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KrispCall’s Features

Transform your business calls with our cloud telephony system — enriched with customizable options, budget-friendly pricing & advanced features.

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Discover KrispCall’s Valuable Features

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Unified Callbox

Get every detail of calls, SMS, MMS, and voicemails in a single window and access all conversations without switching apps.

feature Unified

Global Calling

Expand your customer base worldwide with KrispCall global calling feature for making instant calls across borders.

feature Global Calling

Text Messages (SMS)

Ensure faster response by sending and receiving personalized text messages to and from your clients and customers.

feature Text Messages SMS


Seamlessly access and manage voice messages on all devices and maximize your opportunities with voicemail.

feature Voicemail

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail as audio files straight to your email inbox and access it from any device without calling voicemails.

feature Voicemail to Email

Shared Phone Number

Boost customer response by sharing your number with your team members and eliminating missed calls.

feature Shared Phone Number

Call on Hold

Hold calls for extra client support without disconnecting, ensuring uninterrupted assistance whenever needed.

feature Call on Hold

Call Notes

Improve teamwork, reduce confusion, share information, and improve clients' communication with call notes.

feature Call Notes

Call & Contact Tagging

Tag customers for easy sorting, streamlining navigation and enhancing customer support efficiency.

feature Call Contact Tagging

Call forwarding

Improve call management with call forwarding - never miss vital calls, boost agents’ productivity, and customer satisfaction.

feature Call forwarding

Call Transfer

Route calls instantly to expert agents, minimizing customer wait time for swift query resolution and improved customer support.

feature Call Transfer

Do Not Disturb Mode

Enable Do Not Disturb for uninterrupted work focus, muting calls and alerts temporarily for concentration.

feature Do Not Disturb Mode

Call logs / Call History

Enhance customer service by analyzing call trends, durations, and satisfaction through detailed call logs.

feature Call Logs Call History

Multiple Phone Numbers

Utilize multiple phone numbers to balance work and personal life using separate numbers, ensuring privacy and communication control.

feature Multiple Phone Numbers

Phone Tree (IVR)

Leverage KrispCall's phone tree for efficient call routing, ensuring swift access to the right department for information.

feature Phone Tree IVR

Call Analytics

Get comprehensive call metrics in real time with KrispCall's analytics, covering volume, duration, inbound/outbound calls & more.

feature Call Analytics

Call Listening

Boost the quality of your business calls & gain valuable insights into agent performance by listening to live calls.

feature call listening

Multimedia Messaging

Engage your audience with MMS to boost brand recognition with vibrant images and compelling videos.

feature multimedia messaging

Voicemail Greeting

Record customized, professional and creative voicemail greetings to greet callers with automated voice messages.

feature voicemail greeting

Simultaneous Ringing

Use simultaneous ringing to ring multiple agents at once and ensure swift call answering & consistent customer interactions.

feature simultaneous ringing

Call Whispering

Participate in an active phone call to coach agents and improve customer support & service quality.

Feature Call Whispering

Call Barging

Join an active phone call to monitor the performance of the agent, help them if needed, or take over the call entirely.

Feature Call Barging

Call Blocking

Prevent unwanted callers & contacts from reaching you and focus more on the tasks at hand without any disturbances.

call blocking feature

Custom caller ID

Use an external caller ID to cloak your phone number. Hide your real phone number & protect your privacy.

Feature Custom caller ID

Computer Telephony Integration

Integrate your cloud phone with popular CRMs and business tools to enhance functionalities and boost efficiency.

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Call Recording

Record phone calls to document the details shared in past conversations and deliver exactly what clients want.

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Bulk SMS (Coming Soon)

Convey a message to a large audience in one go. Reach your audience with important announcements instantly and efficiently.

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Voicemail Transcription

Get written transcripts of your voicemails, extract key information, and ensure you never miss important details or opportunities.

voicemail transcription feature img

Power Dialer (Coming Soon)

Manage a large volume of outbound calls by automating call dialing and improve agent efficiency & sales performance.

power dialer feature img

Live Call Monitoring

Monitor live calls to ensure quality standards and gain real-time insights that drive performance and customer satisfaction.

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Multi-Level IVR (Coming Soon)

Prevent unwanted callers & contacts from reaching you and focus more on the tasks at hand without any disturbances.

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SMS Forwarding

Use an external caller ID to cloak your phone number. Hide your real phone number & protect your privacy.

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