Call Blocking

Prevent Unwanted Callers To Reach You With Call Blocking

Stop unwanted calls with KrispCall’s call-blocking feature. Take control of your phone, filter out spam, and enjoy uninterrupted telephony conversations. Boost productivity by focusing on your tasks with any disturbance of unwanted calls. KrispCall ensures a peaceful, distraction-free experience to enhance workflow.

Prevent Unwanted Callers To Reach You With Call Blocking

How to Block Unwanted Callers & Phone Numbers on KrispCall?

To block unwanted calls and phone numbers; First of all, Open the KrispCall app, go to Contacts, choose the number, click the three dots, and select “Block contact.” Confirm by tapping “Block Contact.”, and the number/contact will be blocked. You will receive no calls from them whatsoever after that.

Here are some of the steps to block unwanted callers and phone numbers on KrispCall:

  1. Open the KrispCall app on your mobile device
  2. Click on Contacts
  3. Choose the number you want to block, a contact profile will appear.
  4. Click on the (⋮) Triple Dot in the top right corner.
  5. A Menu option will appear, select “Block Contact”
  6. Choose "Block Contact" in the dialogue box.
  7. Tap “Block Contact” to complete the process.
What is Call Blocking

What is Call Blocking?

Call Blocking is a feature that allows a phone user to block unwanted or spam calls from specific numbers. It is a tool used with call screening, a phone user can block a list of unwelcomed calls and don’t have to deal with the same person again. It is also known as call rejection, call block, and call screening.

Once you have blocked a user call, it will automatically transfer to voicemail hearing that the call can’t be connected. Users can block unwanted calls from their contacts lists on their smartphones or in the case of the KrispCall Softphone – go to the settings tab menu.

Additionally, it can be applied in various ways like call identification and blocking through network-based, call-blocking applications, and built-in properties on smart devices.

How Does Call Blocking Work?

Call blocking works by identifying numbers that have been picked as prohibited and restricting the calls before they ring your device. It allows you to stop unfavorable calls from unwanted callers or spammers.

You can make a list of numbers that you don’t want to hear from and if anyone calls from that list will be blocked automatically. You can whitelist approved numbers to ensure that important calls get through. That’s how call blocking gives complete control over who can reach you and those you don’t want to.

How Does Call Blocking Work

Call Blocking Vs Spam Filter : The Differences

Call BlockingSpam Filter
Call blocking refers to blocking unwanted text and calls from a specific number.Spam filters refer to a technology that automatically identifies and filters out doubtful calls in terms of advanced algorithms and databases.
It requires a manual update to block new unwanted numbers.It adapts to evolving spam patterns through regular updates & algorithms.
It requires manual work to block a specific number.It automatically reduces unwanted calls and text messages without any manual input.
It primarily focuses on voice calls.It primarily focuses on different communication channels like calls, texts, and emails.

Benefits of Blocking Unwanted Calls for Business & Call Center

Some of the notable benefits of blocking unwanted calls for businesses & call centers are:

Benefits Of Blocking Unwanted Calls For Business & Call Center
Reduce Interruptions
Blocking unwanted calls from telemarketers, spam calls, and robocalls, reduces disruptions and unwanted interruptions.
Customizable & Control
Allowing users to tailor their call-blocking preferences based on the specific number and types of calls they want to avoid.
Enhance Privacy
Users can enhance their privacy by blocking specific numbers and can control who can reach them by limiting the calls to desired contacts.
Time Saving
Users can save time by avoiding unnecessary calls otherwise they would spend most of their time dealing with unwanted and spam calls.
Improve Productivity
Allows users to stay focused on their work without being interrupted by any fraud calls, leading to improved productivity and efficiency level.