Call Analytics

Insightful Call Analytics To Measure Call Center Performance

Get a 360-degree view of real-time call data, including total call volume, call duration, inbound calls, and outbound calls, with KrispCall’s call analytics feature. Understand your call center operations trends and customer engagement level and monitor agents’ performance.

Insightful Call Analytics To Measure Call Center Performance

How to view Call Analytics in KrispCall?

Getting insights into your call analytics is easy with KrispCall. Just sign up to KrispCall, choose your phone number, and gain valuable details about your phone calls.

  1. Create a KrispCall account.
  2. Login with the correct login credentials.
  3. Click on the “dashboard” option on the left side.
  4. Choose the phone number under the “Number” option of which you want to view call data.
  5. Upon choosing, you will find all call data under different headings, such as total calls, outbound calls, inbound calls, missed calls, service level, activities during the time and day of the week or certain duration, etc.
How view Call Analytics in KrispCall
What Is Call Analytics

What Is Call Analytics?

Call metrics analysis is a helpful feature of a cloud-based phone system that empowers businesses to assemble, inspect, and assess phone call data for decision-making. It focuses on observing various parts of call data, for example, the length of calls, call volume, missed calls, and both incoming and outgoing calls accurately.

This call data gives detailed information on customer behavior and the success of marketing campaigns. With such vital data, businesses can improve their marketing strategies and enhance client assistance.

Additionally, the call analytics feature further allows the admin to monitor ongoing calls between agents and customers, which helps analyze agent performance.

How Does Call Analytics Work?

At the beginning of the process, data gathering occurs, where important call information, such as outbound call duration and total number of calls being made and received, are captured.

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