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What is Current 236 Area Code Location?

Area code 236 is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It serves the entire province of British Columbia, including the major cities of Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops, Nanamino and Abbotsford. It is an overlay for area code 604 so it shares the same geographic location with area code 604.

The table on the side illustrates the top locations (cities or communities) served by area code 236 in British Columbia.

City/Town Country TimeZone
100 Mile House, BC Canada Pacific
108 Mile Ranch, BC Canada Pacific
150 Mile House, BC Canada Pacific
70 Mile House, BC Canada Pacific
Abbotsford, BC Canada Pacific
Agassiz, BC Canada Pacific
Ahousat, BC Canada Pacific
Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC Canada Pacific
Aiyansh, BC Canada Pacific
Aldergrove, BC Canada Pacific
Alert Bay, BC Canada Pacific
Alexis Creek, BC Canada Pacific
Haisla, BC Canada Pacific
Halfmoon Bay, BC Canada Pacific
Hanceville, BC Canada Pacific
Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada Pacific
Harrison Mills, BC Canada Pacific
Harrogate, MST Canada Mountain Standard
Hartley Bay, BC Canada Pacific
Hazelton, BC Canada Pacific
Hedley, BC Canada Pacific
Heffley Creek, BC Canada Pacific
Heriot Bay, BC Canada Pacific
Hixon, BC Canada Pacific
Holberg, BC Canada Pacific
Honeymoon Bay, BC Canada Pacific
Hope, BC Canada Pacific
Hornby Island, BC Canada Pacific
Horsefly, BC Canada Pacific
Houston, BC Canada Pacific
Hudson's Hope, MST Canada Mountain Standard
Invermere, BC Canada Mountain
Iskut, BC Canada Pacific
Jade City, MST Canada Mountain Standard
Jaffray, BC Canada Mountain
Jordan River, BC Canada Pacific
Winlaw, BC Canada Pacific
Winter Harbour, BC Canada Pacific
Wonowon, MST Canada Mountain Standard
Woss, BC Canada Pacific
Wynndel, BC Canada Pacific
Yahk, BC Canada Pacific
Yale, BC Canada Pacific
Ymir, BC Canada Pacific
Youbou, BC Canada Pacific
Zeballos, BC Canada Pacific
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How to buy a 236 area code phone number?

To buy a 236 area code number, sign up with KrispCall; go to settings> My Number > Add New Number > Select Canada > Advanced Filter > Enter 236 and match to the first part of the number > Click Search. Then choose your 236 number, make payment & start making & receiving calls and texts after the number activation.

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236 Area Code History – Where is 236 Area Code Coming From?

Area code 236 was announced on March 12, 2013 and it started its service on June 1, 2013. It is an overlay for area code 604. It was created to address the growing demand for phone numbers and prevent area code 604 from exhaustion. Area code 236 is expected to last at least until 2045 but looking at the growing rate of demands for phone numbers it might be sooner than expected.

Why Choose 236 Area Code Number for Business?

From establishing a local presence in British Columbia, Canada to relishing the power of enhanced communication features – get everything with 236 area code numbers for your business communications. Capitalize on the local markets while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Establish a local presence in British Columbia
Establish your business’ local presence in British Columbia with 236 area code business numbers. Regardless of your business stature and operational base, become a part of the locals and capitalize on local markets.
Elevate your acceptance rate and boost sales
Win over the locals, and their trust with 236 area code local and vanity numbers. Simplify your agents' tasks and elevate their conversion rates. Ensure greater local acceptance, boosting your sales and business revenue.
No special equipment is required
Downloading the KrispCall app is all it takes. Use 236 area code phone numbers on your existing digital devices–laptop, PC, tablet, or anything else. Don’t worry about new hardware installations. Get going with whatever you have.
Powerful standard PBX system features
Relish every PBX feature of 236 business phone numbers with the KrispCall app. Unleash the power of enhanced calling features, like Number Sharing, ACD, Call Monitoring, Call Barging, Call Recording, Phone Trees (IVR), etc., for efficient enterprise communication management.
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Access Powerful VoIP Features with your 236 Area Code Business Phone Number

Streamline your business communication among your team members and customers by investing in 236 business phone numbers. Regardless of the stature of your business, take advantage of area code 236 phone numbers.