844 Area Code Phone Number: What is it & how to get an 844 toll-free number?

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844 Area Code Phone Number

Are you scouring up the internet for information on 844 area code phone numbers or looking for the benefits of 844 area code toll-free number for business? 

In this article, you’ll get all the information you need to know about the 844 area code, a bit of its origin, its features, and its benefits including:

Stick till the end, to know how you can figure out the best way to integrate 844 area code phone numbers in your business.

What is an 844 area code?

884 Area Code is a telephone code for toll-free numbers in North American countries that allow callers in the US, Canada, and a few other countries to call without incurring charges. The owners (businesses or organizations) of area code 844 phone numbers pay the charges incurred. 

The area code 844 was assigned by NANP as a prefix for toll-free phone number on December 12, 2013, primarily used in North American countries US, Canada, and other affiliated territories. It is one of the seven area codes for toll-free numbers including 800, 833, 855, 866, 877, and 888. It is free to call these numbers from landlines and cell phones.

Where is the 844 Area Code Located?

The location of the 844 Area Code is not confined to or associated with any specific geographical location like a typical local phone number. However, it serves as a telephony prefix code for toll-free phone numbers in North American countries like the US, Canada, and other nations under the NANP. 


Although people refer to these prefixes as “area codes,” they aren’t necessarily dedicated to a particular area. These prefixes expand across multiple countries that are members of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

NAPN includes these 20 countries and territories, facilitating every call to one of those seven prefixed toll-free phone numbers from the listed countries free. 

  • The USA, including territories like Puerto Rico 
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Anguilla 
  • Bahamas Barbados 
  • Bermuda 
  • The British Virgin Islands 
  • Cayman Islands 
  • Canada 
  • Dominican Republic 
  • Dominica
  • Grenada 
  • Jamaica 
  • Montserrat 
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis 
  • Saint Lucia 
  • Sint Maarten
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 
  • Turks and Caicos Islands 
  • Trinidad and Tobago

How to get a cheap 844 Area Code Toll-free number?

You can get an 844 toll-free number for a cheap price, but you should consider choosing a proper provider for your VoIP number. 

It’s important to find a Virtual Phone Number provider that offers cutting-edge communication features at the most competitive prices and provides quality customer service 24/7.

KrispCall is one of the best Virtual Phone Number providers that lives up to and beyond customer expectations. 

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Here is how to get cheap toll-free 844 numbers from KrispCall:

  1. create a KrispCall user account.
  1. Log in using the credentials (email and password) used while creating your account.
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  1. On the left-hand panel, click on a “+” sign beside “NUMBERS.
Untitled 1
  1. Select “USA” as your preferred country.
Untitled 2
  1. Go to “Advanced filter,” enter ‘844‘ under “Number,” and select ‘First part of Number’ under “Match to.”
Untitled 4

You get a list of toll-free 844 numbers with other information like monthly fees and abilities.

  1. Click on “Buy Number,” enter a name for the number and click on the “Add to Cart” button.
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  1. Click on the “Cart” button in the top-right corner and click on the “Confirm Purchase” button.
Untitled 5

The +1 844 phone number will appear under “ACTIVE NUMBERS” after completing the transaction and verification. 

Note: Contacting the Service provider beforehand and inquiring about the toll-free 844 numbers availability is always a good idea.

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Are there any differences between 844 area codes and toll-free area codes?

Regarding functionality and features, there is no difference between 844 area codes and toll-free area codes. They all are three-digit area code prefixes entailed by a set of numbers to make up a toll-free number.

As mentioned earlier, 844 is one of seven area code prefixes and does not charge callers to that number. These toll-free numbers are designed for NANP countries to facilitate businesses to encourage their audiences to contact them free of cost.

Are there any differences between 844 area codes and toll free area codes

844 area codes are the subsidiary of 800 and 888 area code prefixes, the first toll-free codes introduced by the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission.

These two area codes could not suffice for the user requirements and ran out of numbers, which resulted in the creation of five other area codes, including 844. 

Which country provides 844 area codes?

Usually, the United States of America (USA) provides 844 area codes with toll-free numbers, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that an incoming call with an 844 prefix is from the USA. It can be from Canada, the USA, or any of the islands in North America. 

In fact, the Federal Communications Commission of the United States created 844 area codes and six others. So we can say that the USA provides 844 area codes.

Why is the +1 844 toll-free number so popular with US and Canada callers?

US and Canada are a part of the (NANP) North American Numbering Plan, and these 1844 toll-free numbers facilitate businesses to attract more audiences by allowing them to contact them free of cost.

1844 toll-free numbers have a unique setup that charges the owners all communication charges and lets the callers make an outbound call to that number for free.

Why is the 1 844 toll free number so popular with US and Canada callers

All US and Canada callers can make calls to 844 toll-free numbers for free with unlimited talk time. This is the bright side of the 1844 toll-free numbers, as it encourages audiences, customers, leads, and any other party to contact businesses without hesitation. 

You can easily remember the 1844 toll-free number and it is very inexpensive in the US and Canada, only charging a few dollars per month. Both businesses and customers (callers) benefit from this.

Benefits of 844 area code Toll-free numbers

benefit of 844 tollfee numbers

1. Set up unique, eye-catching vanity numbers

You can set up toll-free numbers using 844 toll-free numbers to represent your brand with a custom mix of alphabet and numbers.

Market your brand in every possible way. For example, if your brand is about flowers, you can easily set up a memorable and keyword-studded vanity phone number ( 1 844 FLOWER) as your toll-free number for your audiences and customers to contact you. It is distinctive and easy to remember.

2. Attract more customers & audiences

Attracting audiences to your brand or business is the best thing you can do to grow. You can attract more audiences using toll-free numbers since you will allow everyone to reach your business without spending a single penny.

Everyone can call your business without hesitation and not fear losing money on communications. More engagement leads to better lead conversion, meaning better sales and business growth.

3. Demonstrate business professionalism

People have a thing for toll-free numbers and regard them as a sign of being part of thriving companies. They feel comfortable and assured of conducting business with your company. 844 and other toll-free numbers leave a mark of professionalism on your audience.

It also resembles your brand as an international, while local and national numbers don’t liberate such essence for your company. 

4. Enhance your brand reachability

An inbound call from toll-free 884 numbers impacts the receiver’s end differently. The receiver feels safer receiving calls from such numbers than from other numbers. They automatically assume those calls to be from large reputed companies and usually end up answering them.

Incorporating 844 toll-free numbers in your business communications enhances your brand reachability, directly impacting growth and prosperity. Reach more audiences with better success rates with toll-free numbers.

4. Stand out from the crowd

Toll-free numbers help your company stand out from other companies for the obvious reasons mentioned above. Not all companies incorporate toll-free numbers in their business communications and lag knowingly or unknowingly. 

Stand out from the crowd

Why follow such trends? Be unique and present yourself as the pioneer of more incredible things. It leaves a positive impression on your customers and your competitors too.

Bonus: Tips for choosing the best area code numbers

The best tips for choosing the best area code numbers are:

  • Customer reviews and feedback are crucial aspects to go through before selecting a vendor.
  • A demo and a free trial can also be an alternative to test the effectiveness and overall compatibility.
  • Choose the best service provider (customer support, uptime, arbitrary traits).
  • Review the communication features associated with the number.
  • Pricing matters a lot after features; always get the best for the money you pay. 
  • Go with the one that facilitates more options for toll-free area code numbers.
  • Design and get eye-catching & easy to remember vanity numbers that represent your brand the best.
  • Consider confusion with numbers for your audiences, so choose distinctive area code numbers.

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Get a Personalized 844 area code phone number with KrispCall

You must have understood about 844 area code phone numbers by now. Personalized 844 area code phone numbers will make you appear professional amongst your competitors, improve employee productivity, and increase brand visibility and engagement.

KrispCall offers you the best 844 area code numbers with full-fledged customization to meet your business needs.

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Is area code 844 legitimate?

Yes, the area code 844 is legitimate, and the numbers associated with this area code are toll-free numbers, usually in the North American region. However, sometimes scammers (hackers) can spoof these sorts of numbers to scam people, so be careful to do a thorough background check on the companies they claim to be.

How much does an 844 toll-free number cost?

There is no specific price for 844 toll-free numbers, depending on the service provider. However, it doesn’t cost you more than a few dollars.

Can I send and receive text messages with my 844 number?

Yes, you can send and receive text messages with your 844 USA and Canada numbers. It may charge you a certain fee.

What time zone does area code 844 cover?

The 844 area code does not have a specific geographical location or time zone. 844 Area code numbers are mostly used in North American countries and their peripheral states.

Can I get an 844 area code number for my personal use?

You can get an 844 area code number for personal use, but is it worth it? You get local numbers for half the price and monthly fees. So think about it. It only makes sense to get 844 area code numbers for business use.

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