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Monitor Performance Of Agents & Quality of Service Provided With Call Listening

Boost the quality of your business calls with KrispCall’s Call Listening feature. Gain valuable insights into agent performance and service quality by listening to live calls. Ensure impeccable customer interactions, identify areas for improvement, and uphold service excellence consistently.

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How to Listen to Live Phone Calls on KrispCall?

With KrispCall, you can listen to live conversations directly from your dashboard. Just log in, head to the “Live Calls” section, and click the headphone icon next to any active call. Instantly, you’ll be connected to the live conversation, letting you gain immediate insights into customer interactions and agent performance.

  1. Set up your KrispCall account and get started with its services.
  2. Log in to your KrispCall account and open the dashboard.
  3. Look at the “Live Calls” section to see all the live calls currently in progress
  4. To listen to a specific call, click on the headphone 🎧 icon.
  5. Start listening to the live conversation in real time.
How to Listen to Live Phone Calls on KrispCall
What is Call Listening_

What is Call Listening?

Call listening refers to the practice of monitoring and analyzing phone conversations between individuals. In a business context, it’s often used and employed as a resource for various reasons like quality assurance, learning effective telecommunication skills, gaining insights into conversations, and training purposes.

Call Center supervisors often use this feature to listen to customer service calls happening between representatives and customers to ensure that agents are providing excellent service, adhering to guidelines, and addressing customer needs effectively.

All in all, it’s a method of understanding and enhancing interaction through the analysis of spoken conversation during a call. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and employee performance.