SMS Forwarding

Automatically Forward Your Inbound Text Messages To Alternate Number

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Automatically Forward Your Inbound Text Messages To Alternate Number

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is one of the best ways to connect with businesses and clients. However, managing them to never miss a single shot of convo is pretty difficult.

As a business professional, can you relate to the frustration of clients trying to reach you via text, only to be met with silence? Imagine the cost of managing multiple business lines for handling tons of clients’ SMS: missed appointments, lost orders, and dissatisfied customers expecting instant responses.

So what’s the solution? How can you manage all of your important texts without leaving your team overwhelmed and handle high-volume SMS inquiries? Well, look no further than SMS forwarding.

Here’s a quick rundown of what SMS forwarding is, the way it works, its benefits, and how you can setup SMS forwarding effortlessly for your business.

Before we move on…

What is SMS Forwarding?

SMS forwarding is the process of automatically redirecting text messages (SMS) received on one phone number to another phone number or device. It’s a telephony feature supported by VoIP systems that improves message accessibility and flexibility, simplifying overall SMS management.

SMS forwarding is like call forwarding for text messages. Just as call forwarding allows incoming calls to be redirected from one phone number to another before ringing the call, SMS forwarding redirects text messages from one phone number to another before receiving messages.

How Does SMS Forwarding Work?

SMS forwarding works by intercepting incoming text messages intended for a specific phone number and transmitting them to another designated number. SMS pass through the carrier’s network and are processed based on user-defined forwarding rules. Once identified for forwarding, they are transmitted to the recipient or selected forwarding number through controlled servers or networks.

To be more general, SMS forwarding works like having a middleman for your text messages. When someone sends you a text, instead of it going straight to your phone, it first goes to this middleman. Then, based on some rules you set up, the middleman decides if it should forward the message to your phone or to another number you’ve chosen.

Benefits of SMS Forwarding For Businesses & Individuals


Team Collaboration

SMS forwarding helps you work more efficiently and effectively as a team. By setting up message forwarding based on your colleague’s expertise & responsibilities, you can keep your overall team informed and up-to-date in just a go.

Accessible & Flexible

Individuals and businesses using multiple devices can access messages while customizing the routing rules based on their preferences and needs, regardless of where they are and which device they are using, providing better accessibility and flexibility.

Security & Privacy

Businesses and Individuals can keep their personal phone numbers private while still receiving important SMS or notifications on their primary device, maintaining security & privacy.

Optimized Workflow

SMS forwarding allows businesses to organize their communication processes and workflow, such as automatically directing customer inquiries to the appropriate department or employee.

Better Customer Service

SMS forwarding helps quickly send customer messages to the right people, making responses faster and ensuring questions are handled well. This helps keep customers engaged and greatly improves customer service.

Parenting & Monitoring

Utilizing SMS forwarding parents can stay updated about their child’s social interactions and activities. Being aware and informed of a child’s challenges such as cyberbullying, and peer pressure, parents can provide timely advice and support.

Application and Use Cases of SMS Forwarding in Different Industries