Call Whispering

Coach Agents & Improve Service Quality With Live Call Whispering

Leverage KrispCall’s Call Whispering to gain insights into the caller’s details and motives during live calls without direct interaction with them. Coach your call agents to answer the queries precisely in real-time and enhance customer service, keeping the callers unaware of this guidance.

Coach Agents & Improve Service Quality With Live Call Whispering

How to Whisper in Live Phone Calls on KrispCall?

From the KrispCall’s dashboard, click on Live Calls, select a call you’d like to participate in, and finally tap on the “🎧 Coach” option. You will then be asked if you’d like to Notify agent & whisper. Click on Yes and then on Whisper. Or you can just follow the simplified steps below.

  1. Log into your KrispCall and open its dashboard.
  2. Click on the Live Calls.
  3. Choose the agent you want to coach and click on the “🎧 Coach” button.
  4. You’ll then be asked if you’d like to Notify agent & whisper. Click on the Yes button.
  5. Now, click on the Whisper button. After that, you can whisper directly to your agents.
How to Whisper in Live Phone Calls on KrispCall
What is Call Whisper

What is Call Whisper?

Call Whisper is a feature that enables supervisors or experts to hear the callers during live calls and guide the call agents with verbal advice to respond to the queries effectively, with the caller only hearing the representative on the other end. It is a win-win feature for customer service, sales, and support teams.

Call Whisper not only enhances customer satisfaction but also helps supervisors monitor the agent’s performance over calls, ensuring customer service standards are consistently met. Additionally, it works as a practical training method for newly hired employees, allowing them to learn directly from live calls.

How Does Call Whispering Work?

Call Whispering works as a bridge between live customer interaction and silent support teams, audible only to agents, enabling real-time, invisible assistance. A manager can monitor the list of active calls on the dashboard and can choose the one they want to supervise. They can then request to listen in, whisper the advice, and coach the agents handling these calls.

Meanwhile, an agent receives a notification on their screen indicating they are being coached. They get the necessary guidance to seamlessly resolve the caller’s issue, while the customer remains unaware of the third party’s presence.

How Does Call Whispering Work

Call Whispering Vs Call Monitoring : The Differences

Call WhisperingCall Monitoring
Call Whispering allows supervisors to listen to live calls and provide verbal feedback to agents in real time.Call monitoring enables supervisors to listen to live calls but cannot coach them during the calls.
Call whispering is used for real-time coaching and assistance.Call monitoring is used for quality assurance and future training.
The agent will be aware of call whispering while the callers will remain unaware.The agent might or might not be aware of call monitoring but the callers will remain unaware.
Instant feedback is provided during live calls.Feedback is provided after the call has ended.
Call whispering primarily focuses on enhancing the customer experience and better call management.Call monitoring aims to evaluate the agent’s performance.

Benefits of Using Call Whispering In A Call Center

The benefits of using call whispering in a call center are as follows:

Benefits Of Using Call Whispering In A Call Center
Real-Time Guidance
Live call whispering allows managers to hear the callers and agents' conversations and offer necessary guidance instantly.
Monitor Agent Performance
With the call whispering feature, supervisors can monitor the agent’s performance during the calls.
Minimizing Call Escalations
Getting immediate help from a supervisor can reduce the need to escalate calls to other experts and ultimately enhance customer experience.
Improves Agent Training
Call whispering can be used as a hands-on training method for newly hired agents to enhance their learning process.
Boost agent’s confidence
Knowing there is someone to guide you throughout the calls makes you more confident, and likely to make few mistakes.

Using Call Whispering For Call Center Coaching : Best Practices

Call whispering for call center coaching is a powerful tool for better call handling and providing excellent customer service.

Give constructive feedbacks: Do not demotivate agents rather provide them with constructive feedback. Additionally, highlight their strong points.
Train the supervisors or managers: Make sure supervisors or managers are thoroughly trained in coaching techniques to assist agents to solve issues quickly and deliver exceptional customer service.
Clear and direct guidance: Give them clear and direct guidance to ensure instructions are understood without any confusion.
Monitor and analyze the effectiveness: Evaluate the call whispering effectiveness on team performance and customer satisfaction regularly to improve your method and easily achieve your target.