888 area code phone number
  • Arun Chaudhary
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888 Area Code Phone Number: What is it & how to get an 888 toll-free number?

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 08 May 23
  • 11 min read

I bet you have seen, heard, or dialed an 888 area code phone number more than once in your life, and might have even received a call from it. 

Looking at such numbers, several questions may pop up in your head, such as where is area code 888 from, Is 888 area code number scam, Is 888 numbers free, and many more. 

Don’t get worried, here you will get all the information about the 888 area code phone number, its origin, and its features in the business, including:

  • What is an 888 area code?
  • How to get a cheap 888 Toll-free number?
  • What is the difference between 888 area codes and toll-free area codes?
  • Which country provides 888 area codes?
  • How 1888 toll-free numbers work for US and Canada Callers
  • Why choose an 888 area code phone number?
  • Benefits of +1888 Toll-Free Numbers
  • Bonus: Tips for choosing the best area code numbers
  • And so on…

Let’s take a deep glance at each one.

What is 888 area code?

888 area code is a toll-free number area code used throughout the United States, Canada, and some other regions as part of the North American Numbing Plan and is often used by businesses and organizations to provide free calls for customer service, sales inquiries, and other purposes. 

888 area code phone number format: Country code + TollFree code + Remaining numbers

888 area code example: +1 (888) XXX – XXXX

888 area code

When you have a toll-free 888 number, anyone in America, Canada, the Caribbean, and other nations or regions affiliated with NANP can call you for free. Even if the caller is far from your location or overseas, they don’t have to pay long-distance rates.

Business can customize their vanity phone number using an 888 area code such as +1 (888) – NYLAWYER, +1 (888) BUSINESS

is 888 area code a toll free number?

Yes, the 888 area code is a toll-free number in North America. When you dial a toll-free number with the 888 area code, there is no charge for the caller, since the recipient bears the cost. Additionally, toll-free numbers with other area codes, such as 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, and 877 are considered toll-free in North America. These numbers are often used by businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to provide a convenient and cost-free way for customers and clients to contact them.

How to get a cheap 888 area code number?

The best way you can get the 888 area code phone number at a low price is by choosing the best VOIP provider that offers toll-free calling, toll-free SMS, and MMS for your number.

 It is worth looking for a virtual phone number provider with more features at a competitive price and 24/7 customer service.

Follow the steps to get the 888 area code phone number: 

  1. Choose the best virtual number providers.
  2. Pick the 888 phone numbers from their number database.
  3. Choose the plan according to your needs. Many providers give you a free trial and an any-time cancellation option.
  4. And after completing the setting process you can get an 888 area code. 

However, among the list of virtual number providers, Krispcall is one of the best. It has abundant 888 toll-free numbers in stock and you can get numbers in a minute without any documentation requirements. Furthermore, Krispcall is totally virtual so you don’t need any physical setup. 

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Which country provides (888) area codes?

888 is a toll-free area code underneath the North American Numbering Plan that is authorized not just in the United States but also in the Caribbean and Canada for companies and customer care services. 

That means it is not the only USA that provides 888 area codes with a toll-free number.

Nevertheless, the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission of the United States has created 888 area codes as well as six other codes. We can therefore say that the USA provides area code 888.

How do +1 888 area code phone numbers work for US and Canada Callers?

There is no distinction between dialing a toll-free number and other numbers. Simply by entering your toll-free area code (888, here), callers can make a toll-free call. 

A toll-free number from 1888 charges the owner of the number all communication costs while letting callers make outbound calls for free. So, when the callers call from US and Canada or any countries included in NANP, they never get charged.  

Further, any international fees the callers incur when they contact you are passed onto your business. Hence, they can solve their queries related to the business conveniently. Moreover, they don’t have to pay for it as well.

Also, no matter where callers are calling from, long-distance fees do not apply. However, the price may vary depending on the service provider. If you use a VOIP service provider such as Krispcall, you will get unlimited calling in US and Canada.

Why choose an 888 area code number?

888 toll-free numbers help businesses reach out to audiences from all over the world on an open basis, which attracts more audiences, provides better customer service, and resolves company-related questions more rapidly.

You will save customers money by offering a toll-free number since it does not charge the caller but only the recipient.

Moreover, it is not only beneficial to the customers but also for businesses too. The 888 area code phone number gives you a professional appearance.

Benefits of +1 888 area code telephone numbers

Once you get an 888 number, your potential clients won’t be the only ones winning. When you get toll free number for business, your company will enjoy many benefits, including these:

benefits of 888 phone number
  • Build a memorable phone number

If you want to represent your brand, you can set personalized vanity phone numbers using the 888 area code. The code is like a premium web domain. You can make your toll-free number an eye catchy vanity number in which your string of digits spell out a word or your business name, such as (1-888-Fruits).

These vanity numbers are helpful for a large or small company. They can use for the company’s branding. So, for those who feel their business phone is unnoticed, get a vanity number that makes a statement.

And it is beneficial for customers as well as these vanity phone numbers are easier to remember for them rather than ten-digit numbers.

  • Attract more customers

For any business, the major goal is to attract customers and increase sales, right?

But if the customers have to pay for reaching you, then they may think they are giving more than they are getting, which results in a decrease in customer rate.

grow customer with 888 numbers

So make use of toll-free numbers as it allows the customers to reach your business without paying a dime. By doing so, you can attract more clients and broadens your presence.

  • Appears more professional

The majority of big companies use toll-free numbers. Therefore, if you have an 888 area code, your business will seem more established and professional. As an added benefit, it shows that you can support a large number of customers.

In addition, if the calla looks to come from a reliable source, customers can trust you. Phone calls with regular phone numbers are less likely to get picked up by customers than toll-free ones. 

  • Better Customer Service

Imagine your customer needs support or assistance. In such a situation, if they have to pay to contact you, is it fair for them? It is not. Right?

That’s why it is strongly recommended that unless you are a purely local company, you should have a toll-free number. 

When you have toll-free numbers, customers can reach you from anywhere without being charged. Moreover, they can call you and send your text messages to your toll-free number whenever they need help. As a result, you can provide better customer service.

  • Stand out from other businesses

Using an 888 area code lets your customers know that you provide services across America, Canada, the Caribbean, and beyond. In this way, your audience is more likely to connect with you.

Because of obvious reasons such as unique vanity numbers, and the ability to attract more customers and drive sales, toll-free numbers give your business a competitive edge. So, your company can stand out from other firms with the help of toll-free numbers. 

stand out your business with 888 toll free number

The fact that you are the only company within the industry offering a free way for customers to reach you is another reason why your customers choose you over your competitors.

What is the difference between 888 area codes and toll-free area codes?

Toll-free area code 888 phone numbers are the same as other toll-free area code phone numbers in terms of functionality and services. Your callers can reach you without paying a penny when you have these three-digit toll-free codes.

 However, there’s nothing that sticks in people’s minds more than 888 numbers, regardless of whether they’ve heard them on the radio or seen them online. Consequently, a significant perk of the 888 code is that it is recognized widely. On the other hand, many callers are unfamiliar with the code 833 or 844.

888 are code number vs toll fee number

Toll-free numbers initially began with a prefix of 800. But, carriers began issuing 888 and other toll-free numbers once the 800 numbers dwindled.

Moreover, these 888 area codes are intended for NANP countries to facilitate businesses to encourage their customers to contact them free of cost.

 👀 Find out: Landline VS Mobile VS Toll-free Numbers

Tips for choosing the best 888 area code numbers

Decided to go ahead with the area code 888 phone number? 

If so, then have a look below. Here are the best tips for choosing the best area code numbers:

  • Before choosing the vendor, surf through the customer review and feedback.
  • Test the effectiveness and compatibility by yourself by going through the free demo trial.
  • Select the best VOIP provider. 
  • Review the number’s communication features.
  • Besides features, the price is essential when choosing the area code numbers. Get the best value for the money. 
  • Ensure that you choose one that offers a wide range of toll-free area code options.
  • Make your brand stand out with easy-to-remember and memorable vanity numbers.
  • Choose specific area codes to eliminate confusion with your audiences.

Get a Personalized 888 area code phone number with KrispCall 

It is easy to show your commitment to your clients by covering their long-distance fees whenever they call. Additionally, toll-free area code numbers can benefit you too.

 With a personalized 888 area code, you can reach a wider audience, shine more in the marketplace, and appear more legitimate. It will also help you increase brand visibility and engagement, which will drive more sales.

The 888 number you get through Krispcall allows you to use it to call and text anyone in the US or Canada for free.


KrispCall offers you 24/7 dedicated human support, 99.99% uptime, a massive pool of virtual numbers spread across 100+ countries, and excellent communication tools.

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🃏 Is area code 888 phones a scam?

In most cases, calls with the 888 area code are not scams. Nevertheless, since most phone numbers can be customized, it is possible for anyone to have an 888 number and pass it off as legitimate.

Where is area code 888 located?

In spite of the fact that the 888 code is not located in any particular region, it is primarily intended for US, Canadian, and other North American Numbering Plans.

💰How much does an 888 toll-free number cost?

888 toll-free number cost varies as per the plan company needs. It depends on the service provider. Most of the time, however, it will cost you around 1-5 dollars.

🌎 Can I get 888 area code numbers from outside of the USA and Canada?

Yes, you can get 888 area code numbers from outside of the USA and Canada with the help of virtual number providers like KrispCall.

What is 888 area code text message

888 area code text message refers to a text message sent or received from a phone number with an 888 area code. This message could be a marketing message, customer service inquiry, or any other type of text message sent from a 888 toll-free number. If you receive a text message from an 888 area code, it means that the cost of the message is being borne by the recipient, not the sender.

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