Custom Caller ID

Protect Your Phone Number With Custom Caller ID

Keep your real phone number safe and your privacy intact with KrispCall custom caller ID. Maintain professionalism and impress your clients with a dedicated business number while keeping your personal number private, all with just a few clicks.

Protect Your Phone Number With Custom Caller ID

How to Set Up Custom Outbound Caller ID on KrispCall?

To Set up your custom outbound caller ID on KrispCall – first of all, sign in & log in to the dashboard, go to My Numbers, and click on the Number Setting option. Afterward, select the phone number to set up a custom caller ID, go to the Caller ID section, and add an external number. You will receive an OTP Code in the external number entered. Enter your OTP code and verify it.

Here are the steps to set up a custom outbound caller ID:

  1. Sign up for KrispCall and log in to the dashboard.
  2. Tap the My Numbers menu, Click on the Number setting option.
  3. Choose the phone number to set up a custom caller ID.
  4. Go to the Caller ID section and add an External Number.
  5. You will receive an OTP code in your External number.
  6. Input the OTP Code and click the Verify button. After that, all your outgoing calls will show the external number you set in the receiver's device.
How to Set Up Custom Outbound Caller ID on KrispCall
What is Custom Caller ID

What is Custom Caller ID?

Custom caller ID allows you to display a phone number different from the one being used when you are making an outbound call. It is useful for those businesses that have several departments or locations, as it allows them to display the same number despite having a different number for each department situated in many locations.

It is easy to set up a custom caller ID on your devices through various phone services and VoIP providers, allowing users to have control of their caller ID display when making calls. You can improve your phone calls with caller ID masking, ensuring recipients recognize who is calling by creating trust and brand name.

How Does Custom Caller ID Work?

Custom Caller ID works by allowing users to personalize their number and to be displayed with an external number when making outgoing calls. Instead of displaying a standard phone number, user can configure their caller ID number specific to their business number.

Custom caller ID allows customers to receive a call from your agents, or delivery persons through a customized business number and it protects customer numbers when they try to reach agents, delivery persons, or cab drivers with a masked number rather than the customer number to ensure data security for both ends.

How Does Custom Caller ID Work

Number Masking Vs Custom Caller ID : The Differences

Number MaskingCustom Caller ID
Number Masking refers to a technique that completely hides or replaces phone numbers.Custom Caller ID refers to a technology that hides the caller’s number during a phone call.
It safeguards privacy by hiding information of actual phone numbers in different communication channels.It protects the privacy of the caller by replacing the actual number.
It focuses on voice calls, text messages, and various communication channels.It mainly focuses on voice calls.
It is mainly employed in business for professional communication by keeping their number confidential.It primarily focuses on different communication channels like calls, texts, and emails.It is often used in online marketplaces, dating apps, or ride-sharing services for privacy.

Benefits of Using Custom Caller ID (Masked Phone Number) for Business

Some of the benefits of using Custom Caller ID (Masked Phone Number) for business are:

Benefits Of Using Custom Caller ID (Masked Phone Number) For Business
Improved Customer Privacy
Masked phone numbers protect personal contacts and information, enhancing customer privacy and security when calling.
High Answer Rates
Call answer rates are more likely to improve when the caller ID shows a business number, leading to increased pickup rates by the recipients.
Marketing & Promotion
With a custom caller ID number, it provides opportunities for businesses to promote special offers, and deliver branding messages during their outbound calls.
Local Presence
Using a local caller ID number can help businesses connect with local customers of a specific area, enhancing customer engagement.
Increase Sales
With proper marketing and promotion done using a custom caller ID number, businesses can increase their sales rapidly.