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A one-stop solution for all your sales calls

KrispCall Power Dialer tool helps to streamline your outbound communications with our intelligent dialing technology. Benefit from our suite of dialing features that maximize the efficiency of your sales team by introducing automation in your dialing processes.


#Smart Power Dialer for Effective Cold Calling Campaigns


What is Power Dialer software?

Power Dialer software is an application that allows users to automate a series of phone calls based on priorities and eliminates the need to dial phone numbers manually.

KrispCall’s Power Dialer allows users to not only automate phone calls but also to track calls, record, compile contact lists, integrate CRM, create sales campaigns, route calls, and generate reports for AI-assisted decision making.

How does KrispCall’s Power Dialer software Work?

KrispCall’s power dialer loads and dials multiple numbers based on the set priority. Simplify your dialing process, increase employee productivity, and successfully reach more leads in a small window.

Load and dial: KrispCall's Power dialer automates the loading and dialing processes; agents get to focus on the more important task of converting leads to loyal customers.
Skip and limit abandoned calls: Power dialer skips the unanswered calls and moves on to the next one, focusing on new numbers rather than abandoned calls.
Ringless voicemails: KrispCall power dialer lets agents send ringless voicemails to leads with compelling greetings, increasing the chances of callbacks and lead conversion.
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Benefits of KrispCall Power Dialer

Automate your business communications, reach more leads, create bigger sales funnels, enhance employee experiences, improve agent productivity, and accelerate your outreach campaigns.

Minimize Human Errors: KrispCall's Power Dialer diligently carries out every tiresome task with 100% accuracy, leaving humans to perform only the humane task of converting leads into customers.
Higher lead conversions: Reach multiple leads simultaneously, and auto-connect them to available agents, personalized conversation, improving the possibilities of higher lead conversions.
Effective sales campaigns: The campaign dialer is our tailor-made solution for your sales campaigns. Create call scripts and questionnaires during calls for smooth and efficient telemarketing.
Enable multi-tasking: Agents get a small window to switch between active calls with related & automated prospect details, helping them carry out both calls simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Power dialer software helps agents in the call centers automate their dialing processes, eliminating the repetitive and tedious task so that they can focus on converting the leads to loyal customers. Call centers can accelerate their outreach campaigns with greater productivity with Power Dialers.

Call centers consider two major factors when choosing sales dialer software—first, the feature required to meet their business needs. Second is the cost of sales dialers. It is always better to test trials and demos to see if the dialer tool suits your business model and consider an alternative dialer solution of the same price with better features.

Some of the top features a call center sales dialer software offers are Interactive voice response (IVR), Skill-based routing, Computer telephony integration (CTI), CRM integrations, Call whispering & live coaching, Call center analytics, and Warm calling & transfer.

Although several automated cold calling systems in the market claim themselves as the no. 1 sales dialer, KrispCall is the best sales dialer software for automated cold calling.

Preview Dialer, Power Dialer, Predictive Dialer, and auto or automation dialer are different types of sales dialers for call centers.

Sales dialer software not only automates calls but also sends ringless voicemails, which contain adequate information. It leaves an option for interested ones to call you back. Sales dialer tools pre-format the prospect details so that agents can quickly personalize the conversation, closing into the sales faster and efficiently.

Salesdialer simplifies the agents’ tasks while not bothering the uninterested leads, focusing on the best experience for your prospects and agents.