Cloud-based Call Center Software for Restaurants

Streamline your restaurant’s customer service with our cutting-edge cloud-based call center software, empowering you to efficiently manage incoming calls, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your overall operational performance.

Easily customizable as per your business needs
Wide reach with services in 100+ countries
Unified callbox for streamlined communication
Easy integrations with popular business tools
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How to Set up a Restaurant Call Center System?

Setting up a restaurant call center system involves a few simple steps. First, create a KrispCall account, then select the country and choose your phone number type for the call restaurant call center system, and select the phone number you need. After that, make payments and submit the required documents.

  1. Create a KrispCall Account
  2. Select the country and choose your phone number type.
  3. Select the phone number you need.
  4. Make payment and Submit your documents for verification (if necessary).
  5. Start using KrispCall call center software for restaurants.
How to Set up Call Center Software for Small Business
Why choose krispcall resturants

Why Choose KrispCall Call Center Software for Your Resturant Business?

Quick and Easy Setup: KrispCall’s call center software ensures a hassle-free and straightforward setup process which allows you to get your restaurant’s call center set up quickly without any complex configuration and technical issues.
Better Call Handling: Krispcall’s call center software provides advanced call handling features that enable your restaurant to handle incoming calls more efficiently. Moreover, you can easily manage and route calls, monitor call queues, and address customer queries quickly.
Interactive Voice Response: Krispcall’s call center software offers interactive voice response, which allows callers to interact with an automated system and navigate through different options using keypad inputs or voice commands.
Integrate with Your Favorite Tools: You can integrate various tools with KrispCall’s call center. For instance, you can integrate Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and many more, which enables smooth communication and data sharing between platforms.

Top-Notch Features  to Automate Your Restaurant

Here is a list of the key features and functionalities of Restaurant Call Center Software.

Integration with CRM Software & Other Business Tools

Call center software, such as KrispCall, can easily integrate with CRM Software & Other Business tools in a minute for various call center applications, enhancing communication capabilities and customer service efficiency.

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Types of Restaurant Call Center Software

Following are the types of call center software you can consider for your restaurant business.

Top 10 Restaurant Call Center Software Providers

1. KrispCall

KrispCall stands out as the perfect restaurant choice, offering scalability, advanced features, and global coverage. With its user-friendly dashboard and a wide range of features including IVR, it caters to the specific needs of restaurant businesses.  


KrispCall has become the ideal restaurant choice as they have features and solutions for your every need. Whether you require sales automation systems or comprehensive contact center software, KrispCall provides tailored solutions at affordable prices, making it an invaluable asset for any restaurant.

To add up, with a proven track record of serving over 2000 trusted customers in +100 countries, KrispCall is the perfect choice for call center software for restaurants.

Call Forwarding & Call Transfer
Call Recording
Live Call Monitoring
Call Analytics
SMS Texting
Unified Callbox
Intelligent Voice Response (IVR)
International phone number
Vanity phone number
Essential: $15/user/month
Standard: $40/user/month
Enterprise: Custom
Wide range VoIP phone service in over 100 countries
Offers advanced features like a unified callbox
24/7 dedicated human support
No setup charge and additional hidden cost
Some features, like call barging, are still in progress.
Krispcall is not compatible with Windows and Linux.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral Contact Center is a top software program for automating call center operations. Its primary goals are to increase customer service and streamline the problem-solving process. The program provides service teams with the resources to provide outstanding client help swiftly and effectively because of its wide advanced features.


Due to its compatibility with on-premises, remote, and hybrid communication, and interaction, RingCentral has become one of the most well-liked suppliers for enterprises that want flexibility. For a fair price, it provides service for various phone numbers, including vanity and international and local numbers. 

Interactive voice response (IVR)
Automatic call distribution (ACD)
Auto dialer
Preview dialer
Computer telephony integration (CTI)
Predictive dialer
Call Routing
Call Monitoring
Core: $20/user/month
Advanced: $25/user/month
Ultra: $35/user/month
Easy to set up and use.
Compatible with on-premises, remote, and hybrid communication and interaction.
Does not provide the best scalability options
It does not offer customized conference call greeting messages
Incompatible with Linux.
Does not have the widest network coverage

3. Nextiva

Nextiva is a well-prominent provider of cloud-based communication solutions designed to empower businesses. Nextiva enables businesses to streamline communication processes, improve productivity, and enhance customer interactions.


Nextiva offers a user-friendly solution for companies of all sizes with cutting-edge features like auto-attendant, call recording, voicemail-to-email, and mobile connectivity. Because of its dedication to providing outstanding customer service and cutting-edge technology, organizations looking for dependable and scalable communication solutions frequently choose Nextiva.

Call Screening
Call Recording & Rating
Call Park
Call Forwarding
Three-Way Calling
Conference Bridge
Call Queuing
Free Local Phone Number
Free Toll-Free Number
Call Analytics
Essential: $18.95/user/month
Professional: $22.95/user/month
Enterprise: $32.95/user/month
Includes live chat, gamified analytics, CRM, and team collaboration.
Offers a CRM and VoIP phone system package called the Communication Suite.
Integrates with many tools.
It can be expensive when integrated with many tools and features.
Limited international calls.

4. MightyCall

MightyCall includes features such as custom greeting, auto attendant, call waiting, and call screening which makes it one of the best tools for call centers in restaurants. It is compatible in iOS and Android, versatile, and easy to use. Moreover, what makes it unique from other providers is 24/7 auto-attendant and various powerful integration.


MightyCall is a trustworthy virtual phone system with simple and advanced call management features. This makes it a fantastic option for entrepreneurs and small enterprises looking for a reliable communication platform.

Custom Greeting
Music On Hold
Business Hours Call Routing
Call Waiting
Call Screening
Auto Attendant
Multi-Level IVR
Core: US$15 /user/month (billed annually)
Pro: US$20 /user/month (billed annually)
Enterprise: Contact the sales team
Compatible applications for iOS and Android
Action-to-task conversion
24/7 auto-attendant
Powerful integration
Customer service is not the best
Call quality can be made better
Difficult for beginners to navigate

5. Ooma

Ooma is one of the most reputable providers of internet telephony services for companies. Their platform provides various communication options, such as voicemail transcription, virtual phone numbers, and sophisticated call management tools. 


Businesses can use Ooma’s internet-based calling services at a low cost to ensure high-quality voice communication without using traditional phone lines. Ooma is a well-liked option for small and medium-sized organizations seeking a reliable phone solution that provides flexibility and scalability because of its user-friendly interface, dependable service, and reasonable pricing. 

Call management
Virtual call center
Employee directory
Call logging and call routing
Virtual extensions
Employee directory
Secure Plan $4.99 per month
Pro Secure Plan $14.99 per month
Competitive monthly pricing
Easy to use
No contract required
24/7 customer support
Limited integrations
Limited communication options
$29.95 activation fee

6. 8×8

8X8 is another well-known provider of virtual phone numbers. Their platform offers various services, including contact center solutions, team messaging, video conferencing, and internet telephony. With capabilities like virtual numbers, call routing, voicemail transcription, and interfaces, 8×8 enables smooth communication and cooperation among teams.


Due to its trustworthy network, robust security measures, and scalable solutions, 8×8 is a reliable choice for organizations looking to optimize their communication infrastructure and increase productivity.

Team Messaging
Single Sign-on
Skills Based Routing
Hot Desking
Multi-level Auto Attendant
X2 Plan: US$288 /user/year (billed annually)
X4 Plan: US$528 /user/year (billed annually)
Simple to navigate and use the software
Best software for broadcasting the messages
Provides great analytics to track employee performance
Provides low-level customer services to the users
Still switching components to web-based applications

7. Zoiper

Zoiper is a feature-rich softphone software that provides businesses with efficient and flexible communication solutions, making it beneficial for restaurant call centers. Its features like click 2 Dial, encryption with military-grade standards, auto-answer feature, and advanced audio features have given Zapier an upper hand in the competitive market.


ZoiPer, a flexible VoIP softphone app that follows open standards, can be used by many businesses and industries, including internet service providers, call centers, VoIP integrators, and mobile operators. It gives customers access to over-the-top (OTT) applications and a software development kit (SDK), resulting in more customization and flexibility.

Click 2 Dial
Encryption with military-grade standards
The auto-answer feature
Advanced audio features
Starter: USD 19.99/month, billed annually
Professional: $49/month (billed annually)
Team: USD 69/month (billed annually)
Company: USD 99/month ( billed annually)
Amazing interface
Great functionality
Bug-free (to a great extent)
Quick implementation
Additional fee for extra features
Constant reminders that encourage you to upgrade to paid version

8. Dialpad

DialPad has become a leading VoIP provider due to its powerful Voice Intelligence feature. DialPad gives organizations remarkable communication opportunities.

Being one of the most adaptable company systems, this phone system for restaurants like pizza restaurants offers a wide range of integrations and interfaces.


Dialpad, known for its features like IVR/ voice recognition, automatic routing, and unified communication, is perfect for any kind of business in the hospitality business, including restaurant call centers.

IVR/ Voice Recognition
Goal Setting/Tracking
Automatic Outbound Dialer
Automated Routing
Unified Communications
Standard: $180 user/year ( billed annually)
Pro: $300 user/year ( billed annually)
Enterprise: Custom Quote
Enables easy communication with our consumers
Salesforce integration enables quick data and contact interactions.
Better reporting capabilities and call usage data are provided to managers.
The dashboard can be better
Loading Analytics Data takes time

9. Freshdesk

Freshdesk, formerly known as Freshcaller is a customer support software that aids in the easy management of customer support. Agents can easily handle customer inquiries by organizing them into a ticket and assigning the tickets to the right teams that resolve the issues quickly. It also brings messages from various channels like email, chat, and social media making agents easy to respond to customers from one place.

FreshDesk Call Center Software for Restaurants

Freshdesk also has a knowledge base where BPOs can provide helpful articles and FAQs for customers to find answers on their own. It also offers reports and analytics to track performance and customer satisfaction.

Scenario automation
Canned responses
Team huddle
Automatic email notification
Shared ownership
Growth: US$180 /user/year (billed annually)
Pro: US$468 /user/year (billed annually)
Enterprise: US$828 /user/year (billed annually)
User-friendly interface
Quick and easy setup
Canned responses for tickets and chats
Occasionally very unresponsive
Integrations might be improved
Additional automation options are required.

10. 3CX

3CX is a powerful communication software with advanced features ideal for restaurant call centers. With 3CX, businesses can enjoy a comprehensive and efficient communication system that enhances customer experience.

3CX seamlessly integrates with Windows 365, and setting up the entire program only requires a few clicks, which is often helpful for beginners. However, it can be used with other operating systems without any difficulty.


The reasonable price of 3CX makes it one of the favorites in the market. The free first year is a fascinating feature for most users. The features do have certain restrictions, though. The functionality is undoubtedly more limited than more expensive options, and the UI falls short of keeping up with design trends. 

Video Conferencing
Live Chat
Call Management
Call Forwarding
Business SMS
Remote Collaboration
Deployment Options
Startup Pro: $175/user/per year
Dedicated Pro: $295/user/per year
Dedicated Enterprise: $330/user/per year
Call Blocking
Personal greetings
Message forwarding
Unlimited calling (within the USA)
Texting is limited to US customers only
It does not offer toll-free numbers
Availability in limited countries

What are the Restaurant Call Center Best Practices?

Several key factors must be considered before selecting and using any call center software to ensure efficient and satisfactory customer service. Here are some best ways to make the most of your restaurant call center:

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Quick and Respecful Customer Service

Restaurant falls under the hospitality business, and this industry demands quick and respectful customer service. So, every restaurant needs to focus on training the call center agents to answer calls promptly and greet customers in a friendly manner. They should also remember that professionalism and politeness are maintained throughout the conversation.
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Train Staff and Employees

Train your employees and call agents about using restaurant call center softwares. Be sure that your call center agents are well-trained and have comprehensive knowledge of your restaurant's menu, specials, promotions, and policies. As a result, they can provide helpful recommendations to customers and answer their queries accurately.
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Clear Communication

Agents should talk correctly and enunciate their words to guarantee that consumers can understand them easily. They should also actively listen to the desires and worries of the clients to effectively resolve the issues.
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Emphasize Problem-Solving and Resolution

Develop the capacities of your staff to relate to and comprehend consumers' needs. When possible, teach them problem-solving skills and give them the authority to handle problems independently without consulting management.
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CRM Integration

Integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) system with your call center software to gain access to customer history and preferences. Agents can cater to the demands of each consumer individually because of this.
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Quality Assurance

Review call records regularly to evaluate agent performance and compliance with best practices or monitor live calls. Give constructive feedback and training to improve customer interactions.
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Multilingual Support

If the customer base at your restaurant is diverse, you might want to consider providing multilingual assistance. Customer satisfaction may be improved by having representatives who speak several languages fluently.
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Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Customers should be encouraged to share their thoughts on their call center experience. Actively evaluate this feedback to spot areas for development, then make the necessary adjustments.
How to choose best resturants

How To Choose the Best Call Center For Your Restaurant Business?

Identify and Understand the Business Needs:Determine the needs of your call center acknowledging the business and service structure.
Research About the Providers:Find call center providers who specialize in serving to the restaurant business and providing bes services by conducting in-depth research.
Consider Plans and Pricing: Create a spending plan for your call center services weighing the value a call center can offer to your company and overall business operations.
Check the Available Features:Take a look at each provider's technology and features and shortlist the ones that best matches your budget and requirements.
Consider Scalability:Examine the call center provider's capacity for expansion. Always settle with the one offers seamless scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Cloud-based call center software for restaurants can cost you between $50 to $300 per agent per month. But KrispCall is one of the most affordable call center software that only costs $15 per user per month.

A restaurant call center’s price fluctuates based on several factors, such as the size of the restaurant, the number of agents required for the business, and the particular features and functions necessary. However, prices can generally be found in the few hundred to several thousand dollars monthly or even higher for larger enterprises with more demanding features.

It is advisable to contact the call center and software providers to obtain precise price data based on the unique requirements of any restaurant.

Restaurant call centers and contact centers both emphasize client contacts and aim to offer top-notch service, but they differ in terms of functionality, scalability, and industry emphasis. Here is a table to show the major differences between the two call centers. 

Aspect Restaurant Call Center Restaurant Contact Center
Scope Focuses on restaurant-specific calls Handles interactions across different industries
Functionality Reservation management, order processing, call routing, inquiry handling Omnichannel support, CRM integration, advanced analytics, multiple channel management
Scale Smaller, typically serves a single restaurant or limited locations Can vary in size, serving large organizations with multiple departments and locations
Industry Focus Restaurant and hospitality sector A diverse range of industries

Restaurants can deliver exceptional customer service and streamline their operations with the help of the cloud-based call center’s cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, improved customer experience, real-time analytics, integration capabilities, reliability, and simplified maintenance. So, here are some of the major benefits of using a cloud-based call center for a restaurant.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Remote accessibility
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Real-time analytics and insights
  • Integration capabilities
  • Disaster recovery and reliability
  • Software updates and maintenance

Using call center software in a restaurant is a simple and easy process. You can follow the given steps to use call center software in a restaurant.

  1. Choose the right software.
  2. Set up the software.
  3. Train your staff.
  4. Manage incoming calls.
  5. Utilize additional features.
  6. Optimize performance.

Your restaurant delivery business can improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty by utilizing a call center successfully to give effective customer support, accurate order management, and a tailored customer experience. Here are some ways to leverage a call center in a restaurant delivery service:

  1. Centralize customer support
  2. Implement call routing
  3. Train agents effectively
  4. Optimize order management
  5. Offer personalized service
  6. Provide real-time updates
  7. Gather feedback
  8. Analyze data and metrics