. It creates a memorable and easy-to-recall combination instead of using a random sequence of digits.

For example, a business might choose a vanity number like 1-800-FLOWERS to make it more memorable for customers. These customized numbers are often used for marketing and branding purposes.

5. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Numbers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Numbers operate over the Internet rather than through conventional phone lines. This technology converts voice signals into digital data packets and eases communication through internet networks. 

VoIP numbers provide flexibility that allows users to make and receive calls using various devices connected to the internet. It increases accessibility compared to traditional landline services.

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What are the Benefits of Landline Numbers?

Reports are showing maximum individual and business shifting from landline to mobile service. But Landlines are still best for businesses and homes for several reasons. Some major benefits of a landline phone number are:

What are the Benefits of Landline Numbers?
  • Exceptional Audio Quality and Clear Sound: Landline phones have very good audio/call quality and clearer and superior sound quality than standard cell phones. Due to this specific reason, most businesses still depend on landline phone numbers.
  • Ideal for Businesses Handling a Large Number of Calls: Businesses that need to handle large volumes of phone calls use landline numbers because of the established infrastructure and its efficiency. For instance: there is a rare chance of call dropping, internet outages, or power disruptions. This advantage helps businesses to stick with landline phone numbers or cordless phones that operate without physical wires.
  • Works on Emergency Cases: During storms, internet connections and cell towers frequently lose power, impacting mobile numbers. However, the availability and quality of calls for landline numbers remain unaffected by power outages or adverse weather conditions. Even in the case of an electrical outage, it works as the numbers are linked with corded phones. It is highly beneficial for call centers and businesses that need to call customers all the time. Traditional copper phone lines have their power supply source and that’s the reason they can work well even when there’s no electricity or blackout.
  • Reliability and Secure Communication: Landlines provide reliable, safe, and secure communication. Calls through the internet or mobile phones can easily intercepted via radio waves. But, with landlines, businesses can share confidential and personal information without the fear of being hacked. We hear many cases of tapping a telephone service. But, it’s very tough to listen in on a fiber phone or fixed line call. With landlines, you can hide your business number using a special feature.
  • Seamless Integration with Smart Homes and Businesses: You can easily integrate telephone landlines with homes and businesses. They are not just for receiving incoming calls or making calls. You can now send text messages, voice messages, location functions, and also join with other devices in the house like TVs, Computers wireless phones, and more from landlines.
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What are the Limitations of Landline Numbers?

Despite their advantages, landline phones have several downsides. Here are some to consider.

What are the Limitations of Landline Numbers?
  • Longer Distances Mean Higher Bills: Your phone bills will increase when you use landlines for long-distance calls. Despite landlines providing excellent sound quality, you need to think about using them for long distances. It is inconvenient to use for longer distances.
  • Exposed to Telemarketing Spam: When you get a landline number, your regular phone number is automatically listed in the directory list. It makes it more likely that you get sales and spam calls. You can be frustrated by receiving marketing calls daily.
  • Physical Limitation: The major drawback of landlines is their physical limitations. You need to stay in the region of your phone jack to answer calls. You can make calls, and send text messages from anywhere whether you are on your home phone call, in the car, or even outside the state with a mobile phone number. But, landlines have location limitations as they can only connect to specific places. If you change your location, you need to coordinate with your service provider to move the landline with you. Otherwise, your current customers might end up calling the wrong number.
  • Availability of Advance  Alternatives: There are available of various advanced alternatives to landlines. The introduction of cloud telephony has completely dominated the market. The modern cloud telephony system has top-notch and advanced features like seamless call routing, real-time call analytics, IVR phone tree, live call monitoring, unified callbox, global calling, voice mail to email, bulk texting software SMS, and many more that the traditional phone line doesn’t offer.
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Should I have a landline number?

After looking at the good and bad sides of landline numbers, you might still be thinking about whether you need a landline or not.

If your business needs to handle a huge amount calls, then you need a landline service. You can both make calls and send texts with the business landline. You also have the flexibility to chat with anyone, anytime, using SMS.

A landline service is the perfect option for you if:

  • Your business gets a lot of calls.
  • You want to stay away from poor connectivity.
  • You need to remain accessible even during power outages.
  • You want to have clear and effective communication with customers.
  • You want to create a strong local presence in your business’s desired location.
    It is better to have landlines for your business than not to have them, considering the options and benefits of landline numbers.

A landline service is not the right option for you if:

  • You want flexibility beyond the physical limitations of a fixed location.
  • You want to switch to modern phones to save money on long-distance calls.
  • You want to avoid annoying spam. 

How much does it cost to get a landline phone number?

The cost of getting a landline phone number varies depending on the service provider. It is recommended to check with the landline service provider directly because the cost can differ based on features, locations, and additional services offered.  

The average cost to get a landline phone number service is between $ 15 and $ 30 each month. With KrispCall, you can obtain a US, UK, and Canada landline phone number with advanced features at a cost-effective rate of $2.

How to Get a Local Landline Phone Number Today with KrispCall?

You can easily get a landline phone number today with the help of VoIP service provider KrispCall. You can get cost-effective local telephone numbers and set up your new business number with no setup contracts or fees from any location in the world.

The steps you need to follow to get a local landline telephone phone number are:

  1. At first, sign up with KrispCall.
  2. Then, Go to settings > My Number > Add New Number.
  3. After that, Choose a country and city as your location.
  4. Next, select Local as your phone number type.
  5. Finally, select your local landline number, complete the payment, and manage calls/texts post-activation.

Get a Local Phone Number for Your Business Online.

Own multiple landline phone numbers at affordable price

Select numbers :

KrispCall: The Best Cloud Landline Service Provider for Your Business

KrispCall is one of the best cloud telephony software for modern businesses. It is trusted by many international companies and is well-known for its 24/7 customer phone service.

You can expand your global presence with Feature-rich virtual phone numbers. You can also get international virtual phone numbers from KrispCall and connect with your worldwide audiences remotely from a single application.

Own Multiple Toll-free, Vanity, Mobile, and Local Numbers from KrispCall

You can also buy many types of phone numbers from KrispCall like toll-free, vanity, mobile, local, and business phone numbers. You can instantly activate and quickly set up, have excellent calling and text message, features, 24/7 customer support, and a Cancel Anytime option.

KrispCall is perfect for individuals and businesses as it offers a variety of phone numbers at affordable prices. You can also get cost-effective international virtual phone numbers for personal and business use online and work from any part of the world.

Businesses choose a toll-free number because it plays a key role in building trust, measuring the success of marketing campaigns, establishing credibility, and facilitating scalability.

 And, local numbers help to connect with and gain support from local consumers and establish your brand in your desired location. Moreover, a vanity number has the potential to improve brand recall, simplifying the referral process for customers.

Excellent Features For Businesses

  1. Send and Receive text messages: You can stay in touch with instant, two-way text messaging.
  2. IVR to route your calls automatically: You can efficiently direct your calls to the appropriate agent for quicker resolution of customer inquiries.
  3. Simplified Live Monitoring: You can remotely record and monitor calls to maintain precision and quality.
  4. HD voice calls: You can enjoy uninterrupted voice calls with excellent call quality.
  5. User-friendly Unified Callbox: You can access all communication details in a single window, eliminating the need for tab-switching.
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Wrapping Up

A landline number is an old-style telephone connected by wires. It has excellent benefits like clear sound, reliable communication, and works during power outages but also has downsides such as long-distance costs and exposure to spam.

As the relevance of landline numbers is declining. You can upgrade from your old landline to a cloud-based phone system easily. It’s cheaper, more flexible, and comes with cool and advanced features. 

If you are searching👀 for the best landline phone number provider, KrispCall is your reliable partner that offers different landline options with features like text messaging, quality voice calls, a unified callbox, and many more.


What is the difference between a mobile number and a landline telephone number?

Mobile or cell phone numbers depend on radio waves for transmitting voice calls whereas landlines or hard-wired phone lines use cable wires on a fixed line.

A cell phone number allows users to make calls and send text messages wirelessly. It is portable and not fixed to a specific location. On the other hand, landline telephone number is fixed to specific locations and are not as portable as mobile phone numbers.

Can you port a landline number to a cell phone?

Yes, it is possible to port a landline number to a mobile phone. It just takes a few steps to complete porting with KrispCall.

How to block a landline number?

To block a number on your landline, you can try pressing the * key followed by the specific number you want to block. You can also use codes like ##1 or #31# along with your landline number, then enter the blocked numbers and finally, hang up.

However, this method may not work if you have call blocking or on certain service plans. Alternatively, you can discuss options with your phone company that help to automate the process for you.

Can You Text from a Landline Number?

Yes, you can easily text messages from a landline number. You can text a landline using business texting software that lets landlines receive text messages like regular phone numbers.

Just open your text messaging app, enter the 10-digit landline number, write your message, and send it. Landlines also need similar software to read and respond to texts.

Is a landline number a phone number?

Yes, a landline number is a type of phone number. It is that type of phone number connected to traditional telephones that uses wires.

Are landline phone numbers still relevant?

The relevance of using landline phone numbers has declined because of mobile phones and the Internet. But also many businesses and homes still use landline service for specific reasons like stable connection, excellent sound quality, and emergency cases.

Do I need a landline phone to use a landline phone number?

No, you do not necessarily need a landline phone to use a landline phone number. In today’s time, many telecommunication providers provide services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which allows you to use a landline phone number through an internet connection.

Is a cordless phone considered a landline?

Yes, a cordless phone is considered a landline. Even though the receiver establishes a wireless connection, the phone base links to the cable via a phone jack. Additionally, you have the option to use this phone for texting.

How can you tell if a phone is a mobile or landline?

You can easily find out if a phone number is from a mobile device or a landline by using a phone number validator. This tool not only checks the validity of the number but also tells you if it’s a landline or mobile number.

What are the documents required to get a local landline number?

The documents required to get a local landline number vary based on the service providers and location. There is no requirement for documents to get a landline number in the USA and Canada with KrispCall. However, for a country like France, you need to submit documents.

For example: 

France Local Number Documents for Business

1. Proof of Identity: Excerpt from the commercial register (Extrait K-bis) showing the name of the Authorized Representative

2. Proof of Local Address: Excerpt from the commercial register showing local address OR Utility bill OR Tax notice OR Rent receipt OR Title deed

3. Proof of Business Registration Number: Excerpt from the commercial register (Extrait K-bis)

4. Proof of Identity*: Passport OR  Government-issued ID OR Residence permit

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