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Discover the various advantages of integrating Salesforce with KrispCall. Revolutionize the way you connect with customers, increase sales, and enhance your overall business performance with this duo.

Discover the various advantages of integrating Salesforce with KrispCall. More>>

In-app dialer with Click-to-call functionality

With KrispCall+Salesforce integration, you can utilize the in-app dialer with click-to-call functionality to enhance the efficiency of your business operations. This feature allows you to initiate calls directly from the Salesforce CRM interface, eliminating the need to switch between applications. Thus, it simplifies the calling process and ultimately improves response times and customer service for customers and prospects.

Salesforce In-app dialer with Click-to-call functionality
Salesforce Seamless two-way contact syncing

Seamless two-way contact syncing

Ensure your Salesforce contact information is up-to-date and ready to use in both directions with KrispCall. Any updates or additions made in Salesforce CRM are automatically reflected in KrispCall and vice versa. This two-way contact syncing guarantees that you always have access to the latest customer data, promoting accurate and informed access to all your conversations on either platform.

Automatic Logging of All The Communication Details

KrispCall’s integration with Salesforce eliminates manual data entry and the risk of missing important information. With it you can save time and focus on the most important tasks with this feature that automatically logs all your communication details. This includes all your salesforce call recordings, call duration, activity & notes, and call outcomes in your VoIP phone system account, which can aid in compliance, reporting, and future reference.

Salesforce Automatic Logging of All The Communication Details
Salesforce Pre-built dashboards for tracking KPIs

Pre-built dashboards for tracking KPIs

Get real-time insights into call center performance with KrispCall’s integration with Salesforce CRM. This feature allows you to keep track of metrics such as call volume, response time, conversion rate, and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, these intuitive dashboards enable data-driven decision-making, allowing you to make adjustments and improvements as needed. All while analyzing the current trends and gathering insight into the performance of your business team.

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Salesforce CRM integration

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Salesforce CRM

Integrate Salesforce CRM with KrispCall and enjoy the convenience of effortless management of sales and support. See how KrispCall can benefit your business in several ways through integration with Salesforce:

1. Automates Mundane Tasks: KrispCall’s integration with Salesforce CRM streamlines and automates repetitive tasks; automated lead, contact, and account entry reduces errors and frees up staff to focus on more strategic activities.

2. Increases Flexibility: This integration gives your team greater flexibility in managing calls and customer interactions. This enhances the agility of the workforce by providing seamless customer service and sales support anywhere.

3. Improves sales and marketing processes: KrispCall and Salesforce work seamlessly together to provide you with a complete view of customer interaction. It allows you to cater your sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

4. Centrally manage your workflows: Take advantage of centralized management of workflow with this integration and make sure your team can efficiently coordinate and collaborate using the same updated information.

salesforce Sales Team

Sales Team

Integrating KrispCall with Salesforce CRM simplifies lead management, improves call tracking, and provides real-time access to crucial data, leading to a significant boost in sales efficiency and productivity.

With this, sales representatives no longer need to worry about manual call logging as it’s automated, allowing them to focus on what they do best – selling. Additionally, the integration offers personalized insights, helping sales reps enhance customer interactions and close deals more effectively.

Marketing Team

The marketing team gains data-driven insights for campaign optimization, benefits from lead scoring and personalization opportunities based on call activity with this integration. It can harness data-driven insights to optimize their campaigns and make informed decisions for better results.

Furthermore, it helps in targeting high-potential leads, optimizing marketing spend, allocating business resources wisely, and maximizing their return on investment, all of it while fostering multi-channel engagement.

salesforce marketing team
salesforce remote team

Remote Team

For remote teams, the integration ensures seamless communication, access to CRM data during calls, and improved collaboration while eliminating the need to juggle between different applications and fostering seamless communication.

Additionally, it provides flexibility and mobility, reducing tiresome administrative tasks and allowing remote workers to concentrate on their core responsibilities, ultimately enhancing their work-life balance.

How to integrate Salesforce CRM with KrispCall?

  1. Log in to KrispCall to get started.
  2. Authorize your Salesforce account to access your data in KrispCall.
  3. Press the connect button to begin the next process.
  4. Click the switch button to turn on Salesforce.
  5. Explore general settings, workflow settings, connected numbers, and advanced settings to enjoy the CRM integration features.
  6. Disconnect after the use if you no longer need it.