Gong Integration


Gong Integration Coming Soon

Integrating KrispCall and Gong will transform how your team engages with customers. This unified solution leverages conversational intelligence to enhance interactions between agents and potential clients.

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The click-to-call feature allows agents to initiate outbound calls directly from within the Gong platform with just one click. This eliminates time wasted switching between different applications to start calls. Agents can click on any contact card in Gong to immediately dial out to that customer. All standard telephony functions are accessible during the call, including note-taking, transferring, coaching, etc.


Call Recording Sync

All calls made through the KrispCall integration are automatically recorded and synced to the relevant contact in Gong. This provides a centralized place to access any call interactions for playback or transcription. The recordings are linked within the contact history so agents and their managers can quickly review past discussions. Transcripts are also generated from call audio using Gong’s AI capabilities to help uncover trends or issues through search and analytics.

Contact Syncing

Keeping contact information consistent across platforms is critical for delivering personalized service. The bi-directional sync ensures any updates to contacts in one system are reflected in real-time in the other system as well. This provides agents a holistic 360-degree view of customers during calls with access to all past interactions, notes, emails, and more. Data integrity is maintained through automatic two-way syncing in the background.


Conversation Analytics

Gong’s advanced AI analyzes call transcripts and recordings to surface key discussion points. Using sentiment analysis, it can identify upset customers or pain points mentioned. Automatically flagged moments drawing on this natural language understanding help prioritize areas for agents to improve. Managers gain insight into recurring customer concerns through dashboard trends. Analytics also evaluate top-performing agents who consistently solve issues or increase sales to pinpoint best practices.


Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Gong CRM

Connecting KrispCall and the Gong CRM provides the benefits below:

  1. Amplified productivity through automated processes: Call documenting, and AI follow-ups lessen manual duties by managing callbacks based on gleanings.
  2. Central administration and supervision: Managers can listen live and supply feedback. Recordings aid in training agents and improving skills.
  3. Deeper discernment from AI discussion examination: Gong pinpoints customer needs, priorities, and emotions to better assist clients.
  4. Customized help with comprehensive profiles: Syncing contact specifics gives agents full histories for personalized, contextual calls.
  5. Streamlined onboarding through fast history access: New hires get up to speed quicker by reviewing interaction records.
  6. Consistent experience across channels with synchronized data: Keeping customer information and logs consistent provides a single foundation of truth.

Sales Team

The combination of KrispCall and Gong helps salespeople focus on closing sales. Reps can easily click a contact’s name to call them from Gong. They can then see notes, emails, and recordings of past calls, making their discussions feel more personal.

Complex algorithms reveal what matters most to customers based on their calls. Reps can flag important things to follow up on, and Gong automatically sends those to the CRM system.

Managers can listen to recordings