Call Barging

Improve Call Quality & Boost Teamwork With Call Barging

Actively participate in live calls with KrispCall’s call barging feature. Interact with agents and callers, directly assist them to solve issues quickly, and significantly improve call quality. Promote a supportive and collaborative work environment, leading to improved teamwork and better outcomes.

Improve Call Quality & Boost Teamwork With Call Barging

How to Barge In On A Live Phone Call In KrispCall?

From the KrispCall’s dashboard, click on Live Calls, choose a call you’d like to join, and finally tap on the “🎧 Coach” option. You will then be asked if you’d like to Notify agent & whisper. Tap on Yes and then on Barge. Or you can just follow the simplified steps below.

  1. Sign in to KrispCall and open its dashboard.
  2. Tap on the Live Calls.
  3. Pick the agent you want to coach and click on the “🎧 Coach” button.
  4. You’ll then be asked if you’d like to Notify agent & whisper. Tap on the Yes button.
  5. Now, click on the Barge button. After that, you can barge into the call.
How to Barge In On A Live Phone Call In KrispCall
What is Call Barging

What is Call Barging?

Call Barging is a telephony feature that enables you to join live calls, and interact with both agents and callers to help with queries, clarify details, or close a sale. In this case, you are audible to both agents and callers, establishing a three-way conversation and facilitating direct assistance.

Call Barging extends the capabilities of call listening and call whispering, allowing you to directly engage in ongoing phone conversations. This feature helps businesses address customer’s queries instantly and boost customer satisfaction.

How Does Call Barging Work?

Call Barging works by creating a three-way conversation between the supervisors, agents, and callers. The process typically starts with managers or supervisors monitoring the active calls and offering immediate advice when required. But if they find directly interacting with customers could better solve their queries, and close a deal, they can opt to barge in.

As the supervisors activate the call barging function, they can join the live calls and be audible to both agents and customers. They can provide them with guidance, answer questions effectively, and solve problems instantly.

How Does Call Barging Work

Call Barging Vs Call Whispering : The Differences

Call BargingCall Whispering
A supervisor is audible to both agents and callers.A supervisor is only audible to an agent.
Establish a three-way connection, where a supervisor can actively engage in the call.Allows supervisors to silently coach the agents, without callers being aware of it.
The supervisor’s participation is transparent to both agents and customers.The supervisor’s participation is only transparent to the agent, not to the caller.
Call Barging aims to solve the customer’s issues immediately, and close a sale effectively. Call whispering primarily focuses on better call management and customer service, without interrupting the call.

Benefits of Using Call Barging In A Call Center & Businesses

The benefits of using call barging in a call center are as follows:

Benefits Of Using Call Barging In A Call Center & Businesses
Enhances Agent Training and Productivity
Call Barging can be used as a practical training tool for newly hired agents to improve their learning process and productivity.
Reduce Call Escalations
Getting immediate help from a supervisor can reduce the need to escalate calls to other senior staff and ultimately increase customer satisfaction rate.
Boosted Revenue and Customer Loyalty
Immediate guidance from supervisors or experts improves the success rate of closing deals and upselling, leads to business growth, and achieves customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Quality Assurance
Monitoring the agent's performance over calls ensures customer service standards are consistently met and identifies potential areas for improvement.

Using Call Barging Feature in A Call Center : Best Practices

Call Barging in a call center is a powerful tool for better problem-solving, and delivering excellent customer service.